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LG G4 H815 32GB (Leather Brown) $437.90 Delivered from ShoppingSquare


Another cheap LG G4 offer. Only the "leather brown" is available. $398.95 + $38.95 postage from Shopping Square = $437.90 delivered. I have mine for ~5 months and now running Marshmallow. It's one of the best last gen flagship (soon to be superseded by G5) — 5.5" QHD, replaceable battery, microSD card slot, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, etc.

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    Ye good luck with that. I bought a Xiaomi Powerbank from them 3 weeks ago and still no sign or news from them. Pathetic.

    I currently have a G4 and by far best phone I've ever had. The only downside is the battery which could be better.

    • Xiaomi Powerbank

      That must be coming from China so very depends on where the stock are located.

      Last time I bought the special quadcopter only took a few days.

    • Do not buy from this mob (APUS) they didn't ship my item when they said they did and 3Months later wanted a Stat-Dec-like document signed before refund.
      had to dispute via paypal while getting pressure from them to close the dispute.

    • Wierd i bought my 16000mah powerbank and got it within a week a month ago

  • Cheaper and more colour choices at Android Enjoyed. Both grey imports anyway. Over there its as low as 399+25 = $425 give or take. Arguably Shopping Square is more reliable…maybe.

  • Remote area surcharge brings this to $462.9, It really cost an additional $25 to ship an extra 300 km for Sydney ?

  • Found their customer service lacking and even though the sd card I ordered was meant to be aus stock it took 4weeks to arrive. wouldn't buy from Shopping Square ever again.


      Thanks for the honest Info I've never purchased any products from Shopping Square and don't plan to now! I hope you recieve your items.

  • Is this Australian stock?

  • Just bought G4 from android enjoyed for the wife she wanted the red one and it came to $413 ($10 off coupon on first purchase). I've used shopping square before and the delivery time were pretty horrid.

  • It just popped up while i was ordering towards the end of the checkout, I'll have a look when I get home for the code and PM you the code.

  • Misses LTE bands for optus I think. Pitty I really want one. Does LTE just do the data or is it voice and data? I don't mind if the surfing is a little slower in certain areas.

    • It's only missing 1 band compared to the AUS version and that's the band that is used for Optus 4G in Canberra only. So unless you live in Canberra and use Optus you won't even notice the difference.

    • LTE is used for data only. And as brad said, it's only Optus in Canberra, for data, and it has the other bands, so data will still work. Phones that cover every 3G and 4G band on every carrier are more the exception than the rule (e.g. IPhone and some Samsung flagships do, most don't).

  • Who do you trust the most?

    • Kogan
    • Shopping Square
    • Android Enjoyed

    They are all pretty close on price

  • 10% of price in postage seems legit

  • The delivery time surely isn't as good as one may have hoped. I've bought one of the xiaomi powerbank from them on 2nd of March, it didn't get dispatched until yesterday when it says handling was 4-7 days? In any case, it hasn't been that long so it's alright.

    But if you're wanting this item to reach soon, maybe shopping square isn't the best place to buy it :)

  • Hey Guys

    Just confirming that wifey has received the G4 in 4 days, shipped to Brisbane. Whatever issues they were experiencing with postage doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.
    I've used shopping square years ago and had issues with their shipping taking over 35 days to arrive on 3 occasions. This is was 2 years ago with free shipping items so may not be a good point of comparison.

    • So is it Australian stock or they have overseas stock located in Australia?

      • HK stock posted from HK, it came with a overseas charger and an Australian adapter. Phone was in Chinese but easy enough to switch to English.


    I saw a negotiated deal posted, removed just now and this deal is on.

    SanDisk Ultra MicroSD 80MB/s 32GB/64GB $13.95/ $27.95 Delivered [with Adaptor] @ ShoppingSquare (No negotiated deals for banned stores)

    Are they banned or not?

  • It's expired costs $492 now, also they must be low on stock or something, ordered mine on the 18th and they still haven't even shipped it.