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Telstra Free Data Day Round 2 (Sunday 3rd April) Including Boost Mobile, ALDI, Woolworths & Telechoice


Another Telstra fail, Time for round two enjoy your data.

We sincerely apologise to our customers for the inconvenience we have caused.

We had a problem that triggered a significant number of customers to be disconnected from the network. Reconnecting them to the network caused congestion. We had a connection problem overseas impacting international roaming customers which then had a flow-on effect domestically.

As a way of saying we’re sorry we’ll be providing a free data day for all of our mobile customers on Sunday 3rd of April.

Telstra CEO Andy Penn told media this morning the outage was caused by network congestion when a large number of services disconnected at the same time and were then reconnected.

Mr Penn said a free data day would be offered on Sunday April 3 to compensate for the disruptions.


Boost Mobile

Some of our mobile customers experienced difficulty making and receiving calls, and using data last night (17 March 2016).

This issue started at around 6pm and we started seeing progressive restoration from around 7.30pm, although the issue was sporadic so different people were impacted at different times.

We sincerely apologise to our customers for the inconvenience we have caused again.

As a way of saying we’re sorry we’ll be providing a free data day for all of our mobile customers on Sunday 3 April.

Customers will automatically receive free data, from midnight to midnight in their local Australian time zone.

We hope this helps make up for some of the inconvenience they experienced.

ALDI Mobile thanks to @PeeDee

You may know that due to circumstances beyond our control, our carrier experienced a service disruption on Thursday 17th March.

This outage impacted some of our customers for a short period of time and you may have been unable to make or receive calls, SMS or use data.

Whilst the outage was outside of our control we want to make things right for our customers that were impacted which is why we are giving free data (within Australia) to all of our customers on Sunday 3rd April 2016.

The free data will apply to you regardless of which plan you are on - if you have Pay As You Go, or a Value Pack, you will not be charged for data on this day.

The free data on Sunday will apply from 12am AEDT Sunday 3rd April morning until 3am AEDT Monday morning, this will allow for our customers in WA to also enjoy free data until midnight on Sunday local time in WA.


Free mobile data on Sunday the 3rd of April 2016

On Tuesday 17/03/2016 some TeleChoice customers experienced issues using their voice and data services due to a network outage. While this has now been resolved, we wanted to show our customers that we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Because of this, we are providing our mobile customers with free data within Australia on Sunday the 3rd of April from midnight to midnight (in your local timezone).

This is available to all of our customers, and you do not need to do anything to receive this free data - it will be made available to you automatically. For any more information, please email us at [email protected]

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  • +15

    Please put the date in the title (Sunday April 3rd)

    Someone hit 500gb last time I believe, can we set a new record?

      • +76

        Why would you do that? Just enjoy the speed and the free data without having to slow the network for others.

        • +25

          @easternculture: Aren't you on Amaysim?

        • +74

          Cause you are screwing the other users not Telstra…Rolleyes

        • +23

          @Danthemanz: This is true as it stands, but Telstra probably shouldn't be offering a free data day if they can't handle it. It's not easternculture's fault if by utilising Telstra's offering he adds to Telstra's congestion. That's Telstra's fault.

          I do think that he should find something worthwhile to download though, not just download stuff he doesn't need or already has.

        • +2

          Unless he could cause another outage and then everyone enjoys another free data Sunday in the next week.

        • @easternculture:
          Well, if you really wanted to do that, you didn't have to say it here ._.

        • +4

          Maybe it generates referral credit for Amaysim?

        • +1

          not fun if someone is trying to call emergency and the network was down due caused by the downloads…. :X
          pray this doesn't happen

        • +11

          @Andreu: Your phone will use any network for 000 so your comment is invalid

        • @Firey1989: Do all phones automatically switch to a different network if they're currently connected to a network which tries to connect the emergency call but drops the call instead? Genuine question.

        • +1

          @eug: Pretty sure they just cycle through all available networks

        • @Firey1989: thanks didn't know that..

        • @Andreu:

          not fun if someone is trying to call emergency and the network was down due caused by the downloads…. :X
          pray this doesn't happen

          Why would it do this? Voice calls take priority over data.

        • +2

          @Maverick-au: The data networking is separate from voice. Essentially you're correct, voice takes precedence. The only way that voice can be affected is that the backbone from the base station is maxed out, but as they are all 1GB each way this is unlikely to happen.

        • @Firey1989: I don't think this is true. I believe you have to call the international emergency number (112) for that to happen.
          It was a few years ago they told me this though, so it might be different now.

        • @eug: You don't even need a SIM card in the phone at all in most cases. "Emergency Call" is generally an option anyway.

      • +1

        This mentality is exactly why I was getting 18mbps on the last free day….

        • +16

          That's still faster than my Telstra ADSL2.

          Sympathy levels are low…

    • If anyone can, OzBargainers can.

      So, what are people going to download on the free data day?

      (Might be worthwhile putting it in your calendar so you don't forget about it, which is probably what they are hoping for.)

      • +1

        Stream Comedy Central all day while searching for aliens using SETI….or maybe I'll just send text messages all day…

      • +1

        Re-download all my Windows ISO's and Steam games after I do a fresh install on my PC.

      • There's a few TV series I've been meaning to get my hands on…

      • This certainly a good marketing for Telstra! Everyone will now join Telstra and wait for the next f@#k up !

      • Porn.

        There I said it.I even have an infograph to show most dls may be porn related.

      • +6

        i'm gonna download the internet so i can go offline

    • +18

      Well daylight savings end on this day so we have 25 hours instead of 24 to do so!

      • +1

        I'm gonna lose even more sleep then getting up at midnight

      • But it goes until 3am the next day, not midnight.

        The free data will apply from 12am AEDT Sunday 3 April 2016 to 3am AEST Monday 4 April 2016.

        • Where'd you get 3am the next day from? It finishes at midnight. Runs midnight to midnight..

          quote from the FAQ page on Telstra's site.

          "What time frame is free data available?
          Free mobile data within Australia is available midnight to midnight Sunday 3 April in every state and territory "

          Don't let it keep running past midnight otherwise you'll get a huge bill!

        • +1

          @Trozza: from here. Looks like woolworths mobile was different. I thought that the billing would be done from Telstras side so everyone would be the same. Maybe it was but they didn't want people to know!

          "The free data will apply from 12am AEDT Sunday 3 April 2016 to 3am AEST Monday 4 April 2016."

          (cached page as it has since been removed)


    • +1

      Multiple $2 sims?

      • and turn the password off for the neighbours to get on board too.

        • Tru story: there is wifi at my place and the network is called 'yell password for penis'

    • Holy Cow!! 500gb? I did 20gig and though it was a lot of downloads in 1 day.

  • +1

    I think you'll find Boost PrePaid customers will be included as well.

    • -1

      Even though the service never cut out?
      What if the prepaid expires on 2nd April, can I have free data on the 3rd?

      • Hi xascha. I'm with Boost and currently in Sydney. I could make calls but had no data access for an hour or so around 7pm last night.

      • +1

        I'm with Boost and I was affected by the outage.

        • Oh ok. Unlucky. I was sitting with a Telstra user and their service was cut but mine unaffected (Boost). Must just be certain users.

      • For what it's worth, I had data problems with Boost on that day!

      • Even though the service never cut out?

        Where did Telstra say that ALL customers were affected? They didn't, they said a significant number were affected.

        What if the prepaid expires on 2nd April, can I have free data on the 3rd?

        What do you think? No.

  • +2

    Why don't they do it on the long weekend.

    • -6

      I honestly think they should give everyone 1 week free to make up for it.

  • +13

    Outages always on a weekday. "Compensatory" free data always on a Sunday. Meanwhile, they are still sending texts about promising to fix the rollovers lost from the last outage. You suck Telstra!

    • +5

      I am guessing because less businesses operate on Sunday, so that would take a load of the network. Otherwise they'd have a lot of business who use 4G pissed off because of poor speeds, which = more bad press.

      • +10

        Since businesses are most able to prove financial loss due to outage, they should be getting like-for-like compensation. If it happened on a weekday compensation should be for a weekday.
        Allowing free access for casual use on the weekend is a sincere FU from Telstra.

        • +1

          Yeah. I agree, it's pretty weak.

        • +2

          IIRC from the first outage, businesses could claim actual financial losses from Telstra. If I lost business (therefore real money) as a result of a network outage I sure as heck wouldn't give a stuff about getting free data on a weekday.

          The data free Sundays are for the plebs who can't sue them for any substantial losses.

        • I can tell no one here has actually been witness to or been involved with a financial loss due to outage claim with Telstra >$1000.

          FYI Telstra have a condition that prevents this type of claim if you've choosen to sign up and use their business network. They like to everyone to think submitting a claim is possible, but I have personally seen three claims in the range of $150,000 - $250,000 been completely shut down with this waiver of service responsibility.

        • @Reubzy: we got an $83k data bill removed when telstra failed to protect a mobile service with a public ip from a russian hacker =) so maybe it works both ways

        • +2

          @dcarbonetti: Wow! You've done well dcar!

          That sounds like something out of a Bond movie.

          I think your situation is a little different. You were charged for data you did not use and was only accounted to you because of Telstras failure to secure their network. Telstra did not pay you a cent, they merely waived the charge they applied to your account.

          I'm talking about specifically, financial harm due to a network outage. Telstra have a more or less unchallenageable clause in their Customer Terms that basically says "if you choose to use our network, we aren't liable for your financial loss if our network goes down."

          There is a enormous difference between not paying a bill and receiving compensation for service outage.

        • @Reubzy: Exactly. There's generally no SLA's in place on mobile, especially if it's a "personal" plan, or prepaid. You generally need to be on a business-grade plan in order to get any guarantees like this (any pay the increased price accordingly)

  • -3

    And if you are overseas when this free data day occurs? Not much use to me from Denver, CO!!

    • +9

      Come back for the day, Australia will miss you.

      • +29

        Telstra currently charges $10 for 1GB. if you can download more than 200gb ($2000) its worth the return airfare trip IMO.

    • +1

      Does free data includes roaming? :-)

    • +11

      You've escaped Australia why would you come back for our Internet?

    • Free data is available if you're overseas, just make sure you use the data April 3 midnight to midnight AEST.

      • really? Where does it say that roaming data will be free?

        • +2

          A friend who works with Telstra sent me this from an internal site:

          "Is international roaming included in this offer?

          Yes, Telstra customers can use the free data offer if you are roaming internationally. However the time when it is available will be midnight to midnight Sunday 3 April, Australian Eastern Standard Time."

          If you are planning on using data while roaming, I'd recommend contacting Telstra to be sure, and make sure they leave notes on the account to cover you just in case

        • @ChippyD:
          Not sure why I've been down voted? Sorry for helping those overseas…

        • @ChippyD: OK, will take a working SIM that has no credit on it and test this out

        • @ChippyD:
          Strange, the website says it goes until 3am AEST. Bit weird that that rep didn't know that.

          "The free data will apply from 12am AEDT Sunday 3 April 2016 to 3am AEST Monday 4 April 2016."

        • @pood:
          "The ‘free mobile data this Sunday’ offer is available within Australia midnight to midnight Sunday 3 April in each time zone"

        • @ChippyD:
          My apologies, I see it is different for Woolworths and Telstra.

    • Does Columbia even have Internet ?

      • Uh, that is Colorado, not Columbia.

        • No its clearly a reference to the country, We always say London, UK never London, Middlesex.

  • -1

    How many engineers does it take to screw up a Telstra mobile network?

    • +9

      What !! They have engineers ?

      • +1

        Yep - I remember the guys who repeated a few years at Uni ended up there.

    • +4

      well the whole system is based off a raspberry pi

    • Only one who wrote malicious code before he was retrenched.

  • +9

    Did somebody say free data for the entire day?

    • +3

      Wouldn't people who assemble be ozbargainers, not ozbargains? Or do you want the bargains to assemble?

  • +5

    Time to download my steam library.

    • +2


      • why not? :P

        • +1

          He bought new HDD from the CTECHIE sale so needed to transfer his steam library. Now he can do it twice as fast on the magnificent Telstra 4GX network.

      • -1

        yeah my files are getting all old and crusty, need to re-download them

        • I'm downloading my Origin library. All my steam stuff is up-to-date, and unmetered through my regular ISP anyway.

  • +8

    Time to netflix binge on 4K with my 720P TV

    • +3

      if only a website existed that you could use to find yourself a better TV… for cheap… oh wait… :P

  • +13

    I don't really understand how this helps people. When they screw something up people lose service, but presuming you are on a cap, unless you are always going over your limit and being charged the free data isn't saving you any money. For the bulk of the people who have an appropriate plan it puts them absolutely $0 ahead financially.

    If they have a service outage for a significant part of a day, they should be refunding you the cost for that day. Trying to get your money's worth by downloading something big that you otherwise wouldn't have is nothing more than a protest at best and a waste of time at worst. People should be demanding a better result

    • but but… if we all download and break it again, they will give another free day????

      • It's not free, you have already paid, it's just the data isn't counted

    • +2

      For me I have 1TB 100mbit broadband at home,

      THis is a 'nice offer' but yeah kinda useless for me, id prefer a service credit style 'sorry'

      I did 100GB last time just to see what it could do and how long it lasted, but yeah not sure if ill bother this weekend to try and find things to download,

      But I can see how this can be of good to some people don't get me wrong :)

      • if you do be sure to release it publicly, the more people using it the more effective the troll

      • Why doe

    • +3

      Especially the customers running a business with 3G EFT terminals, was in a shop that had to turn away so many customers (no idea why or if they had a manual process they didnt use it). Personally I think it should be a pro rate discount/credit to accounts not free data

      • if it is pro rata for the down time it would be a very small amount.

        Say you are on a $100 plan, one day of usage is $3.33.. or take into account the few hours it was down.. even smaller.

        Would be pointless

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