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Tronsmart Quick Charge 2.0 5-Port USB Charger $19.64 US (~$25.82 AU) @ Geekbuying


100th post on Ozbargain.

Coupon now works on charger with EU and US cable.

Today we have the popular Tronsmart Quick Charge 2.0 5-Port Charger for $19.64 US (~$25.82 AU) with the coupon clear100

After popular demand I've brought this deal back at the lowest price it has ever been. Discounted TNT Express shipping is also available.

What is Quick Charge 2.0 and VoltIQ?

Tests have shown that a 3500mAh battery can be charged from 0% to 60% in only 30 minutes for any compatible device using Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology.

The charger also utilise a technology called VoltIQ that is able to detect the charging protocol used in the device to provide the fastest possible charge without the risk overheating, overcharging, short circuiting etc. This is useful for any device that does not support Quick Charge 2.0. More info on VoltIQ can be found here.

Quick Charge 2.0 compatible phones include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge
  • LG G4, LG G Flex 2, LG V10,
  • HTC One M9, One M8, One Mini, Desire Eye, One A9, One Remix, Butterfly 2
  • Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Z4, Z3 Tablet, Z4 Tablet, Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact, X5 Premium
  • Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Mi4C, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro
  • Asus Transformer T100, ASUS Zenfone 2
  • Motorola Droid Turbo, Motorola Moto X, Moto X Pure, Force, Style
  • Google Nexus 6
  • LeTV One Max, LeTV One Pro
  • Ramos Mos1, Yota Phone 2, BlackBerry Priv
  • ZTE Z9, Axon Max, Axon Pro

Other devices like the iPhone, iPad, Nexus series etc will benefit from the VoltIQ technology.

3.20% cashback is available at Cashrewards however it may not payout as the coupon is not listed on CR.

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  • Any deals on the cables too?

    • +3 votes

      Yep. Someone wanted to post a deal on it a while back, but never did so you can have his customised coupon.

      CORBZMART brings this down to $8.99 USD.

      • Will have to do two separate transactions or does this code and the charger code work together.?

        Anything on a 3m cable micro please?


          It would have to be separate.

          I'm unable to get any new coupons until Monday.

        These cables are total junk out of the 5 packs of 6 cables. only about 4 cables worked correctly.


          Were they the gold ones or the old faulty grey ones?

        • @Clear: So the old model are known to be faulty? I bought a few boxes of them and have had a few duds too


          @groook: Yes. Much later on it was discovered that some wouldn't last very long. The gold plated ones are supposed to be better.

        • @Clear: so do i get a refund? i had to chuck two out, which made me feel really shitty cause i never throw stuff out after only a few months of use.


          @furythree: I'll find out.

        • @Clear: if the gold cables are actually better id rather get a set of those
          its not about the money, i just want a working product

        • @furythree:
          I also found the product prior to gold would fail prematurely, lasted around 3 months vs genuine htc lasting a year. The retainer would fail. Received a pack of gold plated ones last week but will take a few months to confirm if they are more reliable. I've also ordered some Anker Kevlar PowerLine 0.9/1.8m Micro USB Cable to see how they compare.

        • @fatty: thanks. glad it wasnt just me then

        • @furythree: This… I bought 2 packs of the silver ones that were pretty much rubbish. Most of the cables died or the ends of the them don't stay in the phone or charge anymore unless you hold them at weird angles.

          I am sort of keen to try the gold, but once bitten, twice shy!

          Still if @clear can get us a really good discount on the gold ones I may have to jump on it.

        • @Clear: I put my number above order in. #3429852
          Can you put a credit on my account as left me very disappointed that so many were faulty.


          @matt777: I'll speak to Geekbuying/Tronsmart and see what can be done.

        • @furythree:
          Gold aren't better. I got a 3 set of the goldplated ones and ended up having similar problems. One never worked with data sync (and stopped working completely after a few weeks), a second stopped charging after about a month and the third I'm expecting to die pretty soon.
          Ended up with a full refund though, they were quite happy sorting that out for me.


          @dyl: Thanks. I won't post any more of them until I know they're fixed.

        • @Clear:

          Nothing against you or geekbuying, support was amazing with sorting out a refund. Just don't want people buying these cords assuming they're better only to have similar problems after a few weeks.

          I can highly recommend the other tronsmart products though (5 port AC and 4 port car chargers), no problems with them.

      • I tried using this code which brought the price down to approx $12. Then when I went to checkout with paypal the price was back up to $16.28

        I had decided to give you cables another chance despite the last to silver ones all pretty much dying on me, the ends of the cables all became useless. I want to try again, but I need a working coupon code or something, especially as I have a bunch of the silver ones that just died on me after a few weeks/months last time.

        Anything better or that works couponwise?

      These cables are total junk out of the 5 packs of 6 cables. only about 4 cables worked correctly.

  • Never thought I'd need a 5 port charger, thought it`d be fine to use what I have…..till the other night.
    Best price it's ever been?

  • Discounted TNT Express shipping is also available


    Is that the discounted price?

    • +1 vote

      It's showing as $5.24 US for me. Are you trying to order more than 1 in the same order?

      • Nope, just one :(

        Edit: Never mind, "Estimate" states $10, actually checkout page is $5.

  • Discount only applies for the AU plug option. I ordered one but would have preferred the US plug on the cable - I already have loads of AU figure 8 power cables and am heading to the US later in the year.

    • +2 votes

      Send an emsil to [email protected] with your order number and ask if they can include a US plug. They might say yes ;)

      • Thanks, I've sent an email, fingers crossed :)

      • I'm in a similar position, don't need the Aussie plug but would buy this if it were for the EU plug too. Any chance the other plugs can be on special too?

        • +1 vote

          I can't get a deal on the others currently. Try email to support and see.

        • Haha … me too … would love an US cable … :-)

        • @mini_wombat:

          Is the cable that connects the Tronsmart charger to the wall able to be replaced? you can probably order a no-brand EU or US cable - but I'm not sure if that will effect the quick charging?

        • @ttfb: Yep … I think you can just replace it with a standard US cable. I have lots of AU ones … but not one US Version … good for travelling! Don't think it would effect quick charging in any way … but I anyhow can't use that function.

        • @Clear:

          Thanks for the great deal @Clear, hopefully support can snag me an EU cable :)

        • I just ordered an AU version and sent a quick email to support (always a great test how they react … and if not I don't mind an AU plug … these cables don't cost a lot.).

        • @ttfb: yeah, uses a standard figure 8 power cable. The included one is very short…about 30cm from memory. I ended up replacing it since I wanted to have the hub on the desk and connect to a power socket near the floor and the included one wasn't suitable for that.

        • its $4-$6 for an AU fig-8 / shaver cord so getting the right AU cord in the first place is a bonus….. if you need to buy a replacement cord it's not as much of a bargain anymore.

          nice to see geek buying looking after AU customers.

        • @mini_wombat: Update: I got an email from them that they include the US plug … great. Perfect as a travel charger for me and I have lots of AU cables already. So makes this a great deal for me …

  • nabbed one thanks heaps :)

    • I bought one too thanks :-)

      will also buy qc 3 with au cord if deal comes up …… need a usb charger in every room now

  • Is it possible to get a deal on the Tronsmart Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger? Along with a choice of AU plug? Since that's not a possible choice at the moment.


    congrats on your hard work clear!

    Unfortunately, I don't have any devices which would be compatible. (I need to upgrade my phone first… lol)

  • Well ordered one! Was going to get an anker one but this one seems to do the same job at a cheaper price

  • Does this work for Samsung S5?

  • Looked at the page, thought I'd better confirm, is it just one of the five ports has Quick Charge 2.0?

  • Don't buy this if you have a wireless charger, I suspect it ramps down the amperage and it is impossible to charge off my qi pad with this power supply.

  • Times like this are when I wish the Nexus 6P supported Qualcomm Quick Charge :(

    • Wait, it doesn't? Another reason to love my Nexus 6.

      • Nope, they just push 15W through the Type C interface, as it allows that natively. I'd much prefer QC 2.0, there's no reason not to have it, it makes finding accessories a nightmare.

  • How would this go in powering a Raspberry Pi plus charging other devices.

  • Awesome, should come in handy for my next trip!

  • Oh I see what's going on here…

    "Powerful: Total power 54W 5 port (Auto detected charging port 5V/2.4A x4 Ports + 1x Quick Charge 2.0 12V/1.5A)"

    Lucky I didn't purchase thinking it was Quick Charge 2.0 x5 ports…

  • Congrats again Clear!

    Thanks for the deal.

    I would really prefer the QC3.0 version but oh well, my trip is too close to wait.

    Just under $AU33 with TNT shipping.


      There isn't a significant improvement in speed if you don't have a QC3 device. I'm still trying to get Tronsmart to do an AU cable as this one has been very popular.

      • Not so much the speed but the thought @ the back of the head of having bought the most future proof.

        Plus I am eyeing the Mi5 Pro lol.

      • thanks for promoting the au plug / cable issue I've always got something in the mail from you guys but hate travel adapters … unreliable and dangerous more real AU cables and plug packs on your site would be great.

        • +1 vote

          A Xiaomi power strip is a good solution. It uses a Chinese plug which is an upside down AU plug and takes AU/CN/EU/US plugs.

        • those universal au/cn/Europe/us sockets are illegal to be sold in Australia (Government has banned them) due to the hole sizes and kids being able to put things into the holes. it's the combination if au and cn that creates the problem …. large hole with visible contacts.

          so the travel adapters we get in Australia are country specific or limited to a few countries to limit the hole size and often sold in packs au-us au-eu au-cn.

  • Argh now it's on sale - I just purchased this exact item from GeekBuying at normal price :(

  • How does this thing compare to something like the Anker 6x port, which is considerably more expensive?

    I was given one of the Anker's and its bloody brilliant, but for $25 or whatever this thing is, I'm willing to take a punt and double my USB charging-ability, if it's within cooee of the Anker.

    • +1 vote

      The Anker is 60W with PowerIQ which is the same as VoltIQ. This Tronsmart is only 54W, but it has 1 Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port and VoltIQ. Obviously you're going to need a phone that supports QC to utilise that port.

      • Thanks Clear. I see the code up above for the Titan edition at $40odd bucks, might grab one of those. Cheers.

  • Great phone charger, but can't seem to get enough power from it to charge my iPad pro :/ charges at a very slow rate (10% up after 8 hours+), even my iPod charger is faster…

    • Apple have a special way to sense if it is attached to a wall charger ( different to android) vs a PC use port and then how much charge current it will draw. so many non Apple chargers appear as a Pc port and charge at a lower current so yes an apple charger charges Apple devices quicker, as do SOME after market chargers that also cater for Apple users not just android.

  • Shipping times are long. I'm still waiting for an order I made by registered mail which estimates 15-30 days. Got an email saying it was sent on 17/2 and it hasn't showed up yet.

  • Thanks OP got one:) was looking for something like this too cheers.

  • $33.78 delivered for me.

    For that price, it's a really good deal if it's actually a good product. It all looks good though, considering it's similar to the Anker which I can't get for any cheaper than $50 delivered.

    Thanks for the deal.

  • Any deals possible on the 90W charger (Titan)?

    I have more than one QC-compatible device, and I'd love the option of QC on all ports…

  • Does this support S7?

  • I'm after two of these:

    But they don't seem to have any that can ship to Australia :(

    I only need the VoltIQ (don't have any QC devices), and want two of these 2 port car chargers (for a hyundai i30, which has two power sockets, so I wanted to use both with small adapters instead of one huge one with 4 ports).