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46 Dick Smith 29/03 Price Drops e.g.16x AA $1.75, Alkaline Battery Combo 32pk $3.75 [LIMITED STOCK]


Hey guys, I've gone through all the dick smith price drops for yesterday, and here's a list of some nicely-priced items, credit to pricehipster.

There's a good chance there will be a bit of stock, as many of them were originally at inflated prices that no one will buy them for (e.g. 32 pack alkaline batteries for $3.75 were $34.98 yesterday ), and I'm sure I saw some at my local when I checked a week ago.
Also note that EVERY single item in this list dropped yesterday evening, so there's a good chance that at least a few ill be stock.

I'll be using this today as a bargain hunting list (currently 10 minutes away from my DS), so I thought that this may be a useful guide to help someone who also wants to check out DS :)

EDIT: just arrived at liverpool nsw.
At least 20 packs of 40xAA $4.99 and 10 packs of 16xAA $1.75. Will upload photos after im done hunting
Here is the battery section of liverpool NSW:
Can't find much stock on anything else
I ended up buying 16pk AA $1.75 and 30pk Alkaline Batteries $3.75
The 30 pack Alkaline battieriss has 12xAA, 12xAAA, 4xC and 2xD batteries, very happy :)

Here's the list, sorted by price, with the best deals bolded:

Dick Smith Direct Online HDMI 1.5m $1
VARTA 386 Slver Oxide Batt 1pk $1.25
Dick Smith 6V Battery 11A 1pk $1.5

Dick Smith 12-Digit Tax Calculator - PINK $1.4
Dick Smith 12-Digit Tax Calculator - RED $1.4

FUJITSU Alkaline Battery C 2 Pack $1.5
DICK SMITH Batteries 8xAA + 2xAAA $1.5
ENERGIZER ECR1220 Lithium Battery 1 Pack $1.75

Energizer 357 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery 1pk $1.75
Dick Smith AA Alkaline Battery 16pk $1.75
Philips In Ear SHE3900 Green $2.92

DS Alkaline Battery Pack 15pk $3.25
Multi Reverse Travel Adaptor $3.25
Dick Smith Alkaline 32 Pack Batteries $3.75
DS Alkaline Battery Pack 30pk $3.75

Energizer CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Battery 4pk $3.75
Energizer AZ10 Hearing Aid Battery 8pk $3.75
DS Alkaline Battery Pack 30pk $3.75

Dick Smith AA Alkaline Battery 40 Pack $4.99
ENERGIZER Max AAA Batteries - 14 Pack $5
Regulated AC Adaptor 4.5Vdc 1.2A $5

Regulated AC Adaptor 5Vdc 3.0A output $6.25
Regulated AC Adaptor 12Vdc 1.5A output $6.25
DS Mini Bluetooth H/free kit $6.25

Varta AA Rechargeable Battery 4pk $6.25
Varta AAA Rechargeable Battery 4pk $6.25
Energizer 9V 175mAh Rechargeable NiMH Battery 1pk $6.25

FUJITSU "Ready to Use" Rechargeable NiMH 'AA' 1.2V Battery, 4pce Pack $6.5
Energizer High Performance EL2CR5BP1N Photographic Camera Battery $6.75
Eneloop Tones 'ROUGE' 8 x AA Rechargeable NiMH LSD Batteries $10

Eneloop Tones 'UOMO' 8 x AA Rechargeable NiMH LSD Batteries $10
MiCopter Nano $11.99
ENELOOP AAA Chocolat 8pk $13.75

MiDrone UFO $14.99
eneloop Family Battery Pack $15
LOGITECH Washable Keyboard K310 $15

Energizer Value Charger $15.99
Targus Laptop Car Charger + with USB Fast Charging Port $17.5

Logitech Harmony Smart Control Universal Remote $32.5
Kaiser Baas 1080P Sports Camera X80 $48.3
SEAGATE 500GB Wireless Portable Hard Drive Green $69.3

PARROT MiniDrone Airborne Night - Swat $99.98
PARROT MiniDrone Airborne Night - Blaze $99.98
PARROT MiniDrone Hydrofoil - NewZ $119.98
PARROT MiniDrone Jumping Race - Tuk Tuk $144.98

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  • +10 votes

    But where is there actual stock? My local dick smith was very sparse, it hardly had anything left.


      Just a random stir of the pot really. Like your's mine is pretty crap too. But from time to time, after seeing these heads up, and rushing down, you might find a couple of things that have come in during that time.

    • +1 vote

      I got sucked into going into the local DSE a few times without any joy. It's pretty sad. Just unwanted crap on the shelves and a few things with original prices on them. I don't think ANY stock is being replenished, except maybe iphone cases judging by how many they have, at nearly full price.

      • +1 vote

        It looked like they got all the left over Move store phone/tablet cases when they shut down.

        Those are likely all be red-dotted at 75% off.

        • +1 vote

          Considering how many phone covers, tablet cases and batteries Dick Smith have still in stock they should just go 90% off and be done with it.

        • +1 vote

          @Mr Rort:
          It's 80% as of Thursday. So it's getting there.

        • +1 vote

          @Mr Rort: Sound business decisions like this are not exactly what DS are renowned for..


    Great effort. Cheers!

  • +9 votes

    i think the problem is no stock? I been to 3 dicksmith ard me, nothing other than stupid mobile phone cases and dicksmith branded stuff left.


    my local jb is selling those parrot minis for $90…

    am waiting for them to drop the price on logitech wheels, its still $299…hoping it will be be around $200 soon…

  • +7 votes

    You'd think that paying $2000 per square rent in shopping malls would cost more money than holding out for a few more dollars on most of the rubbish left in stores.

    • +12 votes

      maybe their lease isn't finished?

    • +2 votes

      Probably the mall owners are on the long list of creditors anyway, so no additional rental cost to DSE to keep open.

      • +1 vote

        One of the rules of being in administration is that you're not allowed to enter into any further debt. Plus you can bet your behind that mall operators would t let them hang around for free.

  • +5 votes

    Seem that the stock checking ability has been removed from the dse website. That's going to make it a lot more difficult to find these.

  • +6 votes

    flagged as insufficient quantity.
    Unless its available online, or you can name a location with stock, this should be in the forums at best. Good luck though.

  • +27 votes

    My DS has more shelves for sale than stock.


    "Sale ends today" that means tomorrow they will go down again just like last time the "sale" finished


    The problem is my local DS only has DS brand products left in store.
    Where can I find Parrot MiniDrone in Sydney area?

    • +1 vote

      Sydney CBD store underneath Myer (not the George store) had 4 or 5 of the different types of MiniDrones in a cabinet at lunchtime yesterday when I was there as I was contemplating grabbing one.


    Great post but like others have said, lots of DSE stores have no stock of anything other than phone cases and cables, and there seems to be more shelves and used power boards for sale than anything else.


    lol at washable keyboard

    • +3 votes

      Then youll rofl at the description:

      Clean comes easy

      Life happens and this keyboard is ready. From a light dusting to a soak*, this washable keyboard is easy to clean and easy to dry. It’s submergible in up to 30 cm (11 inches) of water and has convenient drainage holes at the back for speedy drying

  • +3 votes

    I've honestly visited like 7-10 different dicksmiths over the last 3 weeks, of course not intentionally..

    I can say that different stores have totally different stock on certain items. A lot of them are also selling fixtures and stuff like security spiders.

    If your willing to travel around and visit random stores your might find something of interest.

    And i find their notion of 25%-75% then with a disclaimer about not all items have such a mark down laughable, such as some big ticked items are only 20% off.

    Like what DSE gonna to do with a bunch of Iphone cases when they shutdown. 10% aint gonna move them.

    Anyway we should see further discounting coming up on Thursday.. Maybe we might see 80% off.


    Anyone have an idea on the PS4 price?

  • +10 votes

    Sorry I think there's a typo in the title. Should be [NO STOCK] rather than [Limited Stock].


    What do they have this many battery to start with?

    Did the ex-Purchaser in DSE thought it was a good idea to stock up all sorts of battery in preparation of of Zombie Apocalypse?


      Batteries are probably one of their bigger selling items, and a good source of extra income when people come in to buy their other gadget that doesn't have included batteries.

  • -1 vote

    WA stock anyone?


    Basically just junk left in every store I have seen, generic batteries, old phone covers, overpriced headphones, generic tvs…


    What day will Dick Smith shut down for good?


      30th April - according to (whatever that's worth)

      • +2 votes

        My local has a sign up say "we don't know when we will close". Makes it sound like they are hopeful it will be later.

        I think under administration they actually probably started looking like a viable business. Mind you all the publicity they are getting there are mugs in there buying anything thinking it's cheap when a quick eBay search proves otherwise


    Any cheap mobile starter packs? I need a pack with decent data for a month until my ADSL connection goes through.


    How much is mx anywhere 2 now?

  • +4 votes

    Removing the stock checker has the opposite effect of what it's supposed to. I would travel to a store if they had stock, but because they can't tell me if they do then I'm not going to bother.

  • -2 votes

    was lucky enough to pickup a Topfield pvr for my folks yesterday, that will be the last purchase from DSE. Glad to see it finally go.

    Goodbye DickSmith…

  • +2 votes

    Thanks for the effort, lyl.

    I just want to apologise if anyone has had minor issues with Price Hipster over the last couple of days. I've been living by the "move fast and break things" mantra.

    I will have updates on Price Hipster for you all soon!

    (did someone say "more stores"?)

  • -2 votes

    No stock left in all Sydney stores.

  • +14 votes

    There has been no price drop yesterday, those items have been at that price since last Thursday, which would explain why there isnt much stock left already.

    Now the real information is that discount will increase from 30-75% to 35-80% tomorrow morning.
    All red dots will now be 80% discounted.

    Batteries will get a further 10% discount starting from tomorrow.

    Prices in the OP are the older prices (from the 24/03). Here are the new prices (from the 31/03):


      I'm not sure either. There might have been one day where Price Hipster was slow to get prices due to me breaking something, but certainly not 4 days. And I haven't received any notifications from my scraper that it's had trouble with the Dick Smith website. Perhaps the website didn't show the updated prices for a while?

      • +12 votes

        Maybe you are right. Refer to this link to see the full list of what will get discounted further from tomorrow morning (31/03):


          Solid list, man.


          Sweet, been holding out for a product at fountain gate, the extra 5% will warrant a visit.


          List is no longer available, noticed you uploaded a portion of the list on the other thread. A lot only 5-10% off, liquidation going slowly but they have another 3-4 weeks. Digital camera only big one with 40% off. Also the list didn't have the new prices on surface books and laptops, I'm guessing 20 going to 25-30%?



          The list is still accessible here.

          Computers, TV, tablets etc will remain 20% until the very last moment, then get to 25%.
          Those items will never reach 30%.


          @Pielo: Thankyou for the response, digital cameras are already 40% if that list is correct why won't surface books (if there are a limited quantity left) reach 30%? Just curious if there is an agreement with the MS, Apple suppliers.

          Have the receivers notified employees yet of the discounting procedure for the last month? Is the reason MS surface books, Apple etc will never reach that level of discount due to anticipated stock exhaustion or agreed upon stock returns to the supplier (before they reach 30+% off)? I could imagine supplier credit wouldn't be that much and there would be logistics costs to return stock so probably would be more value for many products to be sold at 30-70% of retail price at the stock realisation date (subject to availability). Or transferred to others stores under area manager control until their store closure date.

          I'm going to head into a store closing on the 19th. Hopefully there will be some good bargains to be had then. Current 20% off specials on other brands of computer are standard prices from other retailers so not really bargains at the moment.

          Only leaky batteries and accessories at liquidation level discounts, rest seem they could be part of a seasonal sale as part of normal operations. Digital cameras seem to be big announcement but probably none left. Also car navigation, home appliances etc. good luck finding stock,

          Noticed watches have gone to 50% off. I'm guessing that doesn't include Apple watches ;)

        • +2 votes


          The adminostrators are not in control of the discounts, the liquidators (Hilco) are.
          By experience, even before taking control over DSE's stock, they knew the biggest discounts for each product.

          Products are divided in categories on the system.
          I gave you the list of reduction changes for products that WILL change.
          But there is also the list (top left of my picture) of products that will remain the same.
          These include TV, Computers etc.

          The reason why some products will never reach more than 25% is that… they do not need to! People will grab whatever broken display there is, for 20%-25%, yelling "BARGAIN!!" at the counter.

          Cameras, GPS and Dashcams are already pretty much all go e already. Only some old displays left.

          Stores closing early will get there stock transfered to the bigger stores in the region.
          The last week of liquidation will see the increase of reduction from 20% to 25% on big ticket items.

          You are totally right about seasonal sales.

          You are also correct for the watches. These include Timex watches. It excludes Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbones (part of the Fitness category) and Apple watches (Part of Apple category).


    I still saw a lot battery at Warringah Mall but I have too many Eneloop … :p

    They still have a lot Philips LED bulb, laptop case, phone case, Logitech K400R white which I think they are red dot, some Logtecih MX anywhere 2 (laptop mouse) and other Logitech/DSE laptop mouse.

    Also saw some DS mini bluetooth hand free kit.

    But end up walk out empty handed.

  • +1 vote

    Just picked up 2 eneloop family packs in mackay. Had another 3 on the shelf. Thinking i should get them 😞😞😞

  • +1 vote

    In Parra they have a Sony Mini Muteki 500w on the floor for the SALE PRICE of $341, online DS says $292 … but it is $249 normal price at Bing Lee?


    Prices for batteries at DSE are falling so fast that staff don't have time to update labels. eg. Bought some CR2032 lithiums yesterday for $2. Shelf price was $8 with an apparent 50% off.

  • +6 votes

    Here is a list of Dick smith stores that are closing on the 19th of April.

    Also these deals should continue to drop every Wednesday/Thursday.
    The clearance items (75% off items) seem to drop every Wednesday and everything else goes down at least 5% every Thursday.


    Waiting for the DS branded security stuff to fall.. still like $10 now when they were on sale for $2 at christmas

  • +2 votes

    I have felt like such as pseudo-ozBargainer with a mere 2 x 4AA Eneloop purchases to my name, and with the closing of Dick Smith I thought I was a lost cause. But this morning I walked out of DS Sunbury with 16 x AA Eneloop Rouge for $16 total.

    I can now hold my head high.

  • +1 vote

    Bought a 5m HDMI (supports 4K) 90% off and Move 3.5mm audio cables 80%


    haha this is all at prices that these products should have been…


    Ok i was bored so tried something new.. Hopefully its not too shaky.. Both Experienmental. In the end I opt for vertical camera which made more sense as I dont need to pan up and down to show the stock left. (Edit shake filter is being removed)

    Here my walkthough of Dicksmiths stores done on the 3/4/2016

    Seven Hills NSW

    Burwood NSW


    More price drops today on Logitech.

    G700s mouse $60
    G310 keyboard $70
    G303 mouse $40
    R700 presenter $33

    Campbelltown mall store still has a lot of this in stock


    Fuji X30 50% off @ $399

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