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$500 Crown Gift Card for $400


Copied from crown website:
Offer is limited to 01-14 April 2016, one transaction per purchase only. Offer is valid with the purchase of a $400 gift card denomination, one gift card is issued. Offer is strictly limited and only available via Crown Gifts online. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer via Crown Melbourne, Crown Perth or Crown Gifts.

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  • Great find. Thanks for this :)

  • can this be redeem for hotel stay?

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  • Damn, takes 1 business day to process so cant buy and used today Sunday. :(

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      You can physically go down there and get a card.

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        Nah just called them (perth) they said online only and takes 3 days to post.

        • Am pretty sure you can pick them up.

          Always buy them and always notified to pick them up.

          in Burswood.

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    Can this be redeemed to gamble with?

    • Absolutely not

    • mate that would be a deal for $500 for $400

    • Only if you put it all on black…

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        Once you go black…

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    These are great value.

    Only two issues - the mag stripe sometimes does not work. I've had to take two back to the Melbourne shop (different cards, bought on different occasions) to get them replaced - very inconvenient if you don't discover until you are trying to pay for something on the night. They can't address it there and then.

    Secondly don't forget to use them within the 12 month expiry period. I bought two for "casual" use in the restaurants and bars and now only have a couple of months to use the remaining credit on the second one.

    • There are some $12.95 Lunch and Dinner offerings on now that you could use your card for.

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    What can these be used for? As in is it only Melbourne tourism things?

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      Gift Cards are available to use at participating venues across the complex, excluding gaming. For up to date venue listings, see below.

      •Crown Towers
      •Crown Metropol Melbourne
      •Crown Promenade Melbourne

      •Crown Spa
      •ISIKA Spa Melbourne

      •Bistro Guillaume
      •Dinner by Heston
      •Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar
      •No. 8
      •Rockpool Bar & Grill
      •Spice Temple
      •The Atlantic
      •The Waiting Room

      Casual Dining
      •Cafe Baci
      •Emporio Pizza & Pasta
      •Kitchen Workshop
      •Man Tong Kitchen
      •San Antone by Bludso's BBQ
      •Shò Noodle Bar
      •The Merrywell
      •Tia To

      •28 Lounge
      •Atrium Bar
      •Club 23
      •Co Nightclub
      •Crown Sports Bar
      •Fusion Bar
      •Jackpot Bar
      •Lagerfield Sports Bar & Beer Garden
      •Las Vegas Bar
      •Mahogany Bar
      •Riverside Bar
      •Teak Bar
      •Velvet Bar

      Crown Gift Cards are NOT valid for redemption at the following Retail tenant outlets.

      •Cervo (Retail tenant)
      •Degani (Retail tenant)
      •Food court outlets (Retail tenant)
      •Lucky Chan (Retail tenant)
      •Snack bars (Retail tenant)

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        You have me at bars

        • I barred up

      • Plus Teak room (for Crown Signature Gold+ members)

      • Perhaps you could even combine this with a few Entertainment Cards? Grab three cards, spend $620 at Bistro Guillaume and only spend $400.

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    Can you still leave your kids waiting in the car in the car park while at Crown or have them clamped down on this now?

    • Only if you leave the window down at least an inch.

    • I'm sure you can buy a card that allows you to do that :P

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    Expiry date?

    12 months, I see it now.

  • Can you still get the crown points when paying by gift card when staying in the hotel?

    I assume you don't recieve points when purchasing the card?

    • Not sure about hotel stay specifically but for restaurant spend I was able to use Signature card also to collect points. Bonus that the 'credit card surcharge' did not apply for each gift card redemption.

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    No points on purchasing the card. Redemption on everything including accommodation gives you crown points.

  • Must the entirety of the $500 credit be used at once? Or can you deduct from the gift card during multiple visits to crown over 12 months?

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      Can be used like a regular gift card. No need to use all at once

      • Correct. Saw that in the T&Cs

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    If this is the Crown GIVV Gift Card, then it's actually an EFTPOS card as well. And you know what that means? You can use your Credit Card to pay for this, and then use it wherever EFTPOS is accepted and avoid those pesky CC surcharges!

    Or better still, pay for this with your AMEX and then use this where AMEX isn't accepted - winning!!

    Think Crown itself, along with Aldi, Tasman Meats, independent takeaways, grocers, etc…

    • How can you tell?

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        This is from personal experience after my visit at Crown, so this might differ from online channels…

        Outside the entrance to the Crown Village Cinemas, where Jimbo & Rex used to be (outside the box office on Level 1, adjacent to the mini-newsagent), there is a machine that dispenses Crown Gift Cards. I walked up to it and purchased a card there, after looking through the conditions online on my phone and noticing that it can be practically used anywhere in Crown except for the Food Court and some other few retailers which I'll never visit anyway. My primary intention was to purchase this card using my AMEX, and then use the gift card within Crown, because Crown does not accept AMEX and applies a surcharge of ~1.65% on CC (MC and VISA) transactions.

        Once the card came out of the machine, the face of the card had the purple 'eftpos' logo in the lower right corner. The card specifically says that it can only be used at Crown, but I doubted this would be the case, or else why would they suddenly put an 'eftpos' logo on it?

        Once I went to pay for my bill at Crown, I noticed that both CHQ and SAV came up on the machine, which is an odd thing to be displayed if it was a "Crown-only card", as they claim it is.

        A few days ago, I went to Coles and remembered that I had this Crown EFTPOS card in my wallet. So, instead of using my CC to pay at Coles I used the Crown EFTPOS card. And it went through!

        I've still got some money left on the card, so I'll be looking to use it specifically where a) a CC surcharge applies, and b) where AMEX isn't accepted.

        • Interesting. Which account do you choose when using it outside of crown then?

        • @folken2k:


        • got the gift card at the machine to avoid the surcharge at dinner by Heston. works! :D Will try eftpos during the week ;)

        • @folken2k:

          Does it have the EFTPOS logo on the lower right corner of the card?

          If so, I guarantee it'll work elsewhere :)

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          @KaptnKaos: It does :)

        • So this essentially is a way to bypass restaurants/cafes who charges for CC payments but no surcharge for EFTPOS?

        • @lilkid28:

          Correct. It's just like using your CC wherever EFTPOS is accepted.

        • @KaptnKaos:
          Just a further query - what was the transaction description on your AMEX credit card when you bought the crown gift card? In case the other half thinks I've got a gambling issue when looking at my credit card bills ;)
          Also wanted to see if there was any risk that it might be considered a cash advance.

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          Nope, definitely not a cash advance. It was considered to be a purchase equal to the value of the gift card itself (ie. no extra charges).

          The statement shows the following entry, but do keep in mind that I purchased my card in person, so an online purchase may or may not use these descriptors.


        • What about the Crown Gift cards which you get via the shop or online? It does not have the EPTPOS log on it. If you can also use it at places like Coles then I'm getting another $5000 worth.

        • @danielh:

          That's the thing - cards you purchase directly from Crown Gifts either in person or online will not have the EFTPOS logo.

          These cards cannot be used anywhere outside of Crown's selected businesses and cannot in turn be used to purchase other gift cards.

    • use it wherever EFTPOS is accepted and avoid those pesky CC surcharges!

      And use the $500 you withdrew for gaming \o/

      • It works like a prepaid EFTPOS gift card. That is, any attempt to obtain cash out (or combine cash out with purchases) from the card will automatically decline the transaction.

        • If you know someone that works out crown, just make a "Purchase" if you get what I mean ;) give them $10 for their time.

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      If it is then they changed over the last 12 months because my Crown gift card does not have an EFTPOS logo.

      Can you give the first 6 digits of your card (the BIN)? If that is common to mine then it should apply to all of these cards. The BIN is what determines card behaviour in terms of routing to the card schemes. I work in Cards at a bank…

      Mine is 603841.

      • +1

        Sure, I'll even throw in 2 extra digits for free!

        5021 2510

        • Okay so your one (from the machine) is definitely different from the crown issued gift cards to date. So the only way to know would be to see one of the cards from this offer.

          I just tried my own card and it doesn't work.

        • +1


          I'll try uploading a photo of the card I got from the machine soon.

        • @KaptnKaos:

          Looks completely different. Mine (from the last time they did this offer) is Gold.

        • Mine from last year looks totally different too. Not sure if there's a different between posted vs picked up in person.

      • The online link shows a gold card, with no 'eftpos' logo on it.

        Wondering if maybe the one from the machine, which is not on this $500 for $400 deal, has the Eftpos logo, and the online one with the deal, is still the old gold card - eg no eftpos facility….

    • do u get the 500 for 400 offer from the machine card or do they have to be ordered online?

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        Offer is strictly limited and only available via Crown Gifts online.

  • $10 postage.

  • Can it be used for hotel stay if you have acces to corporate rates? Or is it just on rack rate

    • For hotels, it can be used at any Crown property. It is as good as cash.

    • Should be fine

  • Great find

  • The only problem i see is that i would have to visit Melbourne. Other than the EFTPOS fudge, is there a use for it is Sydney?

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    What about Village cinema?

    • i want to know about this also…

      • Same here

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    Can this be used with the entertainment book?

    • Yes if they accept it. Its just like cash. Used it with EB at crown perth restaurants

    • Not for the EB hotel discount though, I think. Pretty sure booking for Crown hotels goes through the EB payment portal.

  • +1

    These gift cards are GOLD.You can use it just like any other gift card where you can always check the remaining value by calling their customer service line.It gave me a decent 20% discount to eat in Heston's Dinner! I had a total of $1000 gift cards and only paid $800 in their last promo.They can be used in Casino cafes,I last paid for my Tiramisu in Margo's using it.

    • So you get a 20% discount on your bill at Dinner by Heston just for using the Gift Card? I haven't read about that anywhere, has anyone else every got this?

      edit: On second read it might just be the 20% discount from just purchasing the gift card at a 20% discount.

  • Thanks for the post :)

  • I have ordered my card already and will be picking it up from the crown gift shop (near Mr Hives) (Melbourne) to avoid the postage. The last time I got one, it doesn't have an Efpos logo on it, will report back in the next couple of days once I get my new gift card.

      • Thank you KaptnKaos

        I've finally picked up my card from the gift shop, as expected, no Efpos logo on it.

        So only the cards from the machines have it I think.

  • I used my $500 card (paid with AMEX, got it in the previous chrismas online promo for $400) at metropol hotel and spa and got crown tier points for it as expected.

  • Has anyone checked yesterday/today if cards bought from the machine have the eftpos logo and can be used anywhere?

    • This is the card I got from the machine mere weeks ago:


      • Thx!

        I wonder if it's still the same now.

        Just risky spending $400 on a gift card I cannot even re-gift due to no b-days in the near future, and would be a horrible xmas present.
        Here is a $500 voucher.. oh but you have 3 months to use it .

        • +4

          I'm going to go tomorrow and check it out for those interested, so I can post tomorrow arvo with results.
          Might just get a $50 gift card first to see if it has the pretty purple eftpos ;)

        • @HappyPooPants: maybe you could ask to see the $400 giftcard??

        • Ok so I was being stupid.
          Looks like the site clearly says 'online purchases'.. there is no way they will allow this promo via the machine.

          Oh well.. :(

  • Hi, have just purchased the gift card.
    Does anyone know how I make an online booking for accommodation at Crown (to use the gift card) but the site asks for Credit Card details?
    Maybe the CC details are required just to hold the booking? (I guess I should check directly with Crown!)

    • i would say as long as you dont boook the advanced rate when you need to pay in full prior to staying should be ok? but best to check like you mentioned

    • ^^ I went in person to book with gift cards yesterday.

      Advance booking requires payment immediately, so you can't use the gift cards online. Other packages and rates, they said they take your credit card details to hold your booking, you can cancel up to 6pm the day before. Otherwise, you can pay with the gift cards when you check in/check out after your stay.

      I made a booking for one of their packages, paid with gift card. If I need to cancel, no refunds … But I can use the credit towards a stay for a different night.

  • What a pain….postage now $10….free before.

    • C&C?

    • Juat tested out the Checkout and seems like you can pickup or get it ship for free. Maybe they just updated the website?

      I would like to pick up from Crown Gifts at Crown Metropol Melbourne, Level 1 from 8.30am - 6.30pm Monday to Friday. Please allow (1) one business day for processing
      I would like to pick up from Crown Perth Cloak Room Riverside Entry, please allow one (1) business day for processing. Please note this pick up option will only be applicable on certain items
      I would like my gifts sent via post ($00.00)

  • Is there a limit to how many separate transactions that can be made? If only one per order, could I purchase 25 giftcards in separate purchases?

    • Can't say why they'd refuse. It says while stocks last, so either a) they'd send you a $400 gift card for your payment of $400, or b) they'd cancel your order and refund your payments. Either way you wouldn't be out of pocket.

  • +10


    Just spoke to Jake at Crown Gifts on 1800 822 606. I mentioned the $500 for $400 offer and he acknowledged the offer. Jake has also provided the following information:

    • Although the offer mentions online only, customers may avail the same offer by visiting Crown Gifts in person (in Melbourne).

    • At present, there is no limit on the number of cards that a customer may purchase.

    • The Crown Gifts-issued gift cards are not the same as the GIVV gift cards issued at the Level 1 vending machine.

    This might dishearten some non-Melbourne customers wishing to use these cards as EFTPOS cards, but the Level 1 vending machine issued cards still remain EFTPOS enabled and highly recommended for use where CCs are not accepted or have additional surcharges.

    • damn!

    • Still good for places who has surcharge for CC. The Level 1 vending machine - do they accept AMEX?

      • +1

        Ahhh, it accepts absolutely any CC. Personal experience.

        • Great thanks

        • @lilkid28:

          You're welcome, let us know how things go.

        • any idea what is the limit at these machines? would love to pay a tax bill with this :D (for the points!)

        • @poop:

          I'd probably get $500 cards from the machine, just to be safe and so that the machine doesn't malfunction or freeze by issuing too many cards at once.

          If you need say $2000 worth of cards, just buy 4 cards. It takes about a minute to issue one card, so it'll take you 5 minutes tops. I'm not aware of any limit at the machine itself, but suddenly making a high value purchase with your CC may flag it on your bank's side for possible fraud.

          And, as always, keep your receipts for each card as proof of purchase.

        • @KaptnKaos: Thanks for advice, was thinking of paying a rather large bill (20k- might be too risky?)

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