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Personalised Canvas Prints 12''x16'' - $19.95 Shipped + Buy Any 3 Get 1 Free @ Dgcanvas eBay


Hi Guys,
This is my first post, hope I get everything right.

I am doing a canvas prints promotion sale on ebay store for two weeks.

All come with free shipping, plus buy any 3 get 1 for free.

We use 30mm depth pine wood stretchers & 380gsm Cotton Canvas for the best output results.
Please read description on ebay pages for further info.

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  • You started selling canvas from March 25th this year!

    Previously you sold bamboo memory foam pillows etc. There is zero feedback about your canvas's. Why would we even consider buying from you in such a populated market?

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      We have been doing canvas in our shop for a long time, just posted on ebay to give it a try, I can post some sample photos if that helps. Thanks.

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          Our shop is in Wollongong, what variables could that be, I would like to do something to help.

  • Price seems to be quite good especially Free shipping (from Australia)!
    Not sure about the quality?
    OP, How long would it take once we completed an order?

    • Yes, that's pretty much the cost is. I have uploaded our sample canvas photo to dropbox
      (not sure if I can post photos here or not)
      Normally it takes 1 business day to ship it out. Thank you.

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    Usually when ordering online there is a way to crop/adjust pictures.. How do you address that?

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      Sorry,we do not have a website can do that, but we can send you the retouching photos back to your email that shows what it looks like, and continue to print once you are happy with the crop or adjust things. And normally this is more accurate than web automation.

  • Hi OP

    wonder if you do larger size?

    • Yes, we can do large size up to 120cm x 160cm with wood frame;160cm x 200cm with Aluminium frame.
      For larger size you can order from here:
      Customize size are available with a 10cm interval. our price for large size is still competitive in market.
      But only the sizes mentioned above are on super special.

      • But only the sizes mentioned above are on super special.

        Does this include the "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" part? I was planning on ordering some 100cm x 70cm canvases later today.

        • Yes, I have added large size canvas to 'buy 3 get 1 free' promotion list. Also please be advised large size canvas print may take up to 10 business days depends on the size. Thanks.

        • @hiarchy:

          Hey, that's great, thanks! I'll place an order either later today or tomorrow morning. (╯°□°)╯

        • @hiarchy:

          Rep, can you accept PDF or EPS files? Please say yes.

        • @blitz:yes, it should be OK with vectorgraph

  • Hi OP, I added 40cm x 50cm in cart, it's showing me $40 not $22.50

  • Hi OP,

    Just looking for a confirmation from you. I am looking to have four (20" x 16") 40cm x 50cm canvas prints.

    Using your promotion link, in eBay, if I pay for THREE canvas prints for $67.50, and upload FOUR jpeg files (using your buy 3, 1 free offer) in your DGcanvas website, you will print and free post me FOUR canvas prints. Thats how it works, right? Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

    • Yes, The discount is automated by ebay if you add 4 promotion items in your shopping cart. Free shipping included.

      • thank you

  • Just received my canvas. Very happy with the results and speed of communication from the seller. Will be going back for more. :D

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