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Ubiquiti Unifi 802.11 AC PRO Access Point - UAP-AC-Pro - $226.36 + $16 Shipping @ My IT Hub


802.11ac PRO Access Point
The UniFi AC Pro AP features the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 3x3 MIMO technology in a refined industrial design and is ideal for deployment of maximum?performance wireless networks.

Up to 5X Faster with Dual-Radio 3x3 11AC MIMO Technology
The UniFi AC Pro AP supports simultaneous dual-band, 3x3 MIMO technology in the 5 and 2.4 GHz radio bands.

Designed for Optimal RF Performance
The newly redesigned UniFi Controller optimizes RF performance:

Versatile Design
The UniFi AC Pro AP is a gigabit, 802.3af-powered access point suitable for indoor or outdoor use. You can easily replace a standard UniFi AP using the same mounting hardware.

Scalable Enterprise Wi-Fi Management
The UniFi Controller v4 software is a powerful, enterprise wireless software engine ideal for high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high uptime performance. With its software-based capabilities, the UniFi virtual control plane allows for unlimited scalability under one centralized controller. Remotely access the UniFi Controller to upgrade deployed UniFi APs while in the field.

Dimensions 196.7 x 196.7 x 35 mm (7.74 x 7.74 x 1.38")
Weight 350 g (12.4 oz), 450 g (15.9 oz) with Mounting Kits
Networking Interface (2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports
Ports (1) USB 2.0 Port
Buttons Reset
Antennas (3) Dual-Band Antennas, 2.4 GHz: 3 dBi, 5 GHz: 6 dBi
Wifi Standards 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Power Method Passive Power over Ethernet (48V), 802.3af/803.2at Supported (Supported Voltage Range: 44 to 57VDC)
Power Supply 48V, 0.5A PoE Gigabit Adapter
Maximum Power Consumption 9W
Max TX Power 22 dBm
BSSID Up to Four per Radio
Power Save Supported
Wireless Security WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise (WPA/WPA2, TKIP/AES)
Certifications CE, FCC, IC
Mounting Wall/Ceiling (Kits Included)
Operating Temperature -10 to 70° C (14 to 158° F)
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% Noncondensing
VLAN 802.1Q
Advanced QoS Per-User Rate Limiting
Guest Traffic Isolation Supported
WMM Voice, Video, Best Effort, and Background
Concurrent Clients 200+
802.11a 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps
802.11n 6.5 Mbps to 450 Mbps (MCS0 - MCS23, HT 20/40)
802.11b 1, 2, 5.5, 11 Mbps
802.11g 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps

Limit of 300 coupon and 1 per customer.

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  • +2

    Good price, unless you want more than 2 in which case this is still cheaper:

    • Those prices don't include GST.

  • +2

    God I'm tempted. Love Ubiquiti gear.

    • Here here!

      • +14


        • In my house. At least I wish I had Ubiquiti gear in it.

  • +1

    So not knowing much about Ubiquiti gear, what's the advantage of something like this AP over the others or even a decent router? I know for better wifi range possibly and speeds?

    • +3

      It's got a ton of Enterprise-level features that you'll never see on consumer level hardware.

    • +1

      To put it simply: Enterprise level gear at an almost consumer grade price point.
      If you want a good article on it:

      This is beyond decent because you're in enterprise territory.

      • +10

        That article got me thinking, if you lived in medium-high density living, and you had a high end internet plan ie 100MB cable or NBN and one of these gizmos, given their rated range you could sublet/resell your bandwidth to neighbours and potentially obtain a very decent discount on the costs of maintaining a high bandwidth connection. I imagine you could assign them unique logons and throttle their traffic at certain thresholds. I imagine this is all in complete contravention of ISP T&Cs but how would they know?

        • Probably could. If they seriously didn't care about the top speeds, and you had no data cap, and charged them a damn good price, it could work well.

        • +8

          I currently do this with 5 people up on a hill with no DSL, 100mb speed shared. $500 income a month :)

        • +6

          You sure could. These units allow you to broadcast 4 SSIDs, you could tie each one of them to their own VLAN (if your router allowed it) so people had their own LAN without any risk of seeing each other's devices. The equally wonderful Ubiquiti EdgeRouter series of routers would allow this config and even let you specify traffic-shaping etc. so no one guy could steal all the bandwidth. they even allow traffic inspection so you oculd block torrenting, say, to make sure you as the registered owner wouldn't get in trouble. Or maybe force one of more of the VLANs to leave your network via a VPN connection if you wanted more immunity. After all, when sharing a connection, the main worry is what could other people do and leave you on the hook for.

        • @sr8rippinpro: which hill in melboune? :)

        • It's interesting to note that this isn't a router.
          Although you do get an enterprise grade device; you don't get a consumer grade router/switch; you'll need another piece of hardware to do the switching or routing for you.

        • +1

          @sr8rippinpro: $100/m for shared internet? what kind of a (profanity) are u

        • +1

          Includes device setup and maintenance and using 3 seperate subscriptions over the NTD, it's looks ugly and I'm regret doing it, one you pay the bills there's not a lot of profit

        • @furythree: He's working on the Malcolm Turnbull model of "virtually inventing the internet in Australia" by the sounds of it.

        • @sr8rippinpro:

          one you pay the bills there's not a lot of profit

          A message for the ATO. Got it. :))))

        • -1

          @sr8rippinpro: Setup is a bit of tweaking in the settings and plugging in the cables
          and setting passwords

          Maintenance is resetting the modem and router every now and then. This stuff is set and forget these days.

          The bills are electricity and your own internet. You dont hire technicians to do routine maintenance

          Just admit youre taking advantage of those with less knowledge and probably dodging taxes and breaking TOS too

        • +1

          It's bank deposited and I'm a contractor so it all my income transactions go through the books, and with the tax bracket I'm on, trust me it's not worth the (profanity) around.

        • @sr8rippinpro: just cause it makes it into the "books" doesnt means the tax office instantly knows its income. they may question you if you get audited but you dont have to put it in the etax each year. Of course its in ur best interest to do so

          Are u implying contractors get paid too much to care or not enough to make a difference

        • @furythree:
          I just consider it electrical work and pay gst and tax on it.
          I will do it for family and friends who want NBN but not connecting up any more referrals.
          Not sure what you are saying about paid too much.

      • +2

        " if there’s one thing the latent sysadmin in me loves, it’s tearing out a perfectly functional existing production system and implementing something new from scratch!"

        The struggle is real.

    • +2

      Others have answered you but just beware that this is simply an AP. You'd need a router to go with it (well, presumably, if you were using it at home and wanted to get internet access that is).

  • +1

    Best value for money Wifi gear you can get. Enterprise level gear for home user pricing.

  • Ah cool, more just curious at the love of their gear :)

  • +3

    Any chance on a regular 802.11n UAP or UAP-AC-Lite?

    The AC-Pro is nice and all but way overkill for me.

    Also - where do I apply the code? Can't see it on the cart page.

    • +7

      Promo on the way soon, Please hold tight.

      • +3

        also interested in the ac lite

    • code is entered on the "payment" page during checkout

    • +2

      hell yeah to ac lites
      Need to upgrade my UAP's

  • Ignore previous post about my being tempted. No longer tempted as I've bought one. Looks like my old Unifi AP is being relegated the the inlaws…

    • +2

      You should probably upvote it if you think it's a good deal :P

      • Yeah, just did it. Was too excited buying one.

        • Could probably sell it instead ;)

  • Thanks…grabbed one.

  • +1

    Cheers for the offer - grabbed one to replace my old 802.11n UAP Pro!
    Any change of a coupon on the Edgerouters? :)

  • +1

    I know I don't need one…but…

  • Tempted but don't want to modify my ceiling for it. Can it hang on wall without compromising coverage?

    • you can put it under your bed. of cause the location will affect the coverage.

      • Think they say not to come within 20cm (might be 30cm) of it due to radiation though. Might not be ideal right under your bollocks…

        • -1

          actually 1m is the safe range, still depending on the device, like says this one is 10% more power than standard one.

        • +1

          What kind of radiation will it have? I have always though WiFi signals are safe?

        • +1

          WiFi is in 2.4ghz and 5ghz and non-ionising there is no credible evidence that WiFi at any distance causes cancer.

    • yes, provided you can get an ethernet cable to it. I use those 3m command velcro strips to hold mine up :)

    • My last one just went on top of a wardrobe, no dramas with coverage.

    • -1

      I hang AP's on the wall generally. They are fine, but I am using Meraki though.

      • +2

        You pay for Meraki's licensing for your home?

        • Nah, at work… But referring to hanging on the wall vs ceiling.

        • If you've got Meraki units at home (from those webinar giveaways) you can always run Cucumber Tony once the free licence expires (or before naturally).

        • @zfa:

          Which model do they give you for free by attending the webinar?

        • Think it is presently the mr18. Was mr16 up until a couple of months back.

          Saw recently they do a webinar for the firewall too now, as well as the previously available router and APs.

        • @zfa: Looks like it only works on the MR-12 or MR-16's - does it require firmware flashing?

        • @massafiri:

          Yes, it's a completely new firmware which is based on OpenWRT so does need the unit flashing.

          The devs are on reddit every now and again and I think from a discussion a while back mr18 support for OpenWRT and therefore the ability for them to port Cucumber to it isn't be too far away. Unless I'm mistaken you get a three year license with the webinar freebie so in my mind you just run stock firmware until such a time as either Cucumber becomes available or wait until the license expires then go to cucumber. The chances of the unit not being supported by OpenWRT and therefore Cucumber in three years(!) when the device absolutely needs a new firmware to continue to function is pretty slim I'd think.

          If it's not available I guess it's time to watch another webinar and get a free mr22 or whatever they'll be shipping in three years…

        • @zfa:
          Haha - JV on the webinar weekly.

          I know this Ubiquti AC's can't be flashed due to the chipset - supposedly Cucumber is coming out with a solution - any news on that?

        • @massafiri:

          Last I heard was back in January where they said they had it working on the AC Lite but it wasn't production ready (I'm guessing buggy deployment which they wanted to idiot-proof before releasing). That prod date was supposed to be 1st quarter 2016 which has been and gone. Soooo it's either not going to happen or it'll be soon as they only just missed their last expected release date!

          Edit: Just looked and it turns out the AC Lite version is now out as alpha. AC Pro will be next apparently.

    • I've got two of the 802.11N APs, one in my study, shoved in beside the drawers, and another under the house. Coverage is good enough that 80+% of the time everything goes to the study AP.

  • If you run the controller software you can limit or ban devices very easily, "Your tablet will get NO internet access until you finish your homework".

    • I have a 9 year old step daughter that likes to basically stream HD minecraft youtube 24/7 while home even if shes not watching it, I have 0 network knowledge these days is it as easy as selecting her ipad on the device and adding a kb/sec limit to it? Im currently using a billion router and netgear nighthawk but the QoS or whatever its called is basically useless.

      • +1

        If you have this, and you run the management software (needs a PC to run on to act as a server) then yes, you can in effect do something similar to this. I linked an article in a different comment from Ars Tech about their experience with it.
        Learn, tinker, and grow.
        The other option is to set her device to not use HD and gently let her know if she pushes it to HD that you will have 'issues' with her internet coverage. Worked on my two ;)

        • Good article.

      • I just installed the UniFi app mentioned above, when connected to my controller I can block devices in the app.

        Edit: can't unblock via app, still need to open the controller's website.

  • Newbie question here: I just hardwired from my upstairs modem to a Netgear R7000 to downstairs. The improvement is pretty good. Would one of these be a huge improvement or relatively the same? I have a cable modem connection.

    • +1

      You still need a modem & router to run these, they're just an access point.

      In saying that, the reception on these should be significantly better - I upgraded from a similar wireless router to using an AC LR (model below this with better range), and the difference is night and day.

      • I guess it's best to connect this to the modemrouter with an ethernet cable?

      • So should it be hardwired like this?: upstairs cable modem > downstairs hardwired to r7000 > hardwired to this

        And I'll get better much better coverage downstairs than the r7000 alone?

        • I would do this

          Modem/r7000 upstairs
          Unifi downstairs

          That way you have dedicated wireless for each floor.

        • @sabaramo:
          Meshing would probably be bad, it would cut out when switching between APs.

    • +1

      I must be the only one who doesn't like these things. I have a plain unifi AP, the best thing I did was replace it with a Netgear R7000.

      There is no configuration via web, you have to install software on a PC to configure it. Once every few days it has connection problems. Seems to really struggle when 8+ devices are connected to it. And it feels jerky when I use ssh or something interactive. Read their forums to see other people's connection problems.

      But this is not a unifi AP, it's a unifi AC Pro, I don't know how much different it is.

      • +2

        Can configure from an app these days if you don't want the controller on your PC/online.

      • -1

        "You get what you pay for"
        They're good for micro businesses, but if you want a decent AP, can't go past the Meraki's.

  • So tempted to get one of these, even though I live in a one bedder and already have an AC LR. That 1300Mbps and second port…

  • Great price!
    Paid almost double a year ago.
    Question for the other guys that have one of these, what's your range like on the AC wireless? Mine seems to be very poor, line of sight down a hallway 6m away on the controller the device drops down to about 50%??

    • AC is really bad when it's through walls or different floors. Has to do with the the fact it's stuck on 5GHz

    • +3

      Paid almost double a year ago.

      Even worse than that… I don't think these models were out until around September last year so you paid double for one of the inferior first generation AC units :(

      • Yeah you are right! :(

    • have one of the original AC (square ones) deployed at a client site
      office is fairly open and about 25x25m wide and covers the whole office
      about 30 devices on it but mainly phones

    • ac doesn't give better " punch through wall" capability ….. it's still 2.4ghz and 5 ghz what it gives you is better "bounce off wall down the hall and around corner " capability and band aggregation capability. then there is also the issue of the receiving device and antenna and its capability. I have tplink and Acer ac wireless routers. max I can get is 450mb through timber floor to down stairs. yes have pci ac nic cards.

      your 50% drop ….. check with a wireless analyser / phone and droid app if you see both 2.4 and 5ghz at the end of the hall and what the strength is. might be receiving device issue. l know with my receiving devices it's also a driver issue on the Acer Nic and Windows 10 support.

      we have all these great aps and routers but I'm nor sure receiving devices are as advanced …. who decides what phones or tablet to buy based on wireless reception but when you buy an ap or router that is one of the big selling points.

      enterprise ap …… most enterprises I know run Cisco aps a few do Aruba …. but mostly Cisco and they have Cisco routers. SMB market seems to be more flexible in mixing and matching gear.

      • Yeah I have run An analyzer on an android phone it sees the 5 and 2.4down the hall.
        I was just surprised at the drop in signal literally from about 6 meters away. I have tested with a few different devices, but they all pickup around the same % signal in similar spots. Just expected a bit more I guess. Through walls it's even worse.

        Totally agree with the device wifi capability, have a cheap android tablet that's connected to air con (my air) and its in the same room as the ap about 4 meters away and has terrible signal! Ha

  • +1
    • +1

      Thanks bradicool. Great review very helpful. OP should add it to the description

    • +1

      That's a slightly different model. The review is for the UAC-AP-LR, this deal is for the UAC-AP-Pro. The LR is a bit cheaper:

  • +4

    Quick question…
    Is this item a single pack? Or is it a 5-pack that has been separated out?

    The reason I ask is because the 5-pack product doesn't include the PoE Injector, whereas the single pack does.

    • if they also include the PoE injector, what does it matter?

      • Many vendors are splitting the 5-pack, and including a generic PoE adapter (or not one at all). These generic PoE adapters have been reported to be of poor quality, and in some cases won't even work with the Ubiquiti Unifi products.

        • Obviously as long as you (ensure you) get the correct, genuine adapter, then it makes no difference.

    • +1

      I received mine today and its a single packaged unit with a ubiquiti stamped injector. Late in the day but I see the deal hasn't expired yet

      • Does it have an Australian standards tick? I assume it will (not that I care, I've already ordered one :) but other fence sitters might be interested).

        • It does, yes. Also comes with a good quality Australian AC plug. They threw in a US one as well, not sure why. Maybe for some Asian markets?

        • +1

          It might be US stock.
          And they threw in AU cable.
          The US cable looks similar to other Ubiquiti power cables. It also show in the manual.
          Please check and let us know.

        • +1


          It could be. I don't remember seeing the US suffix on the sticker but I could be wrong. When I looked over it I was more looking for Aus/NZ tags on it rather than US

          The deal has expired now but I'll check tonight and post back.

        • +1


          Looks like it's the international version

        • +1


          Awesome. Thanks.

        • @peblos:

          How can you tell as the MAC address is covered in the picture?

          The US version has an asterisk befor the MAC Address number but it's obscur d in this photo

        • @djz:

          I was checking the printed model number that was mentioned in SickDmiths link above. Apparently the US model has UAP-AC-PRO-US while international only has UAP-AC-PRO like the one i received

          The MAC address does not have an asterisk on mine, however

  • +2

    Importantly are these AUSTRALIAN STOCK?

    Other websites sell ubiquity gear cheap too but they are imported USA stock and lack the Australian warranty.

    This is still a good price but I too would love to see a special for either the AC Lite or the AC -LR rather than the pro which are a bit overkill for home users.

    • I'm pretty sure all Australian stock is imported from the USA.
      Local resellers must honour Consumer Law.

      • +1

        There is only one or two authorised sellers in Au. Freenet and city technology from memory

        • And Leader who just jumped on the bandwagon. And they have a larger reseller network, probably where these are coming from..

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