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EBgames Battlefield Bad Company 2 from $45 + Shipping


EB games website is having a managers special on Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it is half price for each platform.

PC - $44.97
Xbox 360 - $54.97
Playstation 3 - $54.97

The prices for Limited Edition are the same for the normal editions.

Shipping for me was $4.95 standard / $6.50 express

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  • Was lucky enough to get my copy off Steam for $50 before they put the price up.
    This looks like a good deal.

  • Nice price, will pick one up for the ps3

  • There is a shop in elizabeth and bourke street (melb) which sells it for 44 dollar..

  • Good deal. The game only came out a couple of months ago and usually these popular games never see much of a reduction in price.

  • -2

    this is a top game my brother has it. way better than cod imo. this game actually feels like ur in a war, he has it on the htpc on a 42 inch screen with a surround sound and it is not to be (removed) with.

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      Yeah…COD has always been who can twitch react and aim/fire faster.

      • Isn't that the same with every shooter? COD FTW

        • Not really. Quick players will always be good but many games will punish a lack of team work so the technically adept players can still end up on the wrong end of a score board if they don't gel with others.

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    great find. will pick one up today for ps3.
    dont forget you can return the game for a full refund with 7 days of purchase.

    • Really? I thought it's only if it's unopenned…

  • +3

    I actually ordered this from CDwow like a month ago and their website says ship in 7-10 days. Up until a few days back, it was still on back order so I cancelled it. Silly me, Ozbargainers warned against that site and I thought, how bad can they be? Still waiting on my refund, which will probably take another month.

    Ordered one from EB now, thanks OP.

    • I did the same and cancelled my CDwow order after 3 weeks. Ordered through the UK website and they would only send to UK so I had a friend repost back to OZ. Over 3 weeks later I am still waiting.
      All this to save a few $$

      • My EB order arrived the next day. Says a lot about that CDwow site. Wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. You should have tried local sites like I was going to purchase it there then saw this EB deal. Think it was about $10 more than CDWow but a month wait is just too unreasonable - 3 times their estimated time! They're shockingly bad.

  • great price considering its new and its retail from eb

    but that US EA deal was better lol. shame it was so short and nobody was willing to try it

  • How is it on xbox 360?
    I have a reasonably good laptop but it probably wouldn't run great on it, although I play Left 4 Dead 2 fine. I think i'd prefer to play it on pc, but might just not have enough power.

    • You'll be able to play it. 360 version is exactly the same provided you don't mind using a controller.

  • Yeah you'll need a ATI HD5850 to get around 40fps on a 24" LCD.
    Preferably something even better to get good decent fps.
    SO tempted to get this but it'll also mean another $400 on a video card.

    • +1

      One purchase always leads to another.. it never stops!

      There should be an addiction hotline for bargainers xD

    • +1

      drove me to console gaming. missed the keyboard and mouse for about 3 months, now so used to it :P

  • Is this deal available in-store or only on the EB site?

    • I think it's both online and in-store. Usually they will mentioned if it is web only

      • Thanks fm, I called up to confirm and it is available both online and in-store.

  • I'm not sure if this is a good deal, they are cheaper on eBay…

    • Oh actually, scrap that, it is cheaper on EB, about $3 to $4… for PS3…

  • Yeah I can confirm that it is available IN-STORE as well as ONLINE :)

  • How long is this sale on for?

    • Till Sunday I believe

  • I picked up the limited edition in store. Excellent price!! The limited really isn't that great for collectors… just gives you DLC. Anyway - as its the same price, why not get the limited edition!

  • They are all Limited Edition mate

  • Some EBGames stores won't do it, they will say it's online only price. So instead go to JB ask them to match the price, they will do it. Got mine at JB Victoria Galery with price match :)

  • +1

    Gotta correct myself, I went down and bought one earlier and they now have standard copies in stock, same as Limited Edition really, just no early unlocks (which make no real difference)

    Also Tamaz, name and shame that store mate, they all should do it, they can't decide to not follow the franchises pricing structure.

  • The store I went to didn't even have the game in stock and would not be getting it in for a while… What a joke of a store, got GAME to price match it for me.

  • i bet they were keeping stock out back

  • -2

    i bet theres still $30 of margin left

    • +1

      More like a significant loss… but okay.

  • Warning, this will be LONG.

    I went and bought a limited edition for PS3 on Friday and commenced to play it that night with a friend who also has a ltd edition. I was too lazy to enter the VIP code in when I started playing until I continually got kicked from the server every second game when I didn't have the downloadable VIP maps. At that point I plugged in my USB keyboard and typed in the code. I was then greeted with a invalid, incorrect or used error so I commenced typing the code in about 20 different ways, with dashes, no dashes, uppercase… you get the point. I then searched the forums for a solution, tried them, didn't work. I then contacted the EA support chat and explained the problem and gave them the details. EA asked me if I had an "idea" about this email address m****[email protected] and I replied no and the chat session deteriorated from there. They told me to contact the store and get the code or game replaced.

    I then proceeded to call the store that I bought the game from and explained the situation, this is where I started to get the run around. The person that I spoke to was polite and explained in detail that they have had these issues from the first day the game was sold. The VIP code does not have one of those scratch-able surfaces and therefore it can't be certain if the game has been sold, the code used and returned. I asked if the game could be replaced, he then told me that I could call around to different stores because the system doesn't update inventory until the next morning. I called the different stores and was told they were out of stock. I called the original store and told them of the stock issue and asked if they could order in stock from another store, he told me that it would be a 4-6 week wait. At this point I knew I wasn't getting anywhere.

    I will be returning the game this afternoon and going to JB to price match. I won't be buying games from EB anymore.

  • I had the same problem, I took it straight back and got them to bring me out a sealed copy

  • This sale still on? And do stores have stock?

  • ends today