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Accor Hotels 40% off Participating Hotels- World-Wide


Great time to plan a holiday with 40% off participating hotels at Accor. This sale starts tomorrow for stays from 1st June til 30th September for Australian hotels. Two night+ stay required.
World-wide hotels have varied stay dates from 25-40% off -each country is different and is listed on the link. Asia hotels have 40% off for stays from 13 May til 16 October.
It is valid for bookings made over the next 9 days at participating hotels but tend to sell out so its good to book early. The 40% saving is on the best unrestricted rate.
Don't forget cashrewards of 4.8%.
Happy travels.

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  • when searching, the sale is already active and lets you book at the 40% rates. well at least for sydney hotels when searching.

    Australia Private Sale! Enjoy 40% off your stay.
    Australia Private Sale: Enjoy 40% off when staying 2 nights or longer! Book by 28 April 2016, don't miss out!

    • The sale rates are not showing up for me. I will try again tomorrow.

    • Hmm the sale doesnt seem to be active for me either.

    • Not showing for me too

  • so the prices we see while searching right now will be 40% off (provided the hotel is participating ie)?

    edit: cheers Schumi5

  • OP needs to add 2 night minimum stay

    Edit: looks like the minimum varies between countries

    • Thanks. Added to description.

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    what city is that thumbnail?

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      Singapore 😀

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  • Is anyone able to use cashrewards with this deal?

    • I went through cash rewards and hasn't been credited to my account yet. Booked about 24 hours ago….

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    Just in time for our annual New Zealand trip.

    Thanks op :)

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      Just did mine too. Rotorua and Wellington. Got a Suite at the Novotels :-)

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    Thanks heaps for this OP, just booked a few hotels in Malaysia and Singapore, saved quite a bit.

    At first I thought this whole 40% thing was BS, but it actually is a genuine offer! Cheers mate :)

  • Thanks OP, this is even cheaper than when I book using my Accor Plus membership!

    Is the site super slow for everyone else?

    • Yeah it was for me, took a few refreshes but got it

  • +1

    I'm not getting it
    Tried to book Novotel New York in May but no discount
    I need to book today or tomorrow but I'm not seeing a discount
    Any clues appreciated…

    • Same! Not seeing the discount either.

    • The Accor site is wonky - I see the sofitel NYC come in and out of the sale on same week/dates
      - i choose 5 nights and it is on sale that week
      - i choose a subset of 2 or 3 nights that week and then it is not on sale within same week
      Novotel NYC is listed as on sale in the big list but no sale prices show up on any dates I check

    • +3

      Its a bait and switch - very limited rooms available
      I called, waited on hold, and all sold out in NYC Novotel for the 'sale'
      Plenty of rooms available just not on sale
      Boo !

  • How do you know if a hotel is part of the sale? I looked at Sydney and don't see any discounts for mid June

    • +1

      Search using the link provided, only hotels participating will be shown to meet all criteria. If your hotel is not participating it will show up towards the end of the list in another section.

      e.g. 34 hotels are available on the requested dates for this destination, but do not match your specific rates.
      Please see the list below.

  • Slightly off topic but what do accor members here do with their le club points? I convert mine to Singapore krisflyer miles. The conversion is 2 points to 1 mile, not sure if that's the best use of it.

    • +1

      I'm doing the same as you, but noticed if you exchange them for Qantas it's 1 to 1.

      Currently I'm at the Pullman in Jakarta. Loving it! :D

      • Cheers. Qantas is a better deal but all my miles is with SIA

    • +1

      I think hotel vouchers is the best value for money. I'm usually all about QFF points but the 40 euro voucher usually ends up being worth about $55-60 from past experience.

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    For anyone interested in Bangkok, Ibis Nana (stays up until 31 July) $A39. Excellent little budget hotel.

  • Good one .Managed to get a good rate. Thanks

  • +1

    Anyone seen discount for Australian hotel yet?

  • Booked an hotel for my trip to Seoul in August. Thanks :)

  • I can't seem to change the currency to AUD!
    Keeps showing EUR so it looks cheap….
    Any tips on how to do change it?

    • right hand corner just above pages you can change currency.

    • choose Aus as the language and it changes auto….

    • Be aware, even if it shows AUD you will be charged in the hotel's local currency.
      Use your 28 degrees card to be safe.

  • -1

    so unlucky! been waiting for a sale so i can book sydney 29/5 to 31/5 argh

  • +1

    When I look for the dates I will be in Fiji even with the 40% off it is really only about 10% cheaper than wotif rates for same period

  • When searching for hotels in London, I can't seem to see a confirmation of any discount - is there a marker for the discount at the hotel page?

  • Usually when hotels have these sales, they pass it onto other online travel agents so if you have coupons for those the discounts stack but you don't get hotel points.

  • I am lookinga at Thailand but the site says "For stays from 13 May to 31 July 2016."
    Down the bottom I click on
    For stays from 13 May to 16 October 2016.*
    Choose a getaway in Asia… Delicate scents and the beauty of this continent's countries await you.
    Maybe every country but Thailand..

    Edit - - from 13 May to 31 July 2016 for participating hotels in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Philippines.

  • Do you need to be a logged in member to see the specials? The hotel I'm interested in is on the participating list, and the dates are within the sale period, but the prices are the same as last week. Guess I'm doing something wrong…..

    • I think you're doing it right, I just called to check pricing on my hotels that I wanted and they said they were either not participating or already sold out.

      Oh well…

      • +1

        Thanks eviledward. I was after the June long weekend so not surprising I guess

  • Confusing site, hotels I have looked at I can get cheaper elsewhere.

  • im not seeing any sale in Melbourne for the date of 14-17 May this year via the link provided. Is there a special trick here?

    • 1 June - 30 Sept.

      • DOH! should've gone to specsaver!

  • Thanks OP! Is it only through the link? Or is there a preferential code we can use? Would like to mix with Carte Bienvenue benefits.

    Thanks :)

    • +1

      Suggest you try your destination direct, and compare it to Carte Bienvenue. I did that with Ibis Nana and Carte Bienvenue works, giving further discount and also makes it into refundable booking. I want a Carte Bienvenue :(

  • its rubbish. you have to use the provided link otherwise you won't see the special price. really don't know how this is gonna work with cash rewards unless you can copy and paste the link after you opened the link in CR, not sure if it will work.

    then i searched for 3 rooms for 3 days in shanghai in Sep and it told me in the last step that some rooms i am after just got booked. jumped back to the normal website, all rooms are available at a higher rate.

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