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Ozito 36v 3.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Lawn Mower $129 @ Bunnings Warehouse (Save $120)


Yo…santaBoomshakalaka is back!

Forget that loud ass petrol sh!t…santa is rollin' his 36v cordless mower, and the ladies are lovin' it…as Nate Diaz would say, "I'm not surprised motherf@#kers"!


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  • What is the old price of his unit?

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      Bought this for $250 about 3 weeks ago. They are apparently a promotional item not a lot of stock around the place

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        some ozbargainers might buy a new one and return it with the old receipt …

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          Just at the cashier now

        • @tg786:

          Can you do that if you have already used it?

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          @superforever: you return the "new" one. (Note: not sure of legalities)

        • @superforever: Ill let you know this afternoon. I cant see why not bunnings has a pretty generous returns policy

        • I'm sure this OP will help you return the new mower with the old receipt :)


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          You "commit fraud"

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          @superforever: Managed to do it - had to return it then they made me go to another til to rebuy lol

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      It was $439 a year ago! Why would they drop the price so much?

      • When I bought mine I was told it was a promo item - There were like only 4 units left in WA as at 3 weeks ago. Not sure about Eastern States

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    some bad reviews http://www.productreview.com.au/p/ozito-lml-036.html

    i'll stick with my 20 year old petrol mower ..

    • Different model this is a LML-136

      Very easy to use and the catcher isnt flimsy junk - my only gripe is that it doesnt cut as low as id like

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      you are correct. in any case, it will need to go to the tip in a year or two unless you want to fork out $$$ for a new battery

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    Wow! worth it just for the battery!

  • Would this be able to do front and back yard in one go for an 800m2 home?
    edit: research shows 2-3 turns needed. Could not find pricing on additional 36V batteries though.

    • For 800m2 not very sure. Some review from previous deal.


    • We have an 800m2 block and it can manage 3/4 of the yard in one charge (with mowing semi regularly).

    • Probably better off buying an additional mower or two just for the batteries. :)

      Sell off the mower on it's own FTW.

    • Web page says "up to 400m^2", so no.
      Buy another toolkit to get a second battery.

  • FYI these mowers are horrible with even moderately tall grass, the motor just keeps cutting out

    if you're going electric go for one with a cord

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      if you're going electric go for one with a cord

      I have the corded one so far so good.

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        Well, yes. Let's not compare Apples to Oranges!

        I would probably stick with Bosch if looking for a battery powered unit.

        Perhaps during the Masters closing down sale!

        • The Bosch ones cut out also

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          Yes they all do, you've left it to long. Had the Rotak 37 mower for nearly 8yrs original battery and had a good run but it gets used quite often. Very light to manoeuvre and walk with, gets the mowing done quicker because of it. As others have said they don't get as low as the conventional mowers but they make do.

          I'd go this one simply because it's cheap, back when the Bosch was bought it was $700. You certainly don't get value out of it from no fuel use but do from ease of use and speed. Gone back to petrol mowers, now with a startermotor lol.

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        what if you run over the cord with the mower, gg

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    Two of these battery packs should run a 200 W ebicycle motor for one hour.

    • I've been thinking about this. Would be great for short trips.

  • I'm looking for a Bosch one, where can they be bought now?

    I have Bosch plugged in electric lawnmower, Low maintenance no need for batteries just need a long cord but works well

    those were the best electric lawn mowers, much better than these rubbish Ozito.

    Petrol - Honda
    Electric - Bosch

    • i have been looking at the bosch one for afew month now. SHould have bought it just before xmas at masters when it was 568 or something. Now it's 629!

      • Can't find one anywhere, Bunnings no longer stock them even big stores like Castle Hill. Cordless ones only there's no corded now

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          Cordless ones only there's no corded now

          Isn't we are talking about cordless one here?

        • Sure is. However Corded ones last much longer. Reason of course no battery.

  • I have a lot of 18v ryobi stuff and would like to get a mower but the price for a plastic chassis ryobi is always so high I can't see value (18v or 36v). I'd also be keen on a chainsaw (for trimming some small trees occasionally) and I see I can get both 36v as ozitos now for under $300 so I'll have two batteries as well very tempted.

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      Ryobi quality has gone down the drain. their electric line trimmer is the worst and I own one

      Ryobi RLT5030SG - this thing is worse of the worse. http://www.productreview.com.au/p/ryobi-rlt5030sg.html

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        Pretty much all of the problems are about the spooling system and the head, and its because they arent using it correctly. Basically you just keep the trigger pinned flat unless you are finished the job or need more line, as it feeds out when you take your finger off the trigger.

      • +1

        Sounds like either those ppl need to buy better/stronger lines or load the spool properly. You should be able to put in thicker lines than what came with the trimmer. I used to have same problem with my bosch 36v trimmer where the line doesn't load as I am cutting or it just get destroyed too quickly. Bought some hitachi brand ones that were 2mm instead of the 1.8 or something and it cuts much faster and lasts longer.

        • Not really people are using it correctly and has this issue. The spool will tie up inside no matter what, because the heat causes the wire to stick together. Even with stronger ones will also snap, some people think WD40 spray will work but obviously when it spins it goes out with it so it doesn't smooth it out at all.

          My one has the same problem as the thread said, it doesn't even feed out anymore plus constantly stuck with the wiring.

          I do use it correctly, after 1 year it no longer works so its rubbish

          Never Ryobi again!

        • @neonlight: Yeah, having this exact problem with 18v trimmer, line keeps snaping off…will try some WD40 on it…

          What are you using instead neonlight?

        • @dtrinh: Don't have a solution. constantly open the head and rewire the feed. Annoying…Recommend a good line trimmer if you can

        • Thank goodness I am not the only person who hates the spooling system on this.

          I use my hand edger and now use these for trimming.
          Comes in a pack of 2 and works so much better than spool.

          Just don't run it right against a wall etc or you will chew through these in no time.

          I have had my 18v for 4 months now and am almost ready to get a new set of 2.

      • Their petrol mower is actually pretty good

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    Apparently 1 in stock in Cannon Hill. Apart from that, nothing in Brisbane.

    • None left at Cannon Hill now. Was supposed to be one at Bethania but it's also gone. None in Brisbane now.

  • got the bosch version 37 several years ago. absolute ripper to use.
    if this ozito is half as good its a bargain.

    • Probably only, maybe 1/4 as good though.

    • I am using a Bosch corded one these days and have an Ozito corded one a few years ago. Nah, the Ozito is not half as good as a Bosch, however I don't think you can get a Bosch Rotak 37 li for $258.

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        Stuff like mowers and trimmers where you use it many times in a year, I rather fork out abit more money and get a good quality item. My dad has 5 trimmers in his garage, all rubbish brands and they are just inefficient. Could have used the money for the 5 and got a really good one.

  • +10

    I've owned this one for over a year and I remember it being significantly more expensive. Been very happy with it. Obviously it doesn't compare to the power of a petrol mower but it's been more than adequate for our ~500sqm of lawn. Positives: light and easy to maneuver, quiet, reasonably long running time given the price (30-40min off one charge). Downsides: struggles with long/overgrown grass, requires two charges for a large backyard, cutting height isn't as low as I'd like.

  • available in stores right?

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    pretty much sold out in Melbourne and surrounds that I've been able to find out. Seems I'm not destined to ever own a mower :(

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      Your grass thanks destiny

  • Anyone know of any mower deals? Housemate is leaving with ours today :(

  • Great was planning on picking one up after work .. guess that's out the window now haha

  • Thanks op. Just picked one up from Epsom. Still 3 or 4 left.
    Will see how it goes, but with 3 year replacement seems like a no brainer.

  • Phoned up my local Bunnings and apparently, all of NSW is out except for 2 stores in Wollongong and Orange

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      Not true. I just picked one up from Narellan (near Campbelltown) 20 mins ago and they still had 3 left.

  • I got a Bosch 36v mower, good piece of plastic only thing I would say is perhaps buy another of the cheap kits for the spare battery as they do not last very long

    • There aren't any cheap kits with Bosch 36v. So I just got the trimmer

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    Now time to find myself a lawn. may be ill grow one in my unit

    • Maybe the carpet could be a bit overgrown and in need of a trim?

    • you can always try my lawn if you need to test the battery capacity. I'll even throw in free power.

  • Slightly off topic, I bought a Rotak 43 li with 2 batteries from Amazon UK a couple of years ago and it's been great. I bought 2 spare blades but mistook it for the corded one. People who've accidentally done this have drilled a bigger hole to fit their li mower. Has anyone done this?

    I want to avoid getting a replacement blade which Bunnings sell for $69 for the 37 li.


    • lol I just pull out the angle grinder and touch up the leading edge.

  • Any one know the rrp?

    • We have posted the price from previous deal.

  • upvoted for description

  • WA Bunnings told me these sold out months ago. Mark expired?

  • What do they call this? Retail Baiting? Juts called a store and they said no one has them.

    • Apparently they were reduced a couple of months ago, so we are just a bit slow to find out.

      • +1

        ozbargainers we are not good enough ….. :)

  • I think no store have stock only found a display one in my near Bunnings and they have the new red colour model.


    • are they same? 36V vs 18Vx2?

  • +2

    I bought this exact model last year. This is a great price for a budget mower.

    Like others said, this is not a powerful mower.
    I frequently let the grass grow too long (30cm +), and the mower struggles with it. It still manages to cut it, but I have to run multiple passes, and the motor does get stuck. When it's really stuck I have to turn it off, lay it on its side and remove the offending grass. I also find the battery doesn't last so long for me (~20 minutes?). Though 20 minutes was still enough to fill the green bin with grass, so there wouldn't have been any point in continuing.

    I know i've said quite a few criticisms, but i think it's a good mower for the price. The best part is the convenience of not having to deal with petrol.

  • Zero stock in Adelaide

  • +1

    I bought one in Mt Gambier, SA this morning, they still had at least 2 in stock.

  • Hi There, where can I buy this? Tried to find it on the Bunnings website but it's not on there?

    • Check at the info desk to see if any stock near you.

  • any idea how to get spare battery?

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