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AUSDOM S07 In-Ear Sports Bluetooth V4.1 USD$9.99 (~AUD$12.90) @ Everbuying


Hi all,

Calling all AudiOzBargainphiles for the last time!

It's clear we all love our earphones here on OzBargain. I've communicated with Becky from everbuying https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/everbuying.net over the last week to create FOUR Awesome deals on a range of Bluetooth earphones for the OzBargain community! this is deal #3 of 4.


AUSDOM S07 Bluetooth V4.1 Earphone Wireless Stereo Sports Headset

YouTube Review here:


Rating: 3.6 - ‎108 reviews via Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Ausdom-S07-Bluetooth-Headphone-Microph...

Cheapest price on eBay is $26.31 delivered here http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AUSDOM-S07-Sport-Bluetooth-4-1-Wi...

Add coupon: rawm11 at checkout for discount!

Coupon expires May 31st

Expected delivery is between 11 and 25 days from purchase.

Currently AUD$25.60 on the everbuying website.

USD $9.99 (~AUD$12.90) delivered with this deal = ~ 50% off!


I DO NOT benefit in any way (financially or otherwise) from this deal, I just love the thrill of a bargain!

Promotion limited to 1500 stock
Black and Green colour only

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  • +3

    Thanks OP, finally managed to get one of your deals :-). Appreciate your efforts in securing these and listing here.

    • Thanks WrightAnvil; it's been fun!

  • Can't see much difference between this and s10 from yesterday. Just a bit less battery …

    • +14

      you spend your time over and over arranging these deals, with your username as the coupon, and there is nothing in it for you?

      I DO NOT benefit in any way (financially or otherwise) from this deal. This may be hard for you to comprehend, but sometimes people just do things for no gain.

      I'd rather aliken the thrill of a bargain as in actually impulse buying rather than posting a deal over and over.

      Thanks for your valuable insight. Each deal has been a different earphone product and while my post detail structure has been repeated, there has been several price points and ~24hrs separating each post.

      • +3

        FWIW, not that it matters any, but I (and I assume most people) don't care if you get anything from this or not mate, as long as the deal's good, that's all that matters.

        Appreciate your effort in respect to these 4 deals you posted (I didn't buy any (but am certainly tempted)). Keep up the good work!

        Sorry if this comes across the wrong way, just trying to say most of us appreciate the effort mate, thanks for landing these deals for us.

    • +7

      Why so much anger? I seen much bigger posters put out special codes with no one questioning them!

      • +10

        I completely agree ….. I get really peeved with those who easily criticise others for really putting in to help the Ozbargain community yet do jack themselves.

        I, for one, don't try to question the motives of those posters who really go the extra yard to help others …. I'm simply grateful!!

        Rawm please continue your warmly appreciated efforts and don't pay attention to the negative commenters, nor become disheartened.

        Thank you again and keep up your great work!!

  • +1

    Hi rawm plz bring some deals on MPOW Magneto and MPOW Seals Airflow.

    • same waiting for the magneto

      whats the seals airflow?

  • i already bought the wolverines, but are the s10s better than the s07s? they would be right? higher number logic?

    • i bought the wolverines too, so forget about this one :)

  • Thanks OP … got these to try and used the mobile site with a new account to get another $2.20 off as per comments in the previous posts.

  • +2

    Thanks OP
    Grabbed 3 pair to share around.

    • Maybe you and scud70 would like to upvote the deal as well then, seeing as you both bought some but didn't upvote the deal when commenting.

  • Is Paypal the only payment method Everbuying accepts? I can't find any direct cc payment method (want to use my bankwest platinum cc fee-free fx conversion amd bypass paypal's horrible fx rate).

  • Awesome deal, been looking for some new headphones but didn't want to spend much, ended up getting a set for a friend too!

  • When I use rawm11 promotion code, I'm getting following message:

    Sorry, this coupon is just available on 152870801

    Never mind, it's working now…

  • Are these headphones better than the mpow wolv?

  • "The Promotion code has exceeded the number of times it can be used, please recheck and try again."

    I think I`m a tad late.

  • Almost a month later and i still haven't received my Pair and tracking has being
    dark for 13 days.

    • I just received mine today

      • Both mine that i ordered arrived yesterday, so far really happy with them! :D

        • Yup got mine Yesterday.
          So far not to bad besides very faint background noise.

  • Anyone else still not received their headphone, i tried to contact or email them the website is absolutely shocking might have to get paypal to cancel payment soon if i cant get any progress in contacting them.

  • Mine not yet arrived

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