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Jetstar Hawaii Return Melbourne $458, Sydney $458, Brisbane $498, Hobart $609, Adel $660, Perth $917


Jetstar is having a 'Dive into Hawaii' Sale. Great prices and lots of availability. Travel dates are:

Dep Melb, Sydney 17/Jan/17 to 22/Mar/17
Dep Bris 18/Jul/16 to 25/Aug/16
Dep Hobart, Adelaide 24/Oct/16 to 4/Dec/16

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates to help find the cheap flights quickly.

Dive into Hawaii! offer ends 23:59 AEST Monday 2 May 2016, unless sold out prior. Offer may be extended.

Melbourne to Honolulu Flights $458 Return using POLi. $483 using CC.
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 31/Jan $483
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 01/Feb $483
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 03/Feb $483
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 05/Feb $483
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 08/Feb $483

Sydney to Honolulu Flights $458 Return using POLi. $483 using CC.
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 30/Jan $483
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 31/Jan $483
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 02/Feb $483
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 03/Feb $483

Brisbane to Honolulu Flights $498 Return using POLi. $523 using CC.
Dep. 18/Jul Ret. 28/Jul $523
Dep. 18/Jul Ret. 30/Jul $523
Dep. 18/Jul Ret. 04/Aug $523
Dep. 18/Jul Ret. 06/Aug $523

Hobart to Honolulu Flights $609 Return using POLi. $634 using CC.
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 30/Jan $634
Dep. 18/Jan Ret. 30/Jan $634
Dep. 24/Jan Ret. 30/Jan $634
Dep. 25/Jan Ret. 30/Jan $634

Adelaide to Honolulu Flights $660 Return using POLi. $685 using CC.
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 30/Jan $685
Dep. 18/Jan Ret. 30/Jan $696
Dep. 24/Jan Ret. 30/Jan $696
Dep. 25/Jan Ret. 30/Jan $696

Perth to Honolulu Flights $917 Return using POLi. $942 using CC.
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 31/Jan $942
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 01/Feb $943
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 03/Feb $943
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 05/Feb $943
Dep. 17/Jan Ret. 08/Feb $943

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Prices shown here include CC/booking fees. Prices are good until sold out.

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  • +1 vote

    Hot tip. If you want to pay by credit card and avoid the fee get a flight centre price match.


      wow i should try that, don't they charge a credit card fee too?

    • +1 vote

      or use cashrewards and Hello World… bought $4k worth of flights and got $50ish back on cash rewards

    • +1 vote
  • -1 vote

    would rather swim then fly crapstar worst airline ever especially coming home from Hawaii

    • +10 votes

      We don't see many swim deals here. 🏊🏽

    • +7 votes

      done a return trip 3 times in the past 18 months with jetstar. haven't had an issue.

    • +5 votes

      Why was it worse returning? I've used them to Japan and back, and while they were lacklustre they were still worth what I paid.

    • +3 votes

      Nothing wrong with them. Cheap for the price. You can go with Hawaiian for probably doubl if you want.

    • +2 votes

      There's always that one guy that expects a full class service on an LCC ticket.

      You get what you pay for and for a lot of people, they are happy with what they get.


      Flown Jetstar to Hawaii around 10 times. Sure we had a 12 hour delay coming home once due to an unwell pilot and another needing to be flown in but were put up in accommodation with all meals paid for and a 4 hour delay on another occasion, however, I've had delays/issues on full service airlines too. For the cost, Jetstar can't be beat.


      I agreed, Jetstar are basic to Hawaii but they are dam cheap. The aircrafts are brand new and are comfortable. The major downside is that you pay for TV, meals, baggage etc.

      I flew with Jetstar last year and had no problems, flights were on time and even changed last minute and they didn't screw me too much on the flights.


      Agreed, will never fly with them again.


      FALSE - we have used Jetstar many times and NO complaints!

      • +1 vote

        Swimming then flying is my preference too… Burn off some energy, makes it easier to sleep.


          I like you Hoju (aka Homer Junior)

  • +1 vote

    Also.. for people doing return to Melbourne, CHECK the final return leg of your flight. Booked to Honolulu and the return did a stop over in Sydney and then to Avalon Airport.


    Can't wait for Hawaiian Airlines to start flying to Melb direct. That and their new business class.

  • +2 votes

    Accommodation costs are a real 'Killer'. Does anyone have any tips for Hawaii on a budget - transport, transfers & 'bed bug free' accommodation?


      Charlies taxi fixed priced transfers use them all the time. Accom can be as cheap or as dear as you want. Check expedia always good prices for hotels. The Embassy suites asre good for families.

    • +1 vote

      Don't stay on the main strip or in brand name hotels and it's actually quite cheap.


      We stayed at VIVE hotel Waikiki (Hoteclub/Hotels.com) with a 15% off code for roughly $150/night. This was inclusive of taxes, fees and breakfast. You can also grab a cheap breakfast by eating Musubi, I'm actually addicted to these now lol. Location wise it was also excellent, walking distance to the strip and Waikiki Beach.
      Car hire I used Avis (google avis citi code) which was roughly 30-40/Day inclusive of taxes etc. (Car Insurance was done through my travel insurance).
      I would definetely recommend hiring a car so that you save on transfers and costs to visit attractions (Diamond Head, Hiking Trails, Hanauma Bay, Polynesian Culture Center, Turtle Beach (and surrounding North Shore areas) etc.

    • +2 votes

      Get an airport transfer not a cab

      There is a coupon book freely available on the main drags of waikiki which have some awesome deals including a cheap transfer for your return back to the airport. We got 2 massages for 90 minutes for $70. Was the beez kneez!

      There is a website called www.hawaiidiscount.com which will also have deals for you

      Go for accom off the beach rather than the main drag. There are heaps of close places that is still walking distance to the beach.

      ABC Stores (aka the 7-11 of hawaii) are plentiful. You can buy cereal etc there and have it for brekky to save some coin. We did that as we got over eating out.

      Get a sim card and UBer around if you like as well.

      All I can say is don't be the Aussie that doesn't tip. Yes things are expensive but the wages are still cactus to the people working. So always factor that in mind with your costings as Aussies are already getting a bad wrap over there in relation to this. The simple way to protest tipping is not to go at all…

      • +2 votes

        imo if you can't afford to tip you can't afford to eat out


      I use Hostelworld when I travel. That said, I love staying in private rooms with my wife in hostels and we still get to interact with people. May not be everybody's cup of tea but it is mine!


      Hired Ford Mustang for 7 days. Best thing i did in the trip


    Just came back from our honeymoon there. All I can say is that if you expect to spend a dollar it will end up being four.


      is the cost of living there expensive ?


        Oh yea. Island pricing on top of a weak aussie dollar means an expensive trip. We spent $6500 in 2 weeks (spending money). Actually technically it was in 1 week as we had a week on a cruise ship which all meals were inclusive…


          would you reccomend the cruise around there while there ? looking into doing one aswell while im over there

        • +1 vote


          We did the cruise (Pride of America) to island hop and i'll give you my 2c.

          We were by far part of the youngest group there. The entertainment was ordinary, food was good and staff were very obliging.

          Problem I have is that we did both a celebrity and princess cruise prior to this and they ran rings around it for way less money. i.e. we did a 14 day cruise around europe in a balcony room and it was way better value for money and entertainment was second to none. So I always had this as a yardstick to compare to which didn't help. My wife reckons the cruise we did was similar to a P & O experience (meh…).

          That being said, because we wanted to visit all the islands we wouldn't have had it any other way as it was the most effective. Waking up on a new island every day was the way to go as opposed to wasting time getting to the airports, checking in, checking out and doing it all over again.

          However if you aren't phased on visiting all the islands then I highly recommend the strategy of staying a week in oahu and then a week in maui. You won't be disappointed!


    $1214 paid return for two with exit-isle seats from Sydney in January.
    (including 30kg of luggage coming back, and $20 inflight vouchers. Pity I paid by CC).


    • +3 votes

      cool story bro


    No!!!! Book for Feb (3 people)2 days ago. Not Happy :-(


      how much did you pay ?


        About $750 each (with Luggage and fees)


    Nothing even close to $450 ex Syd left :(.

    Anyone found any dates that still have this pricing?


      nvm, found some in March…. but then realised it was Jetstar and their dodgy "addons".

      10h International flight… at these prices no meals, no checked luggage.

      If you want those things you can buy them in a package for $99 extra (each person), or separately for rip off prices (ie $25 for an those shitty airline meals).

      Ok, so you add those 'extras' for $200… and then you have booking fees as well.
      That advertised rate of $483pp goes out the window, and now you're looking at about $700pp. Still cheap I guess- but wtf advertise at $483 when there's no way someone is travelling for 2 weeks to an international destination and not requiring checked luggage or food in that 10h flight?

      I probably would have booked at $700 if that was simply advertised up front as the all inclusive price. Friggin Jetstar. Now I remember why I like Virgin better :(.

      • +1 vote

        Um we travel annually as a family of four, two young kids who can't carry a decent sized bag, with only carry on luggage and stay 3-4 weeks. It's Hawaii, you need swimmers, thongs and a few wife beaters.

        Take your own food and save the money, the flight there is overnight anyway so you shouldn't need to eat more than some light snacks.

        I don't understand people still complaining about low cost airlines charging for luggage and food. It's not a new thing. Pay $800+ for Hawaiian or $1000+ for Qantas if you like. I'll be happy saving my money for something worthwhile…. Ten hours is not that long.

        Pay by Poli/direct deposit and there are no fees either. Or are my post above re avoiding credit card fees.

      • +1 vote

        2 weeks in Hawaii with 7kg each is fine, imo.

        But, if you head over to the mainland in Winter its gotta be a problem.

        The flights are at night?… not too keen to eat then.

        I bought 1 baggage allowance for one person to come back; I mean you gotta put those levi jeans you buy from macys at ala moana somewhere.


    Excellent Prices !!!!!!!!!

  • -1 vote

    Syd-Haw in January … even with the cheap fares I'd rather stay local and enjoy the summer than fly shitstar to a Winter (albeit warm) destination


    Awesome prices!

    OP, looking for flights in April 17 for a large family. Please let me know when more great prices are available! :)