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50% off NSW Driver's Licence Renewal for Safe Drivers


Was renewing my NSW licence and I was prepared to pay full price when the attendant told me I was eligible for 50% off! Sweet! Saved $162 for a 10 year licence.

Fair go for safe drivers - discounted licence renewal

If you have a good driving record, you may be eligible for a 50% discount on your licence renewal fee. You must renew your licence within six months of the expiry date. If you renew more than six months after expiry, you must pay the full renewal fee. If you’re eligible, the discount applies whether you renew your unrestricted licence for one, three, five (or ten years for eligible customers aged 21 to 44 years).

To qualify, at the time of renewal you must:

  • Hold an unrestricted NSW licence of any class which expires on or after 1 July 2012. Interstate and overseas licences are not counted. Learner and provisional P1 and P2 licences are also not counted
  • Have held the NSW licence continuously for five years. This means you must have less than six months total break (eg if your licence was expired, suspended, cancelled or refused for any reason, except on medical grounds)

( Have no relevant offences recorded on your NSW licence in the five years leading up to the date you renew your licence. Interstate and overseas driving records are not counted. Relevant offences include:
** Any offence which attracts demerit points
** A conviction for a major offence, such as drink or drug driving
** Any unlicensed driving offence.
Some offences are recorded on your traffic record, but won't be counted when determining eligibility for the discount. These include offences dealt with by way of a caution issued by the State Debt Recovery Office, or any offence which was dismissed without conviction under Section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999.

Important: Offences dealt with under Section 10 before 31 January 2011 are counted as relevant offences, because they attracted demerit points at the time.

If you’re appealing an offence when you renew your licence, the discount does not apply. However if your appeal is successful, you may be eligible for a refund of 50% of the renewal fee you paid.

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  • +54

    Been like this for some time.

    • +14

      Yep, since 1 July 2012. http://www.mynrma.com.au/blog/2014/01/07/our-campaign-win-re...

      But didn't see it on OzBargain ;)

      • -11

        It actually is on ozbargain already it has just expired so should just be extended instead of creating another deal


        • +7

          You're kidding surely…that post is 4 years old.

        • +1

          yup. Just expired in April 2014. Only been 2 years.

        • -20


          What's your point? The original deal hasn't changed and is still valid read the rules of posting champ. Clearly the other 5 people that reported this as a duplicate agree

        • +8

          Posting Guidelines
          Exceptions - The original deal is active but older than 6 months.

        • @Mattg:

          read the rules of posting

          Just to clarify (as we can't reply to reports individually), duplicate posting guidelines

          If a deal is older than 1 month and expired, or older than 6 months and active then it can be reposted.

          We have marked this deal as long running so it won't auto expire in the future.

          other 5 people that reported this as a duplicate

          If you click on the number next to the reports, you can see what the report reasons are for:

          1 for Illegal/Inappropriate
          1 for Duplicate
          3 for Other

          Also for perceived issues with deals, please use the report button only, do not negative vote the deal. See voting guidelines here


        • +3

          @Mattg: So where are you now? Busy reading up on the rules I hope?

  • +3

    wish that applied to victoria. :( I have a 10-year licence expiring in two months… :P

    • +1

      They have something similar in Vic but only applies to people under 26

      • +10

        yeah, I know… but my under-26 years have come and gone………

        • +2

          I've had my license for under 26 years (just), does that count?

    • Your Government run TAC system is far superior to our CTP system that is run by private insurer's, so as a whole I would say you are better off down in Mexico…

  • I have to wait until 2017 to get my 50% off …. :(

    Can I renew now and pay later ….

    • +1

      You can renew 6 months before it's due to expire.

      • +4

        If you renew 3 months before, does the new license last for 10 years 3 months, or just 10 years? A true OzBargainer wouldn't want to ensure they get what they paid for.

        • +8

          But you also lock in the discount 6 months early, eliminating the possibility of getting an infraction in the last 6 months.

        • +4

          I renewed exactly 6 months before expiry (this Sep). My new expiry is Sep 2026. So you won't lose a single day.

        • -2

          @cyssero: The deal has been on for 4 years now. Its not even a deal. Pretty much everyone gets it automatically.

  • +14

    Should be a forum discussion.

    • +2

      should be on whirlpool

      • +4

        should be on the front page of the Tele

        • Should be trending on Twitter.

        • Lol at front page of tele.

  • +21

    Also applies to Unsafe drivers who don't get caught…

    • +7

      But not to safe drivers who get taxed

      • welcome to OzPolitics ! :)

  • +7

    Wish that applied to SA

    • -5

      You wish not with Labour in charge. They'll squeeze every last cent off you.

  • They basically encourage you not to drive

    • Or may be remove all the cash making cameras 😀

  • +13

    TARGETED - at safe drivers!!

  • +1

    "(or ten years for eligible customers aged 21 to 44 years)."

    So they figure 55 year olds and older are unsafe.

    • +4

      There would be stats on eye sight degradation in that clause.

    • -1

      Not sure how this is implied at all… Its about your facial features changing with age and the eyesight test.

  • -2

    Im so unsafe but i never get caught.

    Theoretically its an unsafe drivers discount too

    • -1

      Why don't you write a book "how to avoid getting caught"

  • +2

    This would mean a further penalty on top of any other penalty the bad driver got. I don't view this as a discount.

  • Bring it to WA!!

    • +12

      offset by ~$1000 in rego and CTP (compulsory insurance) per year per car… trust me, you don't want the costs of NSW over there.

      • +1

        I'd like to have my cake and eat it too

  • +1

    I renewed my license last October for 5 years and got the discount !

  • "You must renew your licence within six months of the expiry date."

    Anyone knows if this is strictly enforced? cuz mine expired for eleven months already

    • For the deal, yes. For a renewal, probably. For driving with it… hell yes.

      • Sorry I meant for the deal. I don't drive now so I put off renewing my license to save money.

  • +1

    received this about 6 months ago on my 10yr renewal. 18yrs with car + moto licenses and never lost a point yet… not a bargain per se but i'll admit it's good to see this bullshit succession of state governments and their overzealous revenue raising nanny police state in bed with corrupt insurance company ways, come up with one single reasonable incentive slash reward for it's citizens…

  • I think a good driving record should deserve a free renewal

    • +13

      I think bold font at the end of a sentence should be reserved to jv

  • +12

    Is there any point posting this, though? Everyone is going to renew their license, whether it's 50% off or not. They will have the discount applied if they qualify.

    It would take a hardcore ozbargainer to not renew their license for years hoping a 50% off deal comes up, and now they're finally like "I'm glad I waited!".

    • Some people would be extra careful from now on.

      • +1

        If getting $400+ fines plus getting disqualified/ suspected isn't much of a deterrent. Then paying an extra $160 for a license wouldn't do much.

      • +3

        Yup. Didn't want to save my kids life by putting a seat belt on him, but I will now for 160 bucks

    • Hmm I see your point but I don't see any "harm" in knowing about it (and from the votes seems like many feel this way).

      It would probably be something like what scupper said, which would be good, given us Ozbargains are pretty tight with our money, it would encourage us to be even safer when we drive.

  • Got to wait few years, i'll book mark it… or someone could make new thread again for discovering this again? ;) lol

    • You don't even need to know about it, you would automatically get the discount when you renew. also its been on for 4 yrs now, doubt they gonna suddenly remove it.

    • Will it make a difference of whether you renew your license after the few years? Or if they remove it, will you cancel your license and wait for the next deal?

  • Got this deal last month. Defo legit ;)

  • +3

    How's is this a deal if this is automatically applied.
    Its standard policy eg prepayment of health insurance

  • +2

    How could they justify charging a couple hundred dollars for maintaining an entry in their database for 10 years?

  • +2

    Doesn't automatically apply all the time. You have to ask for it. Then they check the computer and you get 50% off.

  • How does it compare with QLD:
    5 year driver licence $159.40

    Curious is all.

    Rego: Private 4cyl
    Registration fee $289.85
    Traffic improvement fee $50.55
    CTP insurance premium $336.60

    Total fee $677.00

    • In NSW:

      Rego: Private 4cyl
      Regis: $234
      CTP: $800+
      Pink slip: $35 if your car is over 5 years old.

      • +1

        Rego is weight dependent though; mine costs more than $234. Something like $360 this year methinks

      • You need to change CTP providers… My last CTP on my 4cyl priv rego was under $400. But a lot of it is dependant on vehicle weight and shape. A ute costs way more than a sedan.

        My bike on the other hand cost me more to rego than my car and I ride it about 1/10th as much as I do the car. Time for a downsize… Bikes are graded on engine size. Up to 720cc, 720 to 1200, over 1200 (or something like that.) My 230cc motard is $150, my CB1300 is $900.

        • I look around all CTP providers, most of them quote the same price.

        • You need to change CTP providers… My last CTP on my 4cyl priv rego was under $400.

          CTP providers don't charge everyone the same rate. Just because yours was $400 doesn't mean everyone is able to get it that cheap. They discriminate on age and gender, and they also factor in your driving history and as you have said vehicle type.

          I drive little cars and pay more than you

  • I didn't know about this I've only had my NSW license for only two years. Handy to know.

  • How is this a deal - it's just a government policy and its been like this for years

  • +11

    This is an announcement, not a bargain.

    Belongs in the forums.

    You either qualify or you don't.

    • +1

      ^ this is also an announcement 📢

    • -1

      Vote 1! JV for mod!

      I agree.

      • nothing would ever get published

    • That's true. But you can't upvote forum topics to the front page. I think it's based on comment volume?

  • -1

    drive over 70km/day on average over past 3 years, get caught three times going over 10km/hr in 50km/hr zone, considered to have a bad record. :@:@:@

    • +2

      You can't complain about that though, you broke the law. That's not a great record either, I've driven 150km a day 5 times a week for the last 3 years and don't have any offences

    • +2

      70km a day? This is just my work commute. Then I drive for 8 to 10 hours. Might rack up 400 to 600km a day. If I'm in the truck, I'm up closer to 1000km. Got my cheapie license because no demerits. And yes, being busted 3 times doing the same thing, I would consider that a bad driving record.

  • +13

    Awesome. I went out and renewed my license 3 times today. Checked and still plenty of licenses left in stock. Will try another services nsw outlet tomorrow and a if I can bag a few more renewals!

    • think of how much you saved!

  • Renewed 2010 did not see this offer. Offer came 2012.

  • Yep I can confirm you do indeed get the 50% off if you meet the criteria. I renewed my licence last week and was told that I get a 50% discount, but you don't get the new licence right away as they mail it off to you.

  • I renewed last December. Do you guys think I could ask and get a refund if qualify? What's my odds?

    • +1

      Well if you didn't get a half price licence in December, you certainly won't get one now . It's for people who haven't lost any demerit points in the past five years.

      • Pretty sure no demerit points lost so far…

        • Well then you would have gotten a half price licence when you renewed it in December. I got my half price licence back in June 2012

  • I have taken advantages of this several years ago when renewing for my license in Victoria (VicRoads). Fantastic incentive which has been around for a while!


  • +1

    I won't say this is an exciting bargain, because:
    1 Not everyone can get it, you have to be a safe driver, ie selected customers.
    2 All safe driver get it automatically, and it's actually kind of reward rather than discount.
    3 You can't run to RTA and "purchase" it now even you are a safe driver, unless your license is expiring soon, then back to No 2, you won't miss it as you have to renew you expiring license.

    Ps I got my 10 year lincense half price last year.

  • +2

    I just paid for a new passport $254.

    Thought I ought to get it for 1/2 price as I didn't require any consulate support when overseas for 10 years.

    • yeah but you shouldn't have disclosed that you work for 60 Minutes

  • This reward is only for safe drivers who haven't lost any points in the previous 5 years and it is automatically applied if you ask for a long licence.unfortunately when I went to renew they would only give me a 5 years licence at 50% discount because I am over 45. I think they worry we might die or have health issues after 45 years lol

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