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Alienware Graphics Amplifier $199 Shipped @ Dell


Alienware Graphics Amplifier $199 including shipping. Ordered one on 26/04, got it today.

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  • What's the normal price?
    Is this actually a bargain?

  • Is this a bargain?

  • Looks like this is just an empty box so you can plugin your own full sized graphics cards and run off them?
    Aren't Alienware laptops supposed to give super duper gaming performance?

    • My Alienware has been a gaming powerhouse, but it is 3 years old now, this thingy is great, I was going to do a new desktop build to upgrade, but I think I will just drop a new card in with this.

      • alienware and gaming powerhouse in a single sentence. not sure if serious.

        • with 32gB RAM and a gtx 780M it has played all the latest titles on high for the last 3 years, i find myself fps limiting or knocking it back to medium the last six months though. 3D gaming is also pretty wicked.

  • For those asking, these only work with Alienware laptops (due to a proprietary port, though it uses PCI Express), and are only PCIe 3.0 x1 I believe…

    But if you're into hacking it might be quite fun, power supply :)

  • It was sitting at $199 incl. shipping for many, many months. The reason is simple: all Alienware gaming laptops were some time ago upgraded to new generation, and now offer: "Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 Port (USB Type-Câ„¢ with Support for SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps, 40Gbps Thunderbolt, and DisplayPort)". The Alienware graphics amplifier is obsolete piece of hardware: Thunderbolt 3-equipped laptops allow much better and universal external GPU solutions. Of interest only to owners of the previous generation of Alienware laptops. The price of the graphics amplifier is very likely to crash even more soon (and extremely unlikely to go above $199, thus not really a bargain).

    • If Dell really wanted to clear inventory… they's just need to create some adapter cables for these to Thunderbolt 2… yes it's outdated now, but still a fair few more of them around

    • do you own a current gen AW notebook?

      guess not - because if you did, you would know they come with both the amp port and a TB3 port meaning the port isn't obsolete (yet)

      even though Intel advertises TB3 offering a max of 5GB/s in bandwidth, the controller connects via a x4 PCIe 3.0 link, so has the same available bandwith as the graphics amp (i.e. 4GB/s)

  • Ordered one. Any suggestions for graphics card bang for buck for aw13? Been searching for a day now. Everything points to 980 or 980ti for future proofing. But = too much $$$ ;(

    • maybe wait 4-6 weeks for the new Nvidia GTX1070/1080 cards (paper launch later this week but availability in June)

      this is what I am doing