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Samsung 64GB PRO Plus Class 10 95MB/s Micro SD $55.99 +Del ($3.95 to Sydney) @ Shopping Square


4K Ultra HD Video

Capture the moments that matter. With the Samsung Pro Plus microSD Card, you can shoot rich and detailed 4K UHD videos from your smartphone, tablet, or camera and be confident that each memory will be safe. Play your videos back on your 4K UHD TV or monitor and relive the experience as vividly as the day it happened.

Extreme Read & Write Speeds

Samsung’s ultra-fast microSD PRO Plus sets the standard for extreme sports & action photography. This Ultra High Speed Class 10 SD card with U3 compatibility, is ideal for 4K UHD video recording & playback. And with blazing-fast read & write speeds of up to 95MB/s & 90MB/s respectively, you can transfer files and shoot photos with minimal lag.


Samsung Memory Cards can survive up to 72 hours in seawater.

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  • Is there any data to support the claim that u1 cards cannot do 4k? I get read speeds on my 64bg ($25) Kingston card of 20+mb/s, and it seems to record 4k on my phone quite well.

    High max read rates are great for dslr photography, but not sure about it being a requirement for 4k.

    • Not that I have read. I just copy/paste the blurb from Shopping square. It's about getting sales I guess.

      As you've said, the high speed cards come into their own with high speed photography. I sometimes shoot 11 shots/sec taking action/sporting shots so a high speed card gets it written off the buffer quickly.
      This is the cheapest I have seen these Sammy cards.

      • I recall reading somewhere that the PRO series (not sure about the plus flavour) use it was either SLC or MLC ( I don't recall exactly which) , rather than the common TLC used in the EVO —- regardless the article stated the result is a more durable flash technology for longer life, use and faster performance.

    • +2

      It depends on the bitrate of encoding that the camera uses - not all 4K video streams are created equally.

      I have one camera that at 1080P that generates about 32mb of data per second so you need the really fast cards to prevent buffer underruns.

      4K camcorders seem to range between 50-75mbit per second, mirrorless like the GH4 need a notch over 100mbit rate, and 200mbit for iframe 1080P.

      So to answer your question, some cameras will happily do 4K on a U1 (class 10) card, while other cameras will start complaining about your card being slow.

  • Any good deals about for 128GB or so ? Looking to replace the card in my Surface Pro 3, it seems to be giving errors from time to time leading to corrupted files :(

    • So far the top speed micro sds aren't being made in 128gb.
      You can usually find an evo plus 128gb for around $80+ which is the fastest high capacity card i'm aware of

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    Anybody able to tell me if there is any difference between the Sandisk 64gb Extreme Plus & the Sandisk 64gb Extreme Pro & this Samsung 64gb Pro Plus micro SD cards?

    From what i could find, there is no difference in read/write speeds between the sandisk extreme plus & extreme pro micro sd cards, so not sure why there are two different versions for the sandisk variant.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Would take like a minute of using Google but anyways…

      Sandisk Extreme Plus - Read Speed: 80MB/s - Write Speed: 60MB/s
      Sandisk Extreme Pro - Read Speed: 95MB/s - Write Speed: 90MB/s
      Samsung Pro Plus - Read Speed: 95MB/s - Write Speed: 90MB/s

      So Sandisk's Extreme Pro is the competitor of Samsung's Pro Plus, which is why they are around the same price, and the Extreme Plus can be gotten for quite a bit cheaper.

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