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Free Tickets to Good Food and Wine Show (Melbourne)


2 free passes to melb food and wine show. Limited to 500 double passes. Courtesy of Citibank.

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    Awesome thank you! Hope this one won't be declined.

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      yeah same

    • My application got declined for Sunday. Applied 30 mins after they sent the email. Not happy Jan >.<

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    Thanks! :)

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    Got mine from other post of 2 free tickets.. but +1 from me

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      I never got any last time
      I registered but nothing yet

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        Have you checked your junk mail

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          yes got confirmation email
          when i signed up

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    I assume it will be rubbish again. My request was declined last time

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    Lol just got an email from Dan Murphy's offering 20% off tickets…

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      nothing for WA so far, and its next month!
      I tried all the old coupons to no avail :(

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        Give it time, my Citibank email said more info was coming

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    Back at it again with the free passes :P

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    Tried to get two double passes for my family. Even though you do the application again, the second one wont go through as it is using the same IP. So I had to do it on my phone using 4G.

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      Mine went through, I just pressed back if that makes a difference

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    I honestly think Saturday is one of there popular days, that's why I was maybe rejected previously,
    so maybe request either Friday or Sunday tickets

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      I had requested Fri last time but still got declined

    • I requested Sat and got tickets, it may be first come first served basis as I got mine as soon as I saw it on OzB

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    As a citibank member, I'll be pissed if I miss out on a double pass because it was posted here… limit of 500, dude

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      You'll probably just complain if you miss. Even if the 500 were taken up by other citibank members.

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        Even worse, I probably won't go if I score the free tickets LOL

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      Suck it up princess

    • I was declined too. But I just got an email this morning from Citibank saying that as a customer I was entitled to the pass so they gave me a code. Had u applied with the same email you'd registered your account with? I only used that email as an afterthought just in case that was part of the selection process

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    Codes for the Sydney ones won't be long now

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    thanks OP

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    Mine got declined last time. Didn't say why… And now I get bombarded by good food and wine ads… Such a jib

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    To anyone who's been there, can you please tell me what it's like? Did you get to try all kinds of food and wine for FREE?

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      Wine not free, got to buy a glass. Food yes. Worth going only if you get free tix.

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        Thanks! I'll BYO the glass then :D

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        Glass is free for Citibank customers :)
        While the wine isn't technically free, you just need to buy/bring 1 glass, and then it is free…

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      I have tasted wine and beer free. Sometimes u need a glass if they run out

    • You can try chips, dips and cheese for free. Don't get too excited as some of the food is just from run of the mill supermarket brands. I think it's worth going if you have a free ticket entry as there are always show bag deals and you can discover new wines or products. Some of the wine classes are free. I have been to some and people have drunk everything even before the class starts.

    • Not just wine, but also spirits & liqueurs. Okay it's only a sip or 2 of each, but in the end enough to feel a buzz. Never worry about lunch as it's enough food to fill me up. And some of the deals u can buy are well worth it also. I go well prepared with a granny trolley for all my purchases.

  • Don't waste your time. Spent more time in queue @ Exhibition Bldg Melbourne than in venue. Could not move inside. The tickets are free for a reason!

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      We recommend going on to Friday if possible, the weekends are crazy. But the deals are on Sunday afternoon.

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        I agree Friday is best esp if you want to see some demos. I have gone on a Sunday and you can't even move or get any samples, some booths have sold out and gone home by then too.

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    Thanks a million!!!

  • Should be marked expired as the limit is 500 only…. and there were 8000++ clicks disappointment will come

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    Another shonky advertising deal. Advertise free tickets if people sign up. Decline them stating allocation exhausted. Release new free tickets next week.

    The good food and wine show can get stuffed.

    • It's not from the show people itself but the sponsors in this case citibank which differs from last weeks sponsor - they only get a certain amount to give to their customers.

  • I told you there would be more

  • Is this legit? :

    "We have received your application to receive complimentary tickets for the Good Food & Wine Show Melbourne is being processed. You should receive your tickets within the next 3 business days; if there are delays, please check your junk mail folder.

    If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

    Kind regards

    Good Food & Wine Show Team"

    • Yes, but last time I received declined afterwards.

  • Anyone received theirs yet?

    • Na nothing yet, are they meant to come in the mail im assuming?….

      • email

  • Got my tickets this morning, cheers OP

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    Declined again!

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    Declined, waste of time

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    Yep, declined too :(

  • Thank you for your application to receive complimentary tickets to the Good Food & Wine Show. Unfortunately your application has not been successful as the limited allocation has been exhausted.

  • Declined. What a waste of time :(

  • declined too.

  • Declined here too

  • Declined again! :( I apply for Fri each time & it doesn't seem to make any difference

  • yep i did it with 3 different email addresses because I wanted to see if I would get any but ALL got declined lol this is a joke haha

  • Declined. Applied for Friday when there were ~400 clicks.

  • Declined again!

  • Just received the email as a CITI customer (was declined before), so they have now sent another code to get a double pass. They say the code is unique, but it does expire within 48 hours, so if you've got one, go redeem it ASAP.

  • Also received an email with unique code for a double pass. Citi Signature card holder.

  • ….and unique code for me as well. Also Citi customer.

  • Would appreciate if anyone has a ticket to spare for today's show. Please PM me. Thanks