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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB (Gold) - $799.20 C&C/ + $9.00 Freight @ Bing Lee eBay


Despite the fact that the S7 exists, i think this phone is better anyway, plus its gold..

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    ROM Size (GB): 128 GB
    Available Memory (GB): 54.5 GB
    What apps have samsung preinstalled?


    If you're getting an older model you might aswell get the S5 since it has Micro SD, infrared, removable battery, and water resistance. All features absent from the S6.


      S6 does have an IR blaster, I assume S6 Edge has one too (they've started removing those from Note 5, so I think Edge+ might not have one).
      MHL, however, are absent since Note 4, I believe.

      Also, you forgot to mention USB 3.0.

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      all those features but ruined by the massive amounts of stutters and lag.
      stutters even after fresh factory reset.


      it also has a woeful camera. as well as LOL (Lots Of Lag)

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    Have an S7 Edge and at this price you are better of getting the S5 or S7, the S6 was meh.

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      I have the S6 and it the best phone I have ever owned. I take it that you have used both, or perhaps all three, so how is the S7 better, in the real world? I am not concerned about removable storage, 64gb is more than enough for me. Is the camera better? The water resistance does seem like a cool feature, even to keep the sweat out during workouts etc. My S6 has no lag issues.
      Please tell!


        The S7 is mainly great due to the waterproofing, minimal lag, expandable storage, solid build including metal, and just overall is a great device, if you have an S6 I think you should wait till next year to upgrade (Unless you really want the features above straight away) I dont agree with buying a new phone every year, but I still do it anyway Haha.

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        As a S6 owner myself, I'd say that S7 is definitely better than S6 (though at smaller increment upgrade in terms of performance compared to S5 to S6).

        Camera always gets better as the generation goes up (I think S7 camera's sales point was how it actually can take reasonable pictures in low light for example). Better performance also comes with generation thing, though I would say it's not as large as S5 to S6 (as it was the first toned down TW device + Snapdragon 801 was pretty much Snapdragon 800).

        Removable storage is a plus (I have 128GB model, so I kinda would be the person who'd be thrilled about these kind of thing). Better grip probably would be a minor thing that I'd like from S7 as well. Though, the thing that'd sell S7 to me would be better battery life and IP68 rating.

        Kinda think S5 vs S6 is a preferential thing, feature wise, S5 is better with larger removable battery, battery life and waterproof feature. FHD is less taxing on the battery compared to UHD. S6 in my opinion is better in terms of design and performance + minor things like capacitive fingerprint scanner and an actual reason to keep KNOX. If it were up to me, I'd recommend S7 over all those two, it has most of the features that were good from S5 (actually better in some regards, because waterproof with a cap is rather finnicky in my opinion) and it has the toned down TW + better performance.


    S7 has a significantly improved camera which is quite important to a lot of people. It is much improved in low light and the focus is much faster. The removable storage is also important to many people. Since it is a very similar price I would opt for the S7 with the water resistance as the clincher.


    I can confirm that out of the box it has 114GB Free…

    The emerald colour is really stunning!