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eBay 20% off with Click & Collect @ The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Masters, Rays Outdoors, BCF, Tarocash & Cincotta Chemist


Entitles you to a 20% discount off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions, and up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction (excluding postage) at the following stores: The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Masters, Rays Outdoors, BCF, Tarocash, Cincotta Chemist. Full T&Cs here

Search the sale only link

Remember PayPal will show the purchase amount as the full price, however clicking transaction details will list that 20% of the item was paid via coupon.

Don't forget a further 1.35% cashback via Cashrewards…

Note: as per previous eBay sales, Cashrewards cashback applies to the pre-discounted amount :)

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    mayge it is time to buy a smart grinder

    • +42

      Grindr is free mate but not a smart way to play the game.

    • +1

      Or perhaps a smart device with a decent spell checker / auto correct? ;)

    • Already done. Been waiting for a while now for it to come back below $200

    • First thing I bought this morning … been waiting on this

    • I used to think this but a actual better option is toi gumtree a used cafe grinder that will rip shreds re grind quality from the breville

  • +21

    Price increases across the board in 3, 2, 1…

    • +14

      Price increase across the COMMENTS in 3, 2, 1…

      • +8

        Repeat every old comment from previous deals in 3,2,1..

        • +22

          Can I buy BigW vouchers and return them? in 3, 2, 1

        • +6


          Yes you can!

          Don't forget to get confused about the 20% not working & PayPal charging you the full amount…

        • +1


          thanks will try and get back to you ~ just want to do a coles wish card transfer ~ surely this will work

        • @blehgg: You can buy vouchers in this sale? Where?

        • +4


          No, u can't - ozBargain Folk Lore + insider jokes

        • +3

          @blehgg: No but 20% off DSE in store vouchers

        • @nismo:

          Except that the discount was not actually being transferred to paypal for some customers due to a technical difficulty during the early March ebay 20% off deal. I'm still waiting for ebay to refund me $200 from my purchase of a TV from good guys on the 7th March. If that's not illegal, it should be.

  • sweet !

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      • +5

        Whats mine say??

  • +1

    Any direct links to all the sellers please?

    • Yes, that would be nice. Specially when on a smart phone

    • There's a search box on the page that deal links to that searches all sellers in the promotion.

  • +1

    Been waiting for this

  • -6


    • +8

      Too frequent for you?

  • hnnnng

  • +2

    Now i can finally buy a galaxy s7!!!

    • +4

      It's still pretty pricey after 20% off (and TRS refund) :(

      • how do you get the TRS with ebay purchases?

        just show the invoice received with the item?

        • Well you should get a separate invoice (at least in my experience with Target, Myer, Masters and The Good Guys). I assume the same with the rest.

          Use that invoice to claim TRS refund.

        • @ronnknee: With TRS claims, Do they actually check that you have the phone or check if the IMEI numbers are matching or anything?

        • @shopandsaveonline: From my experience, they never have (I think long queues help).

        • @shopandsaveonline: By rules they should and they have always checked. I have done it many times and they do inspect. However, last trip out of Sydney, massive queue, they only asked to 'look' at one item (out of 5) which i had claimed online.

          I have claimed smart phones at least half a dozen times and they never check the IMEI numbers or anything like that deep. At most is check the model (ie S7 32 GB) against whats listed on tax invoice.

    • GG seems expensive even with the discount

    • +1

      Still the best price i have seen for an s7 outright. It's australian stock so will have 24 months warranty with samsung. All those other $700-800 galaxies are grey imports online so no warranty covered.

      • Yea I figured but still, out of my budget haha.

  • no iPad pros ><!

  • +1

    Galaxy S7 is a solid deal at this price! $910.4 for local stock.

    • +32

      neah…too much

    • +1

      Dont forget 1.35% cashback from cashrewards! (1.35% off pre discount amount too!)

    • +7

      Good relative price.

      But 1000 of those would buy me a mansion. Which is why I still choose to have an s3 lol

      • +3

        I'm still using an s1. :)

        • Well done :) Even my parents have moved on since the S1 (and they barely know how to use smartphones)

      • +1

        Or a two bedroom apartment in the city…

    • -1

      But no +Vote?


  • I'd recommend the Moto G 3rd gen for $235 but the new model is very close to being released.


      • +1

        I need 8.5 kg minimum.

        • Not quite there capacity wise but have heard good reports about this.Supposedly German made but you'd be advised to check that's still the case if upi're going to pull the trigger.
          Bosch 8kg front loader

        • +2

          choice magazine latest washing machine reviews14/03/2016 recommended,front loader8.5kg LGWD14130D6 &top loader Fisher & Paykel 10kg only 2 large washing machine they recommend ,if that helps any.

        • @Triple J: what model was the top loader? there are two 10kg ones listed

        • +2

          @padman: WL1068P1

    • +6

      Are you suffocating from your clothing's stench?

      • Precisely what I thought too when I read that comment :)

      • I have 2 washing machines. Both are in the laundry and i can't be bothered going outside in the freezing night to do my laundry. Need one in the house.

  • +17

    Waiting for the posts of "I didn't get my 20% off as PayPal shows the full payment" from the users who are unable to click on the transaction in PayPal to see the funding source which shows the 20% discount.

    edit: I see one of those users who can't work out the funding has found the neg button. Good work! Next try clicking on the transaction button in PayPal!

  • +1

    Any iphone SE ?

    • +1

      No iPhones or any Apple products unfortunately.

      • +1

        Thanks mate

  • +1

    Wow! Our fridge crapped out on us at the wrong time. :(

  • +15

    any one fine that $6000 toaster? 20% off would be great!

    • +6

      Gotta be a liberal party supporter first. They'll ask for your membership before purchase.

    • +12

      Maybe get your parents to pitch in too while you're at it…

      • +4

        Yep, they'll probably have plenty left after they help buy your home - as a negatively-geared, cgt concessioned investment of course.

    • If said toaster is bought for use at work only, can I claim it as a tax deduction? lol

  • -1

    why bother to mention excluding postage when only eligible to click and collect anyway?

    • Just like why bother to mention TRS in every % off eBay sale. Oh my, an eBay sale dear. Book your tickets - we'll save a fortune.

  • Anyone with experience on time it takes before pickup can be made? i.e. if I order tablets from Good Guys, when would it typically be ready to collect from the store?

    • +4

      Masters are usually very quick (I get an SMS next morning after placing the order), but I think it depends on the actual store you buy from.

      • Except when it's something you need in a hurry and then they take 3 days.

        • Thats got nothing to do with masters thats a law of the freaking universe or so it seems anyway.

    • +1

      Last time took maybe 3-4 hours for us, but I guess that would depend on your store

    • +2

      Next day would be a reasonable expectation.

      You will be notified when it's available though.

    • +1

      It depends on the store, I ordered the Breville coffee machine from Harvey Norman on their last offer and I received the pickup confirmation within an hour. Usually I have found it's next day/day after.

    • +1

      I bought tv from good guys this morning, I got the pickup message already (sameday). Just happened that my TV died last thursday.

    • +1

      I placed 2 orders with Good Guys last night.
      They called at 9.30AM to arrange delivery of the Fridge.
      The pickup order (from another store) was confirmed via SMS/Email at 10.AM.

      • +1

        Thats quick. Depends on which store your ordering from. Placed order for pickup with The Good Guys Auburn 2pm yesterday. Still waiting on pickup confirmation. Would have liked to get notification early in the day since I hate going out late and getting caught in peak hour traffic around Sydney. Plus have a few things to do out that way. Hopefully I'll get confirmation later today and pickup tomorrow.

  • +2

    Discount still is applied if you select home shipping. I wonder if the discount will still be honoured. The items i want are not available for click and collect at any store near me

    • Yes of course they will be honoured.

      PayPal/eBay pay the discount.

      Go nuts!

      • +1

        The T&C page doesn't explicitly state you must pickup in store. However the big promotional banner says you must collect in store.

        Can anyone confirm?

        • Many moons ago I used a similar xx% off voucher to buy two items from binglee, and I collected it with no problems.

          The money is paid by the provider.

          You can add item to your cart and add in code and select pickup and see if it works. It will work.

        • +4


          What i am trying to say is i dont want to do store pickup as the items are not available at any store near me. So my only option is to get it delivered to my home. The code still applies when you select home delivery but not sure if the order will get cancelled or discount not honoured as the ebay promotion is for collect in store.

        • +1

          @jarrod63: ahhh

          But you can try yourself.. Add item to cart and add in code and select delivery see it that combination works.

        • +2

          I just ordered something to be delivered from Masters using the code.

      • I'd also appreciate confirmation. I want a fridge and pickup isn't really an option

        • +2

          "The payment for your order was successful. Please find your tax invoice below."


        • +1

          I was able to use this code for delivery from The Good Guys, everything looks ok with the transaction - don't see why they wouldn't honour it.

    • Can anyone confirm this going through successfully for a product delivered? I'd like to use the code but there's no binglee stores in Vic

  • +2

    Thanks TA. Ordered a S7 edge from Bing Lee for $999.20. I know it's a bit too much but local warranty and free VR gear makes it worth it for me. Hopefully cash rewards track my order

    • +3

      I would've given you my gear VR lol

      • -1

        I'm happy to take you up on this. Where do I pick up? :)

        • -2


    • Is Binglee doing the free VR gear?

      • +1

        Free VR gear is for all Australian stock S7/S7Edge bought till end of June

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