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eBay 20% off with Click & Collect @ The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Masters, Rays Outdoors, BCF, Tarocash & Cincotta Chemist


Entitles you to a 20% discount off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions, and up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction (excluding postage) at the following stores: The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Masters, Rays Outdoors, BCF, Tarocash, Cincotta Chemist. Full T&Cs here

Search the sale only link

Remember PayPal will show the purchase amount as the full price, however clicking transaction details will list that 20% of the item was paid via coupon.

Don't forget a further 1.35% cashback via Cashrewards…

Note: as per previous eBay sales, Cashrewards cashback applies to the pre-discounted amount :)

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  • Samsung UA50JU6400W, thoughts on this tv?

    looking for a 4k tv with 100hz for the bedroom for gaming and watching sport. is this a decent one? with the 20% comes to just over 1k, which is my budget


    • I'm also looking at this or the Sony KD49X8000C 49"(124cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV.
      Be interested to see what people thought who had one already

      • i was looking at that too but the Sony is only 50hz i'm pretty sure, hence why i think the Samsung is the better option

        • That's true, maybe that is why there is a significant price difference. I also have a Samsung phone, which may be beneficial in some way…

        • much better tv! just rang them up in sydney and they are posting it to me here in Melbourne. only $100 more than the samsung i listed just before, but seems like a much better tv. true 100hz refresh rate too

    • We've got the 55" version of the same model, use it for both gaming and watching sport and it's pretty good.

    • I believe this is a 100Hz panel and it says it supports HDMI 2.2 and 4k at 60Hz so it looks like it would be pretty good.

    • Share the link?

    • I've got the 55 inch model and it's the worst TV I've ever bought.

      Bad back-light bleeding, audio/visual delay issues, it's only a true 50Hz panel (100Hz is just their interpolation marketing fluff) so gaming has severe motion blur bad enough to give headaches.

      Save your pennies.

  • Soon Nutri Ninja will go on sale for 15$..

  • Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • thanks TA, got a new cistern (not the most exciting purchase), but was waiting for a sale :)

    • +5

      Not healthy to wait so long.

      • Haha yep, was already contemplating it during the current masters sale (already 20% off) but the 20% sealed the deal!

  • +3

    Looking at new fridges yesterday and said to the missus that we will wait until the next eBay 20% code. It never works like this for me! Thanks TA

    • Which model have you selected?

      • Tossing up between the Samsung french door models.

        • Our Samsung side by side is good, although 4 year old, the LED screens are failing and I would like freezer to have a wider temperature range.. At the end of the day it keeps my beer cold so I see past the small issues.

  • Can anyone suggest a good powerbank please. Need a bargain.

    • Not in this sale but the Romoss Sense6's with 20000mAh and Xiaomi 20000 and 10000 mAh regularly go on sale. Can recommend all.

      • thank you!

        • Just make sure if you're buying it from a chinese seller (I have had no problems with everbuying/banggood) then make sure it is not a fake and get postage insurance if you can! - Be prepared for around 2 weeks of postage. My Romoss took just under 2 weeks.

  • Wish Masters had their store stock on the eBay store, too. Want some tools.

  • -3

    Any cheap eneloop?

  • Sorry guys…really silly question coming up.

    If one is buying a Washing Machine and cannot pick up (needs delivery), does this one cannot use the 20% code?

    • Yeah you can still use the discount
      Last time I got a washing machine and fridge delivered
      The delivery fees aren't discounted though

      • OR… you can hire a man with a van to pick up the washing machine for you.

  • Been trying to get 3rd GEN Apple TV but cheapest out there has been $107, thought this 20% would help get a discount from either Harvey Norman or Bing Lee but they don't have them listed in their eBay, only on their websites :(

  • +1

    I say wait for it…pretty confident ebay will do a 20% sitewide comes EOFY

  • Looking to buy a microwave, preferably under $150. Any suggestions?

    • +1

      I got the breville smart microwave, not sure of actual model name
      But it does the job
      Looks spectacular too

      • Thanks

    • +2

      Last choice magazine microwave review top scorer with 90 % was the Sharp 110W silver microwave R330YS currently on sale with20% off GGebay $159, also Samsung ME6104ST-1 was recommended with a score of 82% currently on sale with 20% off also at GGebay $153 (if my math is correct) also the russell hobbs microwave RHM0100 34 litre was recommended i didnt see it on GG or Bing Lee ebay site but its rrp is $129.

      • +1

        Thank you. I will look for these ones.

  • +1

    Does the 20% still apply if i want to shipping?

    • Theoretically no, but some of the messages above indicate people have been successful with this.

  • +1

    any good laptop deals?

    • +1

      Thought this Lenovo is a good buy at $916.80

      Looks well built and with 4gb/128gb/Full HD display should be sufficient for most uses.

      Other than that, most of the laptops are pretty mediocre but keep a look out for Goodguys/Binglee who upload new products regularly.

  • Love the Good Guys. Prices are the same from last week when I was planning for next 20% off sale (no idea it would be this soon)
    Got a new Induction cooktop and oven, $800 off total for the 2 transactions and the base price was already the cheapest I could find.

    • I have not seen prices to go high for both Good guys and Binglee. Whatever was on sale online on their websites had the same price on ebay. Love how these stores make these sales look good.

  • Never done C&C before, is this normal? Buying a lawn mower that's showing as In Stock at the chosen store, and the estimated "ready to pick up date" is 11 days from now …

  • Masters had Dryer EDV 6051 at $499 on special. I rang up a couple of places to price match but no one seems to price match Ebay. Since then they increase the price to $538

    Also the Esatto dryer they no longer are using the specials price

    Dodgy by Masters but apparently its normal behaviour.

    Ended up buying EDV 5051 from the Good Guys as didn't want to support Master's dodgy behaviour and it's closer to me anyway.

  • Any modem router deals anyone can one for me please?

  • Anyone have recent experience with Acer laptops?

    I know they used to have terrible build quality and frequent returns. Though looking online it appears they have improved somewhat.

    Tempted by this:

    for around $538 with TRS refund.

    • i dont think any of major players is better then any other these days

  • Thanks ta

  • Any deal on ovens?

  • Anyone find any good deals on a laptops for 15"??? Budget is $600-$800

  • +3

    Wow lucky i didnt buy the sony 48" smart tv yesterday for $795
    Got it for $636 now :) ily op

  • +2

    Just bought a Lg 8kg Front Load Washing Machine Washer (WD14024D6) for $839 after a $210 discount. I decided to spend big and pay the extra $4 to get it delivered. Apparently this washing machine "won" the most recent Choice awards for best washing machine.

    • We've had an LG direct drive machine for 5+ yrs and it's been rock solid

    • Yep sure did just checked out of 69 washers it was the top scorer with 82% rrp $1359 not that they usually sell for that but seems like you got a great price .

  • I'm looking at some items at Masters.
    Some have the following tag -
    'Get 20% off (max $500) with code COLLECT.T&Cs apply'
    And some items do not have this comment.
    Looked at T&C's but cannot determine whether discount applies to all items on site (Masters) or just the ones with the discount comment.
    And don't want to commit to payment and find out at Paypal (that discount does not apply).
    Can anyone assist?

    • +1

      Put it in cart, go to checkout and see if the code works. That's before you get to Paypal.

      • Thanks! That's works! Appreciate the help.

    • +1

      Can confirm the code works using delivery - This was from The Good Guys

  • +1

    Can anyone suggest a mouse please? For daily office needs. Have not got any good experience using wireless before and liked corded. Am I old fashioned?

    • Probably easier to just buy at the shop.

    • Yes you are old fashioned

  • Man do TGG really have this limited a range of TV's? Or are they not listing some.

    • +1

      It's the in-between period for new models.

      They've sold most their old stock, and haven't received all their new model stock.

      • I just compared with their site: they definitely aren't listing some of them.

    • They don't sell their whole range on eBay.

  • Why does the Miele C3 range have so many different models?!

    TGG is selling an Allergy model that is not even listed in Miele's official site :S

    • They may have taken a leaf out of the Dyson marketing book. Pointless number of confusing names and models that essentially do the same thing +/- a couple of attachments. (No idea about Miele though)

      • +2

        They do that for the retailers so they dont have to honour their "price beat" policy
        Sorry sir, thats a different model on sale :-)

  • +1

    Do they typically add more items as time goes on? Looking for a laptop.

  • Thanks TA. Perfect timing as I needed a new cooktop and oven.

  • +4

    Good guys increase the price from 229 to 276? (Old price in description showing 229)

    • Showing as $229 for me (as of 4.20pm melbourne time)

      • Thanks they updated back the original price $229

        • 228 now…..

        • @edgar28:

          Some guy paid 276 dollars, how is he/ she going to get back the difference? or not at all?

        • @edgar28:

          he cancelled it and buy again at 229 :)

  • +2

    No Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ??

  • +1

    This is killing me. I need a new oven but don't need it for about 2 months.

    • +1

      Try masters.

  • Is there any way to get past Masters putting freight on to an item?
    NEW Dewalt 14.4V XR Lithium-Ion Battery Charger for $129 (not a bad price in itself) but eBay page wanting to $19.95 postage on it when I could pick it up, 20% is applied to the item price only, ie less $25.80.

    • +1

      eBay page wanting to $19.95 postage on it when I could pick it up, 20% is applied to the item price only, ie less $25.80.

      It's pretty easy to understand, surely?

      That item is not sold with the option of "Collect". So, you cannot collect it (if you buy off eBay).

  • Don't suppose I can get a basketball system from this deal?

    • +1

      do a search and see if there is one.

  • Any good top loader washer?

    • WL1068P1 is available. It's the best top loader according to the latest Choice magazine.

      Choice also states that in general front loaders are recommended over top loaders though.

      • Thanks. I should have said compact, like 6-7kgs.
        Have a very small bathroom :-(

        Which front loaders are recommended?

        • +3

 shows their list of top top loaders in descending order.

        • @sridhar: Thank you very much.

        • @sridhar: What were the top front loaders?

        • @congngo: 7kg LGWD12021D6 scored 81%,LGWD1200D also 81% they were the only ones in the size you wanted that were recommended unsure if they are on GG ebay or Bing Lee ebay though.

        • @Triple J: thanks. Will probably go for the LG front loader 7kg

  • Woohoo! Best news all day :)

  • +1

    Just to confirm 100% Bing Lee have started taking products of the ebay site so get in quick before they renege further.

    edit: I was on the phone to them about laptop, which they were happy to ship to sydney for me to click and collect. I went to purchase it an hour or two later and it was gone from ebay…yay Bing Lee.

    • +4

      Maybe people are buying their products and so they no longer have stock.

  • There was stock on their website. I then had a chat with them and suddenly the stock from their own website was gone as well.

  • +2

    Master seems taking items off from Master eBay store.

    I am sure more than 10 drills were listed 6 to 7 hours ago. I was shopping on electrical screwdriver.

    Saw Hitachi DB3DL for $189 on Masters eBay store, but now only available on Masters own website, not their eBay store.

    Seems dirty strategy to me.

    • I was after a full Ego lawn set but only a few things were up. I saved an eBay search looking for ego on the Masters store and eventually a whipper snipper popped up for sale. After I bought it it disappeared again. A day later a mower popped up and I bought that. They may be slowly feeding the good stuff so they don't commit to selling more they can deliver. I suggest keeping a close eye on it cause after 5 days I've now got all I wanted.

      • Thanks, I'll keep an eye on that.

        The item I am after is still not there yet. I wish I'm able to get it before the deal expires just like you.


  • Thanks for the deal OP. Snatched up a Chromecast 2 on the relatively cheap :)

  • My Samsung 60" plasma has died for the 2nd time. Can anyone recommend a good 60+ inch TV for around $2500 ? I'm thinking Sony or Panasonic?

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