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Free eBay Myer VR Headset Viewer - Limit 1000 Per Day


Looks like eBay and Myer are trying to get in on the whole VR thing and have 20,000 free cardboard like headsets to give away.
If you don't have one already may as well grab one or two…

Offer open from 7AM

Note: There is a daily limit of 1000 and these are released at 7am every day for 15 days.
1000 claimed by 7:30am on 19 May 2016.

There is also a free 15 min event at The Harbourside Room, 140 George Street, Rocks on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 May 2016. You need to book a timeslot to get a place. Credit to Miss B

2/6 4pm - Free headsets still available for today (the last day). Thanks shapers

Click on 'ORDER YOUR SHOPTICALS' and fill out your details.

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  • +4

    I just hope the site doesn't crash

    This is more like a social experiment. Its cheaper than recruiting subjects on a large scale. They just give away the headsets that cost probably 5c each from china and ask for feedback in return

    • They did recruit, I am going to an exclusive Myer VR event today. I assume I will get some free goggles and a survey sheet.

      • Let me know how you go and if its worth attending. If so, ill go tomorrow

  • +1

    Just used it with my other VR headset - boy the app gives me headache. Not sure who would buy things on VR unless there's big discount on it

    • They are doing it to learn.

      VR & AR are coming round the corner, and with them the opportunity to have another go at online home based shopping, and get rid of those expensive stores. That's why they are playing in the space - not for cardboard, but for Magic Leap etc.

  • Looks like a school project.. looks like a PITA to use.

  • So we need a high end smartphone for this?
    This should be made more clear so that only people suitable order these.

    • Supported Devices

      iOS – iPhone 5s and up.
      Android – Samsung S5 and equivalent Android devices.

      • I wonder why the 5S and not the iPhone 5 ??

      • How about Lumia's

        • I thought Lumia's only run WP?

        • @raznator: Lets rephrase the question: Do windows phones support VR?

        • @CandyMan:

          Cardboard kit works with YouTube 360° videos, and some VR apps on WP store work with devices that have a Gyroscope, though I've heard of them working on ones that don't so someone will have to test that out.

          Lumia 925, 1020, 920, 1520, 830, 928, 930 all have Gyroscope. I wanted to try it out on my Lumia 640 but I just found out that it doesn't have a Gyroscope ugh.

        • @raznator: Thanks, I guess im not missing out by forgetting about the deal every morning

    • Received my VR Headset today but the Android eBay VR shopping app is not compatible with Motorola Moto G 3rd gen. It works with android VR games and VR roller coaster apps, so this is a cool freebie if you can grab one!

      • Motorola made some genius decisions on which sensors to not support. IIRC the Moto X Play also lacked the gyros.

        Most normal phones do however.

  • +2

    Samsung S5 and equivalent? What does that mean? In terms of dimensions or specs? Xperia, Oppo, LG?

    • +1

      It looks extremely similar to a Google Cardboard. I doubt specs will have anything to do with it, but the OS might (as long as you're not running on like a really old version).

      And the suitable dimensions are phones that have 5-6 inch screens. Too big, and it won't close. Too small, and it will be very difficult to use. At least that was what my experience was with the Google Cardboards / and clones.

    • +2

      Size is only a small part of it.

      Processing power (cpu & gpu) is vital otherwise it just doesn't move. My Samsung S3 is almost useless on this sort of thing.

      Screen resolution makes a big difference because the screen is split and then magnified. 720p barely cuts it. The higher the better.

      • That's not what she said. :(

  • +1

    And guessing that it's 7AM EST, too.

  • +12

    Remember to use Cashrewards to get your extra 1.35% cash back!

  • +2

    Do you guys recall 3D movies and all the hype?

    Is this going to be similar?

    • +1

      I personally own Gear VR, so I only really need this as a secondary headset. Nothing beats laying in bed watching YouTube. I can look straight up and the window goes where I look.

      It's awesome, and it's definitely becoming a real technology. I don't personally see it as becoming what 3D in the home did.

      • +1

        You do know this is VRs second coming, I played with VR tech when I was my sons age, it failed then, and although I dont think it will be a complete failure now, the fact it excludes the real world is its downfall, it will never be an every household item. I see its future in training and medicine myself.

        • +3

          Wait till you try the htc vive or oculus rift. They are on a totally different level and are the future.

        • +12

          I see its future in training and medicine myself.

          You forgot porn.

        • +3

          @PainToad: I always forget porn … I am the 30%

        • +1

          @Serapis: I am an indie game dev, I try all the cool stuff ;)

        • You know sony are releasing their version for the PS4 soonish. To me that makes it very possible to be an every household item.

        • +1


          You know not every house has a PS4? And certainly every PS4 owner isn't going to buy a $500 accessory for it.

        • @nikkirose: ahh damn so jelly, I need to actually pay retail for it =/

          Ever tried either rift or vive with something called Virtuix Omni before?

        • +2

          @Serapis: Only the Occulus Rift, I have associates working on some Leap Motion tech atm, I will check it out soon enough. I missed the Myer event tho, I was too busy renovating.

        • @Serapis: +1 vote for the Oculus Rift.

  • +2

    Someone plz educate me what exactly this does ..usage

    • +6

      you can see things that Myer is flogging in "3D"

      • -1

        Can this only be used for Myer or everything else

        • +12

          It's a piece of folded up cardboard, how would they force you to only use it for Myer?

      • My 3DS gives me a headache, so I think I will shop in 2D or RL, but I can't help but touch the bleeding edge when I see it.

    • +1

      Have you heard of Samsung Gear VR. Go to Vodafone store, they normally have it. Google realised that VR headset is simple to make. You only need a phone to be the screen. The body can be made of cupboard. Now the most important part is the lens that project the phone screen to your eyes to give you VR experience.

      • I have seen bundled deals on the Samsung Gear VR. I think they figure (rightly so) that the only way to get it into people homes is to give away the hardware, it is the only way they will get a big portion of the population to ever buy any of the software. Anyone really hyped for it got the Occulus already.

      • +7

        Wearing a cupboard seems excessive.

        • +2

          It's all about immersion. Nothing beats the experience of being in a cupboard like being in an actual cupboard.

        • @cainn: Yeah, it's hard to come out :/

        • +1

          I remember hiding in a wardrobe once as a kid. From memory, everything in it was 3 dimensional.

  • Cheers, ordered mine.
    Says less than a week for postage and handling.

  • Thanks got one

  • Ordered a pair thanks.

  • Ok ordered. Says should arrive in less than a week.

    Thanks OP

  • Ordered.. Will see the virtual world now:)

  • Got one~
    Thanks OP~

  • got one. thanks OP

  • Mine gave an error code and said something about the Matrix?

  • +5

    Note: They are giving away 1000 sets a day (starting from 7am) until 2 June.

    • OzB'ers never sleep !!!

      1000 daily is nothing and will be ozbargained daily before 8am

      • Today it's gone at 7.15am
        Consider Myer staffs or insiders too who know the deals.

        • Early Bird gets the worm…

  • +6

    This better improve my experience with viewing women's underwear.

    • It's an improvemnt cuz the screen is safely out of the way of flying projectiles.

  • Ordered one, thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Have some on the way

  • Thanks Op. Waiting for my 'shopticles'…

  • Doesn't seem to check the email. So enter a fake one.

  • Ordered. Thanks.

  • Ordered, thanks OP!

  • Ordered… How many days will Obgargainers have these sold out by 8am? First three?

    My money is on first three days

    • At a limit of 1000 a day, it should last 20 days

      • The announcement email from eBay says 1000 pee day for 15 days. Doesn't makes any mention of there being 20000 units as quoted in the OP though.

        • Sounds like there'll be a deluge. 1000 is a piss poor effort though. Hopefully the cardboard will hold up and not be shitty as well.

      • You misread my message Trev. I'm suggesting that they'll be sold out by 8am each day, for the first three days… However I'm tipping I may need to adjust my prediction and blow it out closer to 8 days…

        Na, perhaps 6 days. 😉

        • I definitely misread it. I was still in bed.

          I guess most of the headsets will be ozbargained and a few may be left for the general public

  • Looks like its the second generation / 2.0 ones too actually with the touch button on top instead of the magnet on the side. And people were asking $12 for it as "the cheapest in Australia".

    @AmazingVR You ready to give away for free too?

  • +3


  • Daily limit of 1000 reached. Says try again tomorrow

  • +1

    All gone for today already lol.

  • +4

    As at 7:20 aest they were sold out

  • Thanks Ordered one

  • All gone for today.

  • finshed for today

  • Oh so that is what the exclusive event is about, I am going later today.

    • ?

      • I was emailed an invite last week - it was targeted I think.

  • -1

    They'll probably give you a pair for free if you go to this:… Sydney free event

    • +1

      Yep thats the one I am going to - still tickets left nice, you should post it.

      • Thanks. I posted it.

    • +2

      Can anyone please confirm that they give VR headset at this free event?

  • all gone only 1000 were avail today



  • LOL.. I got email from Ebay about this freebie at 7.31 EST today… Well wait till tomorrow then..

    • damn, you need to up your meta lol - I got mine last week.

      • +1

        So I've to check ozb more frequently and buy more from ebay?

  • +9

    I can't wait for the Lingeries department to come online for viewing…

    • Im buying it for my "Girlfriend" i swear.

  • Can any one download the app?

  • didnt realise there was a daily limit, lucky I checked OzB at 7am and got one.

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