expired Japan Rail Pass 7 Days $358 AU @ JRailPass.com


The pass allows limitless access to trains from the Japan Railways group. Free UPS shipping for orders of 2 or more passes of 14 or 21 days. Authorized official vendor of JR Pass.

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    This does not seem to be different than the usual price.

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    Seems to be normal price. A simple Google search showed this site which was actually cheaper with free shipping in Australia.



    ^good pick up guys


    It costs more than Myki !!!


    When will this "bargain" b removed?


    Has anyone used the green pass? As a ozbargainer, are the worth the extra?

    I've always got my economy passes from HIS travel, which is $10 more, so I guess this is a bargain.

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      I've used the rail pass with the green pass and I found it worth every cent, but as with all things YMMV.
      If you are travelling with luggage it is much easier to deal with in the green car.
      Might not be a bargain, but it makes the trip much more enjoyable.


      Depends on where you go and what trains you are catching. Green cars generally have 2+2 or 2+1 seating with generous leg room. On special trains the Green car may be at the front or rear and you get a view out the drivers window, and/or large panoramic side windows. There is not much on board service difference, on some trains you will get a free moist towel and on even fewer trains you will get a one free tea/coffee/juice.

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    how many million yen is that?


    I lived in Japan for 4 years.

    can I point out that just because you are going to Japan doesn't always mean you have to buy a JR pass.

    You should buy a JR pass if you you want to travel to multiple cities across the country. eg. tokyo—>osaka—>hiroshima—->nagano—->sapporo—>sendai—->tokyo.

    you must buy the JR pass outside of Japan.

    if you're staying in one region or just spending time between tokyo and osaka then I suggest either a bus or a local train. the cost is waaaay less and the time saving is not that huge (maybe 2 hours).

    whilst I lived in Japan I used bullet trains for 3 trips. Tokyo<—>hiroshima and Sendai<—>tokyo twice,

    the rest of the time i'd drive or get a bus or get a local or semi-express train.

    bus or local express trains are good because it's a way to see a different side of Japan. stopping at roadhouses on the express ways is always interesting.

    I will admit that travelling at nearly 300km/h on a shinkansen is pretty cool. make the XPT feel like the piece of sh!t that it is (the tyranny of distance).


      Have to agree and disagree with you here. You're right, you don't NEED a JR pass. If you're going to tokyo for a week you don't need one, but I'm sure people would know this? :)

      If you're travelling between major cities, even just tokyo-osaka-tokyo it can pay for itself, and worth it especially if you have luggage. Travelling on local trains and buses with luggage, and I assume kids, can be a nightmare. Some buses will not allow more than 1 luggage per passenger. And there's the transfers while shinkansen are direct/express.

      There's the convenience factor too. It can be tricky for travellers to purchase train and bus tickets, let alone know which tickets to get. I speak a bit of Japanese and my partner is a Japanese teacher and we find it difficult to buy things like this sometimes. It's so much easier to just 'flash' your JR pass.

      When travelling, 2 hours could mean the difference between seeing an attraction and not. Japanese hours are so weird, it seems places only open at 11am and close at 4pm. Bit of an exaggeration, but I remember going to Miyajima in winter and everything was close by late afternoon!

      After saying that, another option is flying. Jetstar started operating in Japan a few years ago and have made Japanese domestic flights affordable. I've flown on my last 2 trips. Once to Hokkaido and last year to Kyushu. When there we rented a car and drove around for a week.


        I'm in Japan at the moment, done one trip to and from Tokyo, the rail pass was around $10 more than buying individual tickets.


    No deal - blatant free advert


    Yeah Sachi is cheaper, and as recommended by travel japan/whirlpool consistently.

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