Air Asia Cancelled Flights from Sydney to Bali

So I booked tickets from this OzBargain post for flatbed tickets to Bali in Jan '17. Seems as though they have now cancelled the route, as per this email:

Indonesia AirAsia X regrets to inform that your AirAsia flight XT 822 from Denpasar (DPS) to Sydney (SYD) on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 01:00 Hours (1:00 AM) has been cancelled due to the suspension of the route effective 1 September 2016.

My 'recovery options' are:

  1. Move flight to an earlier date before 1 September 2016 without any additional charges, subject to seat availability.
  2. Reroute via Kuala Lumpur on AirAsia flights within 14 days before or after the original flight dates, based on seat availability.
  3. Credit shell – A deposit equivalent to the value of the confirmed booking which can be used as payment for any AirAsia tickets or products, valid up to 6 months (180 days) from the date of issuance.
  4. Full refund equivalent to the value of the confirmed booking and in form of the original payment

I have friends who booked via other airlines and we are all staying together… kind of freaking out right now.

Any suggestions people?

Air Asia Premium Flat Bed - SYD <> DPS, Bali (Return) $298

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    • I went SYD-DPS return a few weeks ago, not 100% full, the return had several sets of 3 seats free just in the couple of rows around me

    • I think they pretty much cancelled all the A330 routes of Air Asia X Indo (I believe there's only 2 A330 under Air Asia X Indo). DPS-PER remains but thats done by A320 of AirAsia non-X

      The're probably moving the planes to do Osaka to Hawaii route which was supposed to start late this year

  • Yep, had mine cancelled as well for November :( it's only a 5 day quick trip so really not keen on the long trip with a stop over in KL! Don't no wat to do

  • Will be trying to rebook my Oct flight for July/Aug/Sept but need time to sort out logistics of leave for two people, and I'm guessing the call center will be going crazy tomorrow morning, and there will be no seat availability when I actually get approval for new dates -_- only got flatbed on the way back but thinking seat selection will be shot by mid morning :(


    • Right, managed to change my flights to my preferred departure in the last week of August. It actually suits me better to leave earlier so I've had a good outcome, but ONLY after calling the Indonesian call centre. Chat is utterly useless and can't even answer your questions, and the Australian number doesn't even connect. Maybe that's why seat availability wasn't a problem for my chosen time. PHEW!!! Now to pray they don't cancel direct flights even earlier…..

      • I've had problem calling their Indonesian call centre. Iainey13, what option key(s) did you press to get through to their English-speaking staff? I couldn't work out from their muffled message and I tried both 2 and 3 but got cut off after that. It's very frustrating.

  • Sucks. But I hope the people flying on Indonesian AirAsiaX managed to see the Foreign Correspondant episode on air safety in Indonesia. Although this doesn't apply to other AirAsia carriers

    Eye opening. Suggest anyone flying with an Indonesian LCC should watch it.

    Don't confuse the safety of air travel generally with the safety of air travel on Indonesian LCCs.

  • +2

    I am still waiting on my email confirmation….I have to admit that whilst I am not keen on the longer flight…I am not too unhappy for getting off Air Asia Indo - esp after the ABC report re their safety standards.

  • I feel for everyone here, I was affected by the cancellation of the KL- Paris route a few years ago. It was a bit of a nightmare at the time. There were no fly through routes back then, so I had booked GC-KL and then KL-CDG. When they cancelled the second leg, they only offered refunds for that leg only. That left me with return tickets to kl, and no real way to rebook flights to Paris unless using Malaysian air, which was way expensive.

    At the time I investigated options for claiming costs on travel insurance through my ANZ credit card, however there was no cover for a change made by the airline (or something to that effect) that meant I had nothing (and questioned the value of that insurances! Lucky I don't pay for it).

    In the end, I made a lot of noise to air asia, and ended up with a full refund for the entire journey. When the refund was processed it was in Malysian ringgits, and changes in the exchange rates meant I actually ended up with a few hundred dollars more than I paid (would not have been happy the other way though- just be careful!). I rebooked with a sale Qantas flight that did cost another couple of hundred on top, but was a much better route.

  • just looking through all the return flight options and they are horrid - almost all on 2/2/17 involve an overnight layover at KL.

    Has anyone called the local call centre number today? It doesn't even ring!!

  • +2

    CONFIRMED it's possible to re-route via KL in premium class for no cost. In my case DPS-MEL has become DPS-KUL-MEL with a 2 hr stop in KL before the overnight flight to MEL. Requested change via Indonesian call centre last night, confirmation came through 2 hrs later.

    The DPS-KUL flight is also marked as premium and gives you 40kg baggage, free seat selection of extra legroom seats (no flatbed on that short flight) and a meal, per person.

    • Thanks!

  • Data from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics shows the carrier filled only around 60 per cent of its seats on flights between Australia and Bali in March, whereas Jetstar filled nearly 80 per cent of seats on the routes.

    So how did AirAsia only fill 60% but Jetstar 80%? Is it because Jetstar flies the dreamliner to Bali and has a better brand image?

    • +1

      Jetstar had a big fat frenzy sale late last year for the period of the last few months. AA caught on and put up sale fares a week later. Not sure how entirely relevant but I'd say at least slightly.

      • Haha maybe the Jetstar sale was OzBargained.

        • maybe is an understatement :)

    • +1

      Jetstar also has the Price Beat Guarantee… So will always be lowest price option on a same day, same route international flight. But won't be able to do a price beat on AA Bali flights in the future since it's now not direct.

  • +1

    Can't get through to the call centre (won't even ring) and now this from the live chat: "One of our representatives will be with you shortly. You are number 98 in the queue. Your waiting time will be approximately 228 minute(s). Thank you for your patience."

    Starting to slowly get more and more irritated :(

    • My experience with live chat last night was terrible. After waiting more than an hour, the lady asked for my contact number and said 'a member of the team will contact you soon'. So annoyed!

      Their Indonesian call centre was good though, so if you have international minutes in your mobile plan, or use Skype etc maybe try that instead :)

      • I called them last night and just wasn't happy with the answer/wasn't sure if my request was fully understood so was keen to try the local number but most likely I'll end up calling back Indo !

    • I've just been off chat with them and all they said is it will be escalated to the department and they will contact me.
      "Chat is just for flight information"

      • Seriously? Lame… I didn't expect much but seriously that's crap. Guess I'll be utilizing work VOIP to call up Indonesia…

  • I am still waiting for our confirmation and was told it could take up to 48 hours for the new flight confirmations to come through!

    • I have had 2 of 3 new confirmations come through, at 5.24am and 6.03am after calling last night.

      • All my changes is confirmed now. 2 return trips.

        I stuffed up one of them by 1 day and they wouldn't let me change it when I rang back a few hours later (before confirmation emails came through this morning)

  • +4

    They're doing you a favour, don't fly AirAsia Indonesia.

  • +1

    My experience with AirAsia/X is that you get what you pay for. Sorry folks

    • Huh?

    • +1

      The old champagne treatment on a beer budget….

      Agree with the above, below average pilot training and maintenance standards at play at this mob. QZ8501 crash report was an interesting read…..

  • Submitted the form last night for a refund and waiting for it to come through. Anyone know how long this usually takes? I'm expecting a couple of weeks.

  • I booked my mother flights to Bali with AirAsia as I am having my wedding there in December, and I just got this email. So annoyed! I wasn't going to book with them because I've heard they're unreliable, but they had a flight at a certain time that we wanted. Now I have to figure something out!

  • Still waiting for a call back, but have just tried the Indonesian number and not much of a wait, connected within 5 mins.

  • +3

    Worth the extra money to fly Garuda to Bali in my view. Full service, entertainment system (very important to make your life easier if kids in tow), 30kg allowance each, food included, decent airline and no hassles. I recently booked for 4 of us in Jan 2017. When I looked at Air Asia and Jetstar, yes they are cheaper, but then you add on bags etc not that much cheaper if you book early enough.

    • +1

      This has been my experience a few times too.

      Plus, flying Garuda frequently gives you 'land credits' you can use with quite a few hotels to significantly decrease the cost of your stay! :)

    • You are talking about economy, this deal was for Air Asia's premium flatbed seats for around $150 and all the following per the link is included;

      If you don't have your own entertainment device it will cost you $16 more each way for their Samsung Galaxy tab.

      Your assumptions are reasonable for normal economy flights.

  • Ok so called the Indonesian call centre and got straight through. My flights have been detoured through KL with only a 2 hour wait and they all still include the flatbed. Happy days.

    • Have you got the confirmation email? I fear that by the time the process the flight changes, we may lose the flights we want. It seems to me that the changes are being processed in a central area??

      • Yep just got the confirmation, no flatbed from kl to dps though.

        • Yeah those flights are all economy…can I ask when your flights are for?

        • @SunnyinDubai: I leave around the 18th Nov and return around the 23rd.

        • @Tasmaniac:

          Thanks…maybe they are triaging based on when they flights flights are not until Jan??

  • Still no confirmation of my flight changes :(

    • Same here!

      • Same here, called last night

        • Apparently it will take 48 hours but geeeee…what an effort to try and re-schedule - the person I was speaking to was so slow and confirmed details about 5 times. I shouldn't complain especially if the flights I requested are granted - this situation could have been worse but I guess I'd be thinking twice (or three times) about booking an Air Asia flight again.

        • @Mr Dabolina:

          Yeah 48 hrs but some people here are already reporting confirmation emails.

        • @Hellfire:

          Yes, I have 2 of 3 confirmed emails.

  • Same story here. Changed flights over phone to indo call centre. After confirming details at least half dozen times I'm still waiting on confirmation email. Bit of a clusterf…

    • I predict that anyone still waiting won't get their changed flights.

    • I think if you are still waiting you should could back. I had 2 of the 3 I changed Thursday night come through very early Friday morning. Called back Friday night about missing one, they rebooked again and came through a few hours later.

  • Rang last night and mind has just come through.

  • I was very lucky. I rang the indo call centre direct (included plan minutes) as soon as I got the email and rebooked for these school holidays coming instead of next.. No extra charge.. Would have been thousands otherwise.

    Email confirmation arrived this am

  • +1

    Anyone still waiting from a while ago - i'd probably call back again?

    I called at 5pm (Indo call centre) and new confirmation came through at 9pm.

    Rerouted via KL (I only booked one way with AAX DPS to SYD). Got the date/flights I wanted. I'd suggest (as many others) to take advantage of the situation and book AK flights between DPS and KUL (operated by Malaysian business rather than Indonesian business).

    After you get confirmation - don't forget to log into the website and make sure they put your seat preferences in (or make them yourself - free for premium) and choose your meals (should already have previous selection from the original flight but you can add the meal for the AK flight).

    All in all - sucks they canned the routes but all things considered they handled it pretty well - I actually found the Indonesian call centre much better than previous experiences with the Malaysian call centre. As others, confirmed the details about a dozen times but better that than screwing it up.

    Anyone expecting Qantas service - should never have booked these flights or any other low cost carrier.

    • I called them again yesterday morning and they gave me the same spiel re waiting 24 hours….I will probably call again today. Our flights are not until Jan so maybe they are working on the ones which are earlier??

  • +1

    Live by the low cost carrier die by the low cost carrier.

  • they're offering you a refund, take it and book another flight. It's only bali, you're not flying to europe or something, where flights are complicated and require more planning.

  • -1


  • Oh shiet. Original flights departed 00:40 on 31 Dec. I changed it to 17:20 on 31 Dec which is the next evening. Should have been 17:20 30 Dec, which is earlier on the original night. Now I've got a non-refundable hotel and onward flights that will cost $200 to change.. My parents won't be impressed :/

    • Have you received the confirmation - can you call and get them to fix it before the confirmation comes??

  • I have to agree that if that this should be a "known" risk when you book a LC airline - well not the cancellation of a route but cancellation of flights. And that is why it is important to have travel insurance in place ( I take out an annual policy). I think that they have provided pretty good options to people as alternatives (yes I know a longer flight is not ideal but they are prepared to offer us what is technically a more expensive option for them - esp when most of us booked as a result of the glitch in the price). If you want certainty in terms of flights (though this may not be always the case for all airlines), do not book a LC airline - book a full service one noting however that will come a higher cost to you.

    • Agreed. However, I'm my experience, when this happened to me, my travel insurance didn't cover the cancellation of a service by the carrier.

      I generally only fly full service airlines now. The same flight that was cancelled for me and rebooked with Qantas is a great example. Our departing regional flight was delayed out of the airport and we missed our international flight. Instead of just Putting us up overnight to wait for the next one, they put us on a Singapore airlines flight to meet out international connection! We ended up arriving in Paris on our original flight.

  • If you can book a cheaper flight on the same days, then book that and get a refund… Otherwise just go the Reroute option and be done with it.

  • Just tried to call the Indonesian call centre a a few times, wouldn't accept my IVR input of press "2" for English. Eventually got past that on the work phone. Couldn't make head or tails of what Option 1 - 3 were supposed to be on the next IVR menu. Bashed keys and eventually got someone who couldn't hear / understand me.

    Tried live webchat, and they took my details and advised pre-flight team will have to call me back within 24 hours to organise re-route.

    Could anyone who has had some success on the phone can give me an IVR Menu guide?

    • +1

      After you press 2 for English, press 1…it is a bit hard to work out what they are saying on the recording…but 1 is for ticket bookings, etc

  • My confirmation came through finally, after about 40 hours.
    Looks like only mel-kl is premium.
    Seems like I get a free meal for the non premium kl-bali legs though. Have to log on to select it.

  • Finally got my confirmation but there aren't any free premium seats on my flight back! Grrrr.

    • As in no seats on the D7 flight…bummer! Can you ask to change the date?

    • On which leg?

      • XT flight back. I'll need to call back to fix it.

  • Just a question, hope you guys can answer me. Because of the cancellation, I may need to reroute MEL-KL-DPS. However, I just noticed that the flight from KL to DPS (and vice versa) is QZ flights. So it is operated by AirAsia Indonesia.
    I am uncertain whether I want to take Indonesia AirAsia given a very poor safety records in recent years. In your opinion, would be safe to take those flights? Would you mind to take QZ flights that are operated by Indonesia AirAsia?
    Please advise.


    • +3

      Well, your original melbourne to bali direct flights (XT) were to be operated by AirasiaX Indonesia. That didn't stop you from booking with them.

    • Well - you were prepared to fly with them when you booked the ticket….there are flights operated by Air Asia Malaysia - so you can select those flights if you prefer.

  • Grrrrr…still waiting for my confirmation…called them again and they said "in process"….will have to see if something comes overnight if not it will be another call tomorrow!

    • Trying ringing back and saying flight was cancelled and you would like to re-route and not ring and ask for confirmation. Worked for me when waiting on a confirmation.

      • Thanks - tried that this morning and they have redone the request (but said that I had requested for a change already - to which I said had not been processed as the flights are the same when I check my booking and I had no confirmation email)….now for another 48 hours wait. I don't really have an issue with the change really - yes it is a bit inconvenient to have to change the flights but man it is frustrating to have to constantly call to get that confirmation. Ah well - the joys of booking on a LCC

  • +1

    I will say that each time I have called - the staff have been very pleasant to deal with…

  • Yer,

    Air-asia route cancelled my SYD-GOA trip last month for intended trip in September.

    Refund was quickish; under 2 weeks.

    Luckily I hadnt booked any accommodation or other stuff.

    imo one has to be very careful booking long way out with air asia eg. book cancellation free accommodation where u can.

  • +2

    Tigerair is offering 20% discount for affected passengers. They fly direct to DPS from MEL, ADL and PER.
    It's no flatbed but it might help someone.

    "In response to the sudden suspension, Tigerair Australia said it would provide special recovery fares to assist passengers booked to fly on AirAsia from September 1

    Anyone who could provide proof of their booking would be eligible for a 20 per cent discount on the same route with Tigerair"

  • Just realised I didn't put a middle name (like passport) on the Air Asia tickets - will this be an issue? I think it's mainly an issue traveling to US but would be good to get your view / experience.

    • +1

      I've never included any middle names on any of my International tickets, including a number of Air Asia flights. Not had any issues. So long as your first name are last name are correct, I don't see how it should be an issue.

  • So after waiting for 2 lots of 48 hours, our confirmation has come in…yay! I do note that they did give us the front row seats on be flights from KL to Bali and back as there is no flatbed on those flights. Happy at least to have the extra legroom…for a 3 hour flight.

  • Sweet, all sorted for us. Pushed it back 2 weeks to end of Jan, missing the expensive school holiday flights. Worked out around $1000 return for 2 from Wellington to DPS (With half on the lay flat beds) with this deal, plus this one. Also avoided the Indonesian Air Asia flights, preferring the Malaysian based carriers, and getting them both ways.

  • Has anyone managed to get through to their Indonesia call centre? If you did what option key did you press? There was a muffled recording that said something like 'For English, please press (what sounded like 2 or 3)'. I tried both keys numerous times which it then responded with a message in Indonesian and just cut off.

    • +1

      Press 2 for English and then 1 for bookings…you do need to let them go all the way to say press 1 for Indo and 2 for English…

    • +1

      Call the Aussie Number and get them to send a message to Indo call centre and include your mobile number +614.
      This is what I did and had a call from them to confirm my update flights.

      • Thanks for that. Did you have to wait long for the call?

        • +1

          I had the call within 48 hours.

  • go somewhere better than bali?

  • So I just called local centre and finally requested a change to my flights. So I'm aware there's no flatbed from KL-DPS, fine. From posts above it was clear that we get 'premium flex' seats in the short flight so I asked if there is a meal included in the KL-DPS leg - the guy said no.

    If searching on the site for KL to DPS flights it shows the following benefits for premium flex:
    20kg baggage allowance 1 meal Hot Seats selection 2X change of date/time* Xpress baggage Xpress boarding

    BUT my question now is about the luggage on the way back (DPS - KL - SYD) as the long haul premuium allows 40kg baggage allowance. Will I have an issue from DPS - KL if I'm over the 20kg…dealing with the call centre is very frustrating so I hope someone here understands my query and has the answer.

    • +1

      I have organised my reroute for Premium Flatbed. This is my experience:

      • Yes you do get 40kg on the KUL-DPS and DPS-KUL legs. 40kg is listed on all legs of my itinerary. (My understanding is KLIA2 is fly through, and luggage is checked/tagged through the whole way to DPS)
      • Yes you can choose from any unallocated seat on the plane without an additional fee, including hot seats.
      • Yes you do get a single meal included on both KUL-DPS and DPS-KUL legs.

      My only query remaining is can I choose not to have my luggage checked through, as have chosen a 17hour layover in KUL each way, so can catch up with some family friends there and on the way there and back. I suspect the answer is yes based on what I've read in an earlier post.

      • I would think you would have no issue with only having your bags checked only to KL as fly through is really to help passengers avoid the hassle of going through immigration and rechecking in if bags.

    • The luggage is 40kg all the way through so don't worry. I got our confirmation and it states 40 kg for all sectors on my booking…and you can select a meal as well as the hot seats for the KUL-DPS return sectors for no extra charge.

      I did have a minor issue in that when I logged in to manage my booking, it seem to charge me for the luggage but when I spoke to their chat, they told me to continue with the changes and that it will not ask me for the payment - and that was the case.

      • thanks guys. Let's see if my confirmation even turns up within 48 hours and I'll go from there haha :)

        • The confirmation can take longer than 48 hours…mine took over 96 and even then I only knew the change was made when I checked my booking online and resent my itinerary to myself

        • @SunnyinDubai: haha that's why I have low expectations of the timeframe as i've been keeping up to date with everyone's delays! thanks for the tip, I'll log in and check it out in a few days time as well.

    • Got my updated itinerary fairly fast (called thursday lunch time, received friday 6pm), logged in and choose all my seats & meals. Despite the longer flight times & layover I'm still looking forward to my flatbed for <$300!

  • A suggestion: Cancel one way and re-route the other .

    One stopover in KL might be nice, you still get to try the flatbed, and more likely to find a cheap direct replacement if it only has to be 1 way.

    Ah, the joy of LCCs. Lets not forget how cheap they are, and the inconveniences tend to be worth it.

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