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Dataworld Stocktake Sale - 4RU Data Cabinet $71.5, 1.5m Metal Shelving $99, 42RU Server Rack $583, 27RU Rack $495 & More (+Post)


Visit page https://www.dataworld.com.au/stocktake-sale/ for a complete list of sale items.
More to come later on the week.

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  • Good prices if you need to buy new. Used ones are pretty much free.

    • Free? From where? I've tried looking on gumtree, nothing :(

      • I got my 42RU from gumtree a few year ago. IIRC it was about $100. Businesses often store and dispose of them - as a business won't bother trying to sell something for $100. Refurbishing companies normally just want to deal with smaller bulk items - like laptops.

        I think there are three 42RU racks discarded in my employers basement carpark at the moment.

      • Keep an eye on gumtree and ebay. When I did this stuff for a living I would list the racks last because they would never move. They literally were not worth my time.

        People wouldn't pay more than 80 dollars for them consistently, and would try and come around and kick the tires so to speak. I even had a brand new one returned to me because it didn't come with servers already racked and mounted in the rack when he unboxed it (no joke)

        Call scrap metal yards. That's where I sent all mine.

  • The delivery is $20-$40 to Sydney.

    Here's a freebie example on gumtree…