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[Syd] Free Entry to Powerhouse Museum, Australian Museum & Observatory Tour June 25 & 26


Visit the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory and Australian Museum for free on the last weekend in June.

Book for free telescope tours at Sydney Observatory (limited places only)

While entry is free, you are encouraged to register for your visit to go in the draw to win one of five MAAS VIP family passes worth over $200 each including: a family night tour at Sydney Observatory, tickets to a holiday digital learning workshop, a family ticket to the Collider exhibition plus a Tanabata story and craft pack.

You are encouraged to make a donation to the annual appeal when you register. These donations will help improve the MAAS collection.

Save $15 Adult entry fee, $8 Student entry fee (Children under 16 are free) at Powerhouse Museum and Australian Museum.
As entry is usually free for Sydney Observatory, can only save Tour cost at Sydney Observatory.

Edit: Sydney Observatory tours can be booked again.

Set a reminder.

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  • All free visits for Sydney Observatory are sold out

    • Donate 1 ($2.04) and the checkout option will be enabled again. Just grab 10 tix for max profit 😉.

  • Nice one

  • some sat times are still avaliable in the morning.

  • Homer: What do you mean by "suggested donation"?
    Clerk: Pay any amount you wish, sir.
    Homer: And uh, what if I wish to pay… zero?
    Clerk: That is up to you.
    Homer: Ooh, so it's up to me, is it?
    Clerk: Yes.
    Homer: I see. And you think that people are going to pay you $4.50 even though they don't have to? Just out of the goodness of their… (laughs) Well, anything you say! Good luck, lady, you're gonna need it!

  • We have been to observatory a while back with a paid entertainment 2for1 voucher tickets for a night observatory session. I think the free tours isn't a great value as I remember how the girl guide told us how the tour worth completely different with day and night tour. She mention night tour cover all day stuff and then extra hand on experience with their telescope

    Great time, yet the place is pretty small

  • Oh there is also this at the National Maratime Museum in Syd.

    Some kind of free access to kids activities there as far as I can tell. Tickets are valid for a year.


    I posted it here because I'm not sure what is entitled from these tickets.

  • Are you allowed to bring back packs and purses to the museum?

    • Yes, it's fine, I take a backpack whenever we go with our toddler, never had a problem.