Is OzBargain an Addiction for Anyone ?

Hello Ozbargainers,

I love Ozbargain website and the Ozbargain community. It has helped me a lot on buying various things which were mostly Useful and some unnecessary "Can't resist" things.

Love the forum too which has a lot of useful discussions.

My question to you all are:

  1. Is Ozbargain website an addiction for anyone?
    For example for me, I am not sure why but I tend to go to Ozabargain website a lot, sometimes intentionally and sometimes as if its a habit. I wanted to know if it is just me or is anyone else out there too..

  2. What other deal websites you visit often and how does it compare with Ozbargain?

  3. Are you here mostly for deals or you visit forums too?

Thanks for your inputs in advance. Have a good one!

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  • 4
    I Visit Ozbargain once a week
  • 29
    I Visit Ozbargain once a day
  • 106
    I Visit Ozbargain twice a day
  • 339
    I am an Ozbargain fan and visit every hour roughly
  • 180
    I am crazy! I have a tab open all the time and I keep refreshing it


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