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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460 $1,299 - i7-6500U, GeForce 940M 2GB, 14" 1440P, 192GB SSD (Save $1,350) @ Lenovo Store


For people need dedicated graphic card, $351 more than the previous deal (, comes with i7, 1440p screen, 192g ssd and a NVIDIA® GeForce 940M 2GB gpu, really good deal IMO.
Intel Core i7-6500U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.10GHz)
Windows 10 Home 64
14" WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS, glare, 10-point Multi-Touch
8GB PC3-12800 DDR3L 1600MHz SODIMM
NVIDIA® GeForce 940M 2GB
192 GB Solid State Drive, SATA3
Keyboard Backlit - English
Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC(2x2) 8260, Bluetooth Version 4.1 No vPro

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  • hmmmm, tempting… I wonder if I could cancel the other Yoga 460 order. WIth this higher res screen, higher CPU, 192gb solid-state drive v 16gb+1tb hdd, and graphics card this is a great deal. Does this one with the geforce 940m still have the 42mm m.2 slot and the normal sata that can both be used for SSD storage drives?

    • Yep, significantly better offer with the improved CPU and graphics. With the same config it came out $80 more for me. Only question is reduced battery life and extra heat. Worth cancelling and replacing?

      • Slightly lower resolution on this compared to the previous QHD offer 3200x1800

    • I got the 1tb + 16gb deal that was $900+ earlier this year, I like the laptop though it does some really weird shit with the memory and slows right down. I will be changing to a full blown SSD and 16gb of ram at some stage, but I'm really tempted to try and flog this one off and get the one with the 940m and ssd built in.

      Trying to tell myself that a new one must be coming with a next gen entry level graphics card, and seeing as the 940m architecture is pretty old hopefully we will get a big jump in performance when they finally get around to launching a new entry level mobile card on the latest architecture.

    • +1

      And then I get an email from Lenovo telling my the other Yoga 460 is now being shipped.

      • +2

        Mine shipped today as well.

        $978 vs. $1299 - (both minus 8% cashrewards)

        1080p - 1440p
        i5-6200u - i7-6500u
        128GB SSD - 192GB
        integrated graphics vs 2GB 940M GPU.

        I think this is the better deal, but it's above my budget. Sticking to the last deal.

        • Yeah, I think I would have spent the extra $350 if the lower spec laptop hadn't just left the Lenovo warehouse.
          Although the extra resolution of the screen might not be ideal on a 14" laptop. I'm not sure how well things would scale at that finer resolution.

      • I bet they fast-tracked the previous batch of Yoga 460's once the cancellations started rolling in today.

        • Or they did a stock-take of what was left over after manufacturing the other batch and lowered the price on whatever was in surplus.

    • +2

      TBH, while this is very cheap for what it is, I am not sure the separate 940m is worth the extra money. It doesn't perform that much better than the 520 already inside. And it will chew battery life. if you want to go to the trouble and power consumption of a separate GPU, you would want higher spec on the GPU, but the heat envelope produced wouldn't do well in this form factor.
      I am also not convinced the i7 is worth the extra dosh after buying an i7 HP spectre X360 (yeah I paid $400 more than this without the separate GPU, but that was six months ago and $500 below RRP) . Good, but I suspect you wouldn't notice for the purpose of his type of machine.

      In summary: no need to feel unhappy with previous deal.

      • Came to the same conclusion. Extra weight, heat, battery consumption

  • Awesome deal.

    Can anyone recommend a cheap & compatible 16GB SODIMM? Or even a 2x16GB (32GB) kit? I have seen Kingston kits for $199 but unsure of compatibility.

    • Kingston does not have 1x16GB DDR3L SODIMM.

    • would be keen to know if i can add another 8GB of ram to this too please?
      or is it worth paying an additional $250 for the 16GB option

      • +1

        Iirc there is one memory slot only. Upgrade is expensive considering, but not much more than buying a single 16Gb module separately. Think someone suggested buying a dual 16Gb kit from Amazon and splitting the cost with a friend was the way to save.

        I sucked it up and paid the premium for Lenovo to kit mine up in the other post because 8Gb is scraping the barrel imo.

        • thanks.
          i suspected that 8GB would kinda ruin the performance, but for $250 more, it pushes it over my budget.

        • +1

          @soulspawn: I think of it this way. You can write it off against tax over 3 years bringing the cost down by 30%+

    • $99:

      May or not be compatible. I've owned 5 Thinkpads over the years and never had a problem with 3rd-party memory with any of them, but I know others have.

  • Anyone guess what the real battery life would be with the 1440p screen? Would you get at least 4 hours on wifi? Just normal browsing etc

    • +2

      Don't know but based on this with the 1080 display you'd expect so.

      The 3-cell, lithium-polymer battery has a capacity of 53 Wh. That is marginally lower than in Lenovo's ThinkPad Yoga 14 and HP's Spectre x360 13 (both 56 Wh). The low power consumption, however, still leads to decent runtimes. A charged battery is enough for 2:22 hours of full load. Our Wi-Fi test, where different websites are opened every 30 seconds, is more realistic. Here, the "Balanced" profile is enabled and the screen's brightness is set to approximately 150 cd/m², which means reducing the screen brightness by 2 levels. Lenovo's ThinkPad Yoga 460 achieves a good runtime of 7:38 hours here and places itself in second place behind HP's Spectre x360 13 that lasts 42 minutes longer.

  • Hmm, tempted to cancel my X1 Yoga order. This is a very good deal.

    • Maybe you should reorder your X1 Yoga with an OLED screen!

      • I have ordered it with the OLED. That's the only reason I haven't cancelled it already. It massively impacts the price though (an extra 500 on top of what is an already expensive laptop).

        This is pretty much half the price.

  • I wonder if you could "down grade" to 1080p antiglare and up the CPU the fastest i7. Shame Lenovo doesn't appear to have online chat like dell. I can't stand waiting on the phone but will happily let a chat session wait on hold on a second screen.

    • They do have chat, maybe after hours only?

    • Haha yeah saw the 'glare' screen that came with this… wasn't very appealing!

      • Didn't mind it myself although reflection was obvious in the well lit store where I viewed it. Better colour and clarity than the matt. Don't intend to use mine outdoors or in a brightly lit environment so I went glossy high res.

  • This one or the Asus us303ub identical specs and similar price, just curious

    • 14" V 13.3"

      • Wacom EAS stylus on the Yoga 460.

        And it's a 2-in-1, the ZenBook is a straight laptop.

  • Might consider this over a Surface Pro, will the high-end styluses be any where as good as the Surface provided Stylus? What I really want is something I can write on using Bluebeam or similar PDF editor for marking up drawings etc.

    I think the Iris 540 benchmarks close to the 940M, so the only difference for me between this and the Surface is how good styluses are and price.

    • Unless you're an artist, you won't notice a difference in the stylus.

      This will have a much better keyboard than the surface if you're typing a lot.

      It's much, MUCH bigger. More than twice as heavy.

  • +2

    Got the last Yoga 460 deal which was shipped today :s

    Glad this is quite a bit more expensive, out of the budget.

  • Anyone else getting a maintenance error at checkout?

  • +1

    Is a full on business machine any good for holiday travels? I've been looking at the dell e7470 going for 40% off. The price comes down to $1417 with windows home and single pointing keyboard downgrades. thoughts?

  • +1

    Truly awesome deal. I would be torn between this and the previous deal if they were available at the same time. This deal represents better value for the money and able to do some light gaming is a plus. But longer battery time with the previous deal is crucial for a business oriented laptop. Btw, I jumped on the previous deal with CPU and screen upgrades.

  • Will this be too heavy to be use as a tablet? ( what is its weight anyway, look heavy). Thank you.

    • 1.8kg

    • +2

      Yes way to heavy to hold in one hand like a normal tablet, however it's very comfortable on your lap or on a desk when it's folded about 300 degrees or so. You can even use two hands.

      • How about for watching movie in bed?

        • +1

          Yeah it's comfortable, I think better than a tablet with or without a folding cover. It will also stand on it's side, for side-sleepers. :)

  • +1

    Don't forget further 8% off with cash rewards

  • Can anyone comment on the actual battery life on this? Tempting… I'd imagine the GPU is on par with the Macbookpro 15 iris pro?

    • There are a couple of reviews for similar configs around.

      • That review is for a FHD screen. The higher resolution screen usually drains the battery more. It's also rumoured to be brighter, so maybe it drains it even more.

        • Yes display and settings will have some effect but unlikely to knock it down by 20+% for example. All reviews give it a big thumbs up for battery life. Anyone worried about it should google and read the reviews to satisfy themselves based on their own intended use.

  • +1

    Surprising this hasn't made it to Ozbargain yet

    $899. Chuck in a 240-256GB SSD for < $100 and for under $1000 you have a nice 14in Lappy. Sure no touch (and 1080p) and yogery stuff, but if you don't want that then it's $300 in your pocket.

  • Anyone has experience with Lenovo's OneLink+ to Ethernet (RJ45) Adapter? I'd like to have ethernet access as an option.

    • +1

      I have a cheap $20 one from ebay. Works just fine and has a built in usb3 hub.

      The Onelink+ dock is good deal right now (if you dont need a portable ethernet adapter)

      • Thanks, this might be my 1st dock.

  • I need help.
    I recently ordered the T460S for 1.5k (i5, 8gb, 1080 screen 256 ssd). Now knowing the T460s form factor is good and also the build quality is amazing i.e the screen has no flex.

    Should I cancel my order and then buy this instead ?

    Whats the build quality like ? (note no flex of screen and a solid chassis is something I value and on top of everything a good keyboard which I know T460s has)

    Im currently a student who programs and will be mostly mobile.


  • +2

    I am concerned that the QHD screen will exhibit low frequency 220 Hz PWM flicker at brighness below 100% that seems to plague other 14 inch QHD Lenovo.
    this would be a deal breaker for me.
    Would much rather the FHD panel which doesnt do this.

    • I was really considering buying one, until I saw your comment, that's concerning.

      • I just cant deal with that flicker - for me, its a sure route to either headache city via flicker etc, or headache/eyestrain and 90 minute battery life due to having brightness on at 100% all the time.
        I will sit this one out.

        • Could just order one and return it if it turns out to be a problem…
          There seems to be reports of people not having problems

        • @Murrummba: Will they refund for PWM flicker though?
          Have you got a link - would love to read about it if someone has found no flicker.

        • +1

          @pete2: you can return without a reason within 14 days so don't worry ;-).

        • @SpaceNinja: thanks - do they state that somewhere?

        • +1

          @pete2: Here:
          Also from experience I have done it before, sent back a functional laptop because of change of mind.

        • @SpaceNinja: great, thanks.

        • +1

          @pete2: I returned E560 for backlight bleeding.

        • Probably too late now (even though the code still works) but just wanted to let you/anyone else know when reading the terms and conditions (as I was about to purchase) that returning discounted items incurs a restocking fee of 20% off your refunded money. Which is pretty dodge imo, especially not having that obviously under their policy. Decided not to purchase in the end because of this.

        • +1

          @Murrummba: I just chatted then to enquire about that, they said that the laptop and dock I ordered will be fully refunded if I want to return them.

        • So you did end up ordering the Yoga 460? If that's the case, maybe i should quickly go order, the code is still working after all

        • @Murrummba: I ordered it around 11:00pm last night

        • +1

          Ah yes, I just realised, it's only through the online outlet store

          "Clearance Products" means goods purchased at a discount through Lenovo’s online outlet store.

          My bad, ignore what I said people.

  • is it worth upgrading to 256gb from 192gb for $50 ?

  • Was about to get it, but discount has changed and now only 10% discount for a total of $2384.10
    oh well. I will wait for the next one.

  • Still work for me at 10:47pm Melbourne time. Did you press activate discount code after adding it to cart?

  • Just ordered worked for me. Thanks OP this deal was just too good to pass :-).

  • refreshed my browser, and it worked this time. thanks

  • Just ordered one at 11:50pm !!

  • +1

    Also ordered one last night! Spent a looooot of time on chat and also called them up. Here's what I learnt:
    You can always add additional warranty within 11 months of your purchase. This may be cheaper than ordering in the cart. According to phone, adding 3 year onsite after is approx $245, but doing it through the cart this was $269. You can also add extras such as battery replacement, accidental damage cover, 'keep hdd in repairs' (so you don't lose your data if they are fixing your system), and 'premier support' (Australian call centre, case manager, blah blah blah). The additional warranty you purchase REPLACES not EXTENDS your standard 1 year. It can go up to 5 years and cost is subject to currency fluctuations as they are priced in USD. 3 year on site + battery replacement + keep hdd = $343. All that + premier support = $443.

    You only get a confirmation order initially, and an invoice when it actually ships. It will ship AT THE VERY EARLIEST in 6 business days, which would be June 30th and cutting it mighty fine for financial year purposes. I'm not sure if a confirmation order is enough proof for a work expense to claim for financial year 15-16. However apparently you can ask them to send you a 'proforma' invoice (dated to date of purchase) over the phone if you require additional proof for tax claiming purposes. I will be doing this as I suspect the 6 business days is very optimistic and don't want to risk not being able to claim this as a work expense for this year.

    Hopefully I got about 7k in velocity points for my purchase (256gb, 16GB ram). Here's hoping that I never have to deal with actual Lenovo support which are apparently super crap!

    Phone much more helpful (and Australian) than chat. If you ask for help on chat they always frigging ask you (or send you emails) to add their number to your order, even when they can't help you or tell you to call up. They pick an English name but in their emails they're clearly Indian. Not a problem if they were actually helpful but calling up was a much better experience!

  • just got mine today and its flickering like a (scuze me language) m#therf#cker. :-(

  • got mine yesterday. Everything seem to be ok, so far, fingers cross.

  • 2 minutes of quality check before packing would have revealed the issue. Did updates and all still flickers. Can't waste any more time. Lenovo suck big time. This pos is going back.

    • received mine yesterday. My screen looks alright. Does it flicker at all brightness or only if its <90% brightness?

      Are you gonna ask for refund or replacement (DOA)?

      • It is very pronounced, no need to change any setting, just happens. Just as this guy.
        I definitely do not want them to start repairing this one. I have also heard If asked for replacement they usually send other repaired ones. Probably will just ask for my money back, will be a shame to miss out on the deal.

        • Are you sure they send repaired ones if you ask for replacement in under 14 days? I replaced an E560 and it looked new but sent that back because of backlight bleeding.

        • @udyz: Talked to support today and they confirmed its DOA so they will send another brand new one.

        • @SpaceNinja: Cool.. and you get another 14 days to decide when you get the new one..

        • @udyz: yeah lol. I have been playing with it and its quite a solid convertible otherwise.

        • @SpaceNinja: ya.. it is good and the deal was good too… thats why i have been actively replying

          Its a shame my cashrewards transaction got declined….

  • Has anyone opened up this machine? There seem to be a 2nd memory slot to put in another stick of 8Gb of Ram (according to the Lenovo companion app that came with the machine). Also is there another spare M2 SSD interface in this machine? Thanks

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