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FREE "Sweet Aussie Deals" Android App [Was $3.99] (Coupons Given inside Post)


Hey guys,

Edit 5: Sorry out of codes now. The play store only limits it to 500 coupons and I didn't come prepared. In the meantime I lowered the price down to $0.99.

Just launched this "Sweet Aussie Deals" (unofficial ozbargain) app and received a bunch of codes. I made this app to enhance the viewing experience when browsing on your Android phone by utilising google's latest material design.

I am not sure if there is a better way to do this, but just leave a comment or pm and I will send you the coupon code.


Features include:

  • Built in Reminder feature
  • Customisable viewing experience (Dark/light theme, Top comment shown with post, compressed/expanded card view, split screen for tablets)
  • Deal categories
  • And more


Edit: Does anyone know a better way of distributing the codes out?

Also, If you're a uni student, please check out my other app (free) that I just released today. app

Edit2: Wasn't expecting this many request. Please be patient, I am going through everyone now, I got enough codes, but its not a super quick process.

Edit3: I'll be alternating between sending codes from the post and pm. I have 500 coupons in total so there should be enough

Edit4: Just an update. I'm still going, copy and pasting each code from the spreadsheet. Im sorry if i dont reach everyone as I have 230 left to go

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  • Looks great, I would like one too thanks!

  • Would like to give it a whirl, cheers.

  • Appreciate a code for this great app….

  • Yes please :)

  • Please pm me a code as well.


  • code, please. Thanks

  • Looks great and I'd be happy to bug test or provide feedback.

  • Thanks Mate. Would love a code :)

  • Would love one thanks :)

  • I would like to try this so please pm me a code

  • Please send a code thanks

  • I'll jump on board. Looks interesting…

  • Hey I'd like a code too please! Thanks!

  • Hi primatexD, can I have one of the codes for your sweet aussie deals? Thank you!

  • Code please!

  • i'll give it a go. please send me code.

  • I would be keen to try if still codes left, thanks!

  • Yes please!

  • I would like a code. Ta

  • I'll give it a go too if you have a code, cheers :)

  • I'd like a code too, thanks

  • Me too please

  • Would love to try it out

  • Can i have a code as well thanks

  • Must be getting close to running out.
    Code please.

  • Could i have a code ps…thanks

  • I would like a code please! :)

  • I would like a code please! Thanks!

  • Could I grab a code please is any left.


  • Would love a code also please. Thanks and good luck

  • One for me please!

  • Crikey, If there's any left I'll have one as well.

  • Would like a code. Thanks!

  • One please. Thanks

  • me too if you still have any left. :)

  • Please send me a code. Would like to give it a go. Thanks

  • Pm code please :)

  • Code please 😀

  • Would love one if there any left.

  • I'm sure they are all gone but would love one if there is still one available.

  • Yes Please! I'd love a code! Thanks! :)

  • Can I get a code please?

  • Would love a code please :)

  • Plz send me a code too

  • Please send me a code please. Great work.

  • I'd like a code please

  • I'd love one please!

  • I would like a code please

  • I'd like a code please - thanks

  • I'd like to give it a go too thanks!

  • I'd like a code. Thanks :-)

  • I'll love to try.
    Please send me a code.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Keen for a code to check out please

  • Hi can I have a code please :)

  • I would like to try this so please pm me a code

  • can i have a code please

  • Willing to give it a shot! Looks great:)

  • I'll happily grab a code too if you got some spare :)

  • Would like to check it out, looks good.

  • I'd like one as well.

  • I would like a code please.

  • Code please
    Thank you very much

  • probably no more codes left but won't hurt to ask..

    i will say thanks for making this for the community even if i don't get one

  • I'd love to try out your app. Looking forward to a code and im sure you're looking forward to being done with them!

  • Thanks for all your effort! Would love a code.

  • Pick me!

    Thanks OP :)

  • Please let me have a code too - I'd love to try this - did send a message earlier…

  • Would love a code now but not sure if any left :) Thanks

  • +3

    Are you planning on keeping it at 3.99? I have no idea why you would make it paid when we could go on the website for free…

    • Nobody gonna pay $3.99 for this?

      • +1

        The app looks well done and nicely presented, but I don't understand why anyone would pay $4 just for it to look nicer. It doesn't have any revolutionary features to make it a must have. The website works well on your mobile so there is no need for an app. OP would have a better time making it free and putting the odd ad in there for revenue. That's my 2c.

  • Code also please.

  • Please send a code - thanks

  • I'd love a code. Thanks for this primatexD the app looks really good :)

  • Code please? Thanks

  • I'd like a code too; thanks

  • Can I get a code please. Thanks.

  • Can I get a code please? Thanks.

  • Code also please

  • I'd like a code too when you have a minute, thanks

  • Any codes left?

  • Yep I'm in if there are codes left. Good luck

  • Happy to try it. Code please.

  • Code please, thank you

  • Code Please, Thanks…..

  • I wanna use this app! Thank you

  • Keen to give this a go thanks

  • Hey. Would love a code thanks.

  • hi id like a code please

  • Hey, I'll take a code if there's some left, cheers.

  • I already buy ozbargain plus however i would to try this :) . Please PM me.

  • Hi …pls send me the code

  • Please send me a coupon code. Cheers.

  • Good app so far. Just can't log into my account to see messages or edit subscriptions.

  • Any codes left?? 😀

  • I'll put my name down for a code as well, thanks OP!
    cheers :)

  • I would like a code if there's any left, thanks =D

  • Yes please , im in

  • Please let me try this out

  • Hi there code please

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