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FREE "Sweet Aussie Deals" Android App [Was $3.99] (Coupons Given inside Post)


Hey guys,

Edit 5: Sorry out of codes now. The play store only limits it to 500 coupons and I didn't come prepared. In the meantime I lowered the price down to $0.99.

Just launched this "Sweet Aussie Deals" (unofficial ozbargain) app and received a bunch of codes. I made this app to enhance the viewing experience when browsing on your Android phone by utilising google's latest material design.

I am not sure if there is a better way to do this, but just leave a comment or pm and I will send you the coupon code.


Features include:

  • Built in Reminder feature
  • Customisable viewing experience (Dark/light theme, Top comment shown with post, compressed/expanded card view, split screen for tablets)
  • Deal categories
  • And more


Edit: Does anyone know a better way of distributing the codes out?

Also, If you're a uni student, please check out my other app (free) that I just released today. app

Edit2: Wasn't expecting this many request. Please be patient, I am going through everyone now, I got enough codes, but its not a super quick process.

Edit3: I'll be alternating between sending codes from the post and pm. I have 500 coupons in total so there should be enough

Edit4: Just an update. I'm still going, copy and pasting each code from the spreadsheet. Im sorry if i dont reach everyone as I have 230 left to go

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  • Keen to give it a go!

    • If furythree were here he/she would be hijacking this post

      • i didnt realise i had a reputation

    • Sorry took so long to get back to you, yep, code works. Having a play with the app now!

      Thanks :)

  • Same⤴️

    • +3

      please confirm if it worked. Thanks. Sorry everyone Im getting down the list now

      • +2

        Code worked for me.

        Gotta watch out if you have existing Google Play credit (eg rewards credit) which is default payment method - to drop down the payment option and choose "redeem code" (or maybe it just said redeem).

        The app looks good to me. My only suggestion is to make the deal votes brighter and possibly larger font. The green/red are both very light and small font. I use # of up-votes as a quick guide to how good a deal is, when scrolling through a list of them.
        On the OzB site the deal votes are designed to stand out.
        And include the votes on the deal view screen too.

      • Please may I have a code too? Thanks!

      • hijacking top post to get a code

      • +1

        Thanks! Code worked for me too.

  • looks good by screenshot. I will try this for sure…

  • Thank you.

  • I'll give it a shot

    • Can't seem to send you a pm, could please you pm a instead?

      • Can you please pm me a code

  • +4

    Its not free its 3.99 is there a code?

    • +1

      For android apps I can't make it from paid to free from store listing. But i'll be sending out codes now so it'll be completely free once applied. Does anyone know a website or something to send out these codes? In the mean time i'll be pming everyone.

      • Willing to try this if you could pm me a code, thanks

      • +1

        If you use Gmail try a plugin called gmass where you can mail merge each unique code to each email address.

        Let me know if you need help as this will take me a few mins.

      • +2

        I believe this is what you want to do

      • The code was already used if you could re send the code woild be great

        • Ok done. Hopefully it was all good.

      • I'm interesting to have a code. please send me a code. Thank you

  • Willing to try this

  • +4

    Good work OP!
    I don't actually enjoy using OzBargain on mobile (Android) as I find it quite difficult to use the main features (New deals, commenting etc) and find myself switching to desktop view all the time. I'll be sure to give this a go!

    • +1

      Mind if I ask how so? The mobile version seems pretty good compared to some other mobile websites

      • +2

        Mobile site is definitely better than others! Call me old fashioned, I just prefer the desktop experience. Being a member since 2008 and only getting my 1st smart phone in 2012, my efficiency with finding/posting searching deals is best with the old school desktop site!

    • I do this sometimes too.
      I often view the top popular deals, to ensure I haven't missed any.

      On desktop you can select hide expired, and limit to last 7 days, but these options not available on the mobile view.

      However, trick is to switch to desktop view, change criteria to above, then switch back to mobile view.
      You get the mobile optimised view, while retaining the popular deal criteria (no expired, last 7 days).

      • Phew, so I'm not the only one ;) Thanks for the support!

      • How do I do that? Sounds like a great feature.

        • The Chrome browser has a "request desktop site" tick box under the menu.
          On Android anyway.

  • Cheers

    • +1

      Just an update, I'm here at the moment, slowly heading down the list.

  • I'd be keen for a code?

  • Send me a code please

  • I'd like to have a look

  • I'd like to give it a go thanks.

  • I'd be keen for a code too. thanks

    • You message box is disabled. Please send me a pm!

      • allowed message box. please send me a code.Thanks

  • Looks good, I'll give it a go.

  • Thanks op, i'd like to take a look

    • Please end me a pm. Can't reach you.

  • Looks good. Keen to try it out. Is there a widget as well?

    • Actually implementing one at the moment, along with one for the smart watch. Will be out in the next big update. Also, could you please send me a pm. I can't reach you

  • Looks great. Will wait for code. Cheers

  • Can I have one please ?

    • Sent! I am going through the PM's now and then back down this list. Thanks guys

      • Thanks for the code. Sweet app.

  • I'll take a code if there are any available thanks.

    • Please send me a pm instead. Cant get to you via pm.

      • No worries, done mate

  • +1

    Must say, Android has the best OZB apps on the platform. iOS versions are sorely lacking behind (Sorry, PoS)..

  • I am keen to try this

    • Sorry man, can you please send me a pm and i'll get back to you with the code

  • +1

    There is no decent ozbargain app(at least not that i know of). Mobile site is better than apps. This app looks good. I would like to give it a try.

  • Code pls

  • -1

    Can I have one please. Thanks op.

  • pm'd you :)

  • Thanks op, appreciate the work!

  • Thanks OP, code please :)

  • Code for me please.

  • Would be nice to try. Thanks

  • BTW.. does this allow posting/editing/login?

  • Keen to see how it goes.

    • +1

      Hey mate, could you please send me a pm and i'll get back to you!

  • Keen to try thanks

    • Hey mate, could you please send me a pm and i'll get back to you!

  • code please for android, thanks

  • I'm keen to give it a good go. Cheers

    • Hey mate, could you please send me a pm and i'll get back to you!

  • I'm interested. Code please

  • I'll take a code please

  • Love to try it, thanks

  • I'd like to try it! Thanks

  • Code please
    Will give a try

    • Please send me a pm and Ill get to use with a code

  • code please

    • Please send me a pm and Ill get to use with a code

  • Could i please try the app

    • Please send me a pm me.

  • Oh my god, it looks so good! Would love to try it :)

  • I'd love to give it a try!

    • Please Pm me. I can't send you a pm for some reason!

  • please PM me a code. Thank you

  • I'd love a code. Please and thank you

  • One for me too. Keen to try this out.

    • Please send me a pm and I'll get back to you!

  • Can I please have a code? Would love to try it!

  • Love to try it . Please PM the code THANKS

    • Please send me a pm and I'll get back to you!

  • yes please

    • Please send me a pm and I'll get back to you!

  • awesome app development thanks love a code : )

  • i'd like to try

  • I'm keen to give it a go thanks

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