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Samsung Series 6 55 Inch JU6400 4K UHD LED TV $1088 @ Harvey Norman Mascot NSW


Not much to say but it's a sweet deal.hurry ending TONIGHT 9pm. Quite a few left
I didn't buy this my mate bought it. I already bought the hisense 58" from the last TGG DEAL :(
EDIT. they still have stock and still same price 8 left? And also they have the chromecast2 for $25 can someone double check and post, thanks

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • That's cheap!

  • Good price, I pay more for my 50" FHD TV 2 years ago.

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    is this a good price?

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    Can combine with Amex offer $50 off too.

  • all stores or just that specific one?

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      Not in Hobart….

  • Here's a super comprehensive review on this TV.
    Looks decent enough!
    Reallly low input lag so good for gaming.

    • Very good for gaming, very bad for watching movies, has very low contrast ratio; 700:1, and also has judder with movie playback, it's a 50hz refresh rate panel dressed up with software processing to get to a 100hz motion rate.

      Still a good buy though (if primarily gaming). I would buy one if I hadn't bought a refurb 55" Sony W800B FHD ($760), has 23ms response time and 4000:1 contrast ratio, good for movies and games both, but I only use it for gaming, so I would buy the Samsung just for 4K bragging rights and possible next gen consoles with 4K.

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    Online store closed at 7pm… what kind shit are they running.

    Close down the website if they can't maintain it 24/7.

    • Go in store, they are open to midnight tonight

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        Not here they don't.

        • have you checked? they are doing extended hours tonight (30th) for the EOFY

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          Oh, sorry. I haven't seen any advertising about it up here.
          I thought you meant normal Thursday nights are midnight.

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    Your mate bought it, then brought it home (presumably). </grammar nazi>

  • Any idea price of a 65" ?

    • Got Hisense 65" K3300 for $1,850 delivered last week. Don't bother with 55". Very very happy.

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    Receipt says x display stock

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      It's brand new

  • Bought it 1040 last Christmas. But this still good price.

  • HN website only seems to have UA55KU6000WXXY (Samsung 55" Series 6 Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV), For $1649 :/

    Awesome deal if you can actually find stock of OP's TV though!

  • one of lowest input lag 4K TV for gaming
    for my memory it was like 22ms or 21ms input lag?
    could say it's one of the best gaming TV for PS4 NEO or XB Sco…..

  • No stock in SA Marion

  • Deal doesn't exist. 2 stores with stock in VIC said they cant go anywhere near that price and they don't know how this store was able to. Best they can do is 1600

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      I think it's store specific only. They even sold the chromecast2 for $25

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        Previous Dick Smith management taken over Harvey Norman Mascot I see…

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        chromecast2 for $25

        That's a bloody good bargain. Should've posted it.

        • Couldn't find the receipt that's why I didn't want to post. But going to look in the car tomorrow.

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          @Duc609: Thanks, that will be great.

        • @icecream: I went to the store today, the price for chromecast2 is still $58.

        • @mikeshine126: Thanks.

  • Probably just needed some $$$ to make budget for the year. This seems like a pretty good method.

  • Is this deal going to be available tomorrow as well? As on their website it says the 1/2 yearly clearance is extended until the 3rd of July.

  • Not expired, just called up, they are still going for a few more days. Take away the expired tag?

    • Just confirmed still have stock left

  • Confirmed with Mascot they have 8 left. Also confirmed these a REFURBISHED with 1 year warranty from Samsung

    • yeah Mascot's the HN outlet store. Won't be surprised if its refurb

    • Is it still a good deal for a refurb?

  • Why expired again?