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$5 Cashback Offer - Gourmet Coffee Beans for Your Coffee Machine, Plunger or Filter


Bay Beans // Gourmet Coffee Beans are offering $5 cashback for all coffee beans and pre-ground coffee purchased in the next 4 days. This is great for home and business use and all you need to do is quote the coupon code 'gourmet' at checkout.

Bay Beans produces smooth and aromatic gourmet coffee beans for your coffee machine, plunger or filter. Delivered fast to your home or office, exclusively from Bay Beans.

the website address is www.baybeans.com.au
phone number is 02-8208-3477

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    Sounds like nice coffee, but it doesn't recognise the $5 cashback 'gourmet' code when I try to checkout in Paypal?

    • Hi - its actually a cashback, not a coupon. I refund the value of the cashback manually after purchase. Just enter the coupon code at checkout on instructions to seller. (unless someone can show me how to add a voucher - seems the checkout system has been changed to make the buyer purchase a $5 voucher - I want this to be a true refund).

  • How good is this coffee. Has anyone tried it? Do you have any outlet?
    It seems rather expensive considering $18 (including shipping) for 250g, even with $5 off. It is still cheaper to buy Gloria Jeans $9.90 per 250g.

    • There are testimonials on the website, and it really is fantastic coffee. If you like Gloria Jeans coffee, you will LOVE Bay Beans gourmet coffee. it is roasted fresh to order, not mass produced and stocked in warehouses and on shelves.

      The costs are actually $9.90 so you are getting a fantastic quality product at the same price. Delivery is $5.90 for two bags or singular bags if you prefer. the voucher code makes it a great deal to try it and see what you think.

      This is a premium gourmet coffee.

  • The question was asked, do we have an outlet. Bay Beans is a mail-order company, roasted to order, but if you are in the Nelson Bay area drop on in. Anna Bay markets, Nelson Bay markets and Murrays Winery markets.

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    seems to be normal price for coffee from specialised places.I have often paid 35-40 for a kilo of coffee but these days i can normally pick something up on special for $20. With postage on top of a premium price i dont see this as a bargin. Especially when there are no coffee shops or supermarkets selling it to taste.

    • Yes you are right - the price of $37.90 falls in the middle of your experience of premium coffees being $35-$40 BUT we are offering a $5 cashback ontop, so this makes it a better deal. This is a genuine cashback on our already competitive prices.

      This is a premium product.

      thank you for your feedback.

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    Well I've ordered some, so I'll feedback on how it tastes! We love our coffee and it's probably a bit cheaper than what we normally pay especially with the $5 off. I see it as almost postage free so it's a good way to try it.

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