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NVIDIA Shield 16GB Android TV Box With Controller £120.95/~AUD$207 Delivered @ Amazon UK [Prime Only]


Or with Audible Offer £110.95/~AUD$191 delivered.

I believe this is one of the cheapest ever with current conversion rates.

Personally I added the remote for a total of £145/$250 delivered with Audible Offer.

A side note the Roku 3 is £52.21/$90 Delivered.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    It is actually $193 posted using a 28Deg Card

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      Or $207 without a 28Deg card…

  • Does anyone know if I join Prime at Amazon.com will it work on Amazon UK website

    • I don't think it works. I got a prime membership for US site but when I login to UK it's asking me to get the print membership again.

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    Nvidia Shield + extra controller $110 Off (8:55 am)
    Amazon USA 12 July
    taken from


    • =~$208 + shipping, but with an extra controller

    • im seeing $259.98 USD ???

      • US deal hasn't kicked in yet. 855 am

        • i see, thanks my dude !

    • Deal is live now for 5 hours but I am sure it will be 100% claimed in next hour or so. I ended up ordering another one (ordered one from amazon UK as well. I signed up to prime on both US and UK and used audible 10 dollars off at US as well as UK)

      Nvidia shield plus extra controller USD 149.99 ====Approx AUD 210 shipped(after audible 10 dollars off) or AUD 221 without audible discount
      Nvidia Shield Pro plus extra controller USD 249.99

  • 5.1 mkv ?

    • +1

      Atmos and HEVC if you like.

      • DTS?

        • yup

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    Dumb question - what can a TV box do that a Chromecast or Smart TV can't already do?

    Can it pick up foreign channels a la TVpad?

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      See below post. This thing is a powerhouse that handles it all and doesn't require the workload to be put on other devices.

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    This thing is the bomb, 4K Netflix, Vudu, Kodi, and now supports running Plex Server. Also just got HDR upgrade in the latest update.

    Great price, great support from NVidia, hands down the best 4K Media player

    • +2

      now supports running Plex Server, for the less pc tech savvy this has now become the media center for 3 of my best friends and their family
      Ive set them up and now they hug me everytime I go to their house for dinner or a BBQ, no joke :)

    • 4k twitch and youtube?

  • It's only the 16 and 500GB that can be shipped to Australia. How did you get the remote, Op?

  • Add seperate remote for £39.99

  • Best deal since Black Friday!! Jump on it, love my NVIDIA Shield TV!!!! Considering one for my parents!

  • Are there Stan and Presto apps?

    How is x265 support?

    • No Stan or Presto - Netflix only at the moment - Just added Spotify support (ADFREE) - Supports Voice search capabilities in Youtube and netflix. If you have nvidia card in your pc you can stream your games to it. Has AC wireless.

      the list goes on. I've tried many Tv boxes and this is the only one you will ever want or need.

      • Isnt this just another Android box? Just install Stan and Presto Android apps onto it?

        • Was just reading a thread about Presto - apparently doesn't work on the Shield for some reason.

        • Shield uses a Tegra chip. The Apps need to be tegra compatible and I doubt presto or stan have made them tegra compatible.

        • @SubNoize: Its working on my Shield Portable (Presto) using a Tegra chip - except the main menu is on Portrait mode and not very usable. All modern Tegra Chips past Tegra 3 are ARM NEON compatible like any other.

    • H.265 plays 100% fine.

  • I really wish the remote came standard, than the control pad.

    • Find the Android TV app on google play, it works great.

  • Can you add Stan and the Optus Premier League to the Roku 3?

  • wanna jump on this and have joined prime but it says for the unit that it wont post to australia… am i doing something wrong? Help?

  • A lot of people are commenting on it's capabilities as a media player, but nothing on how it performs as a gaming device.

    Can someone shed some light on this? Wouldn't it be worth spending the extra $150 on a PS/XB instead?

    • As a gaming device? Yes.

      Emulators, game streaming, and the small pool of Shield exclusive Android apps are all very well and good, but it doesn't hold a candle to a PS4/XBO in terms of games… hence the price difference.

      As a media player AND a part time gaming device? 100% worth it.

  • goes from 139 pounds to 158 pounds or something like that everytime i go to checkout…. Grrrrr

  • The unit itself is jumping from 99 pounds to 124.99 pounds when I go to checkout….. grrr.. whats going on?

    • +1

      New UK PM?

  • i cant seem to get the price indicated above ? am i doing something wrong ?

    • Signed up for prime?

  • I own a Shield Tablet but I wouldn't buy this device - it occupies a place where it's the worst of both worlds: too under powered to be a gaming machine I'd want for the price when other consoles are not much more … but way to expensive to justify buying as media player compared to the other choices as well.

    The "powerhouse media player" reasoning is silly when much cheaper devices do exactly the same thing for 80% less. Unless someone can come up with a scenario where this device does actually do something that another Android box cannot do as far as a media player.

    I guess maybe the $10 USD per month game streaming - GRID I believe it's called though don't quote me - is a USP of this device although given that you'd be using it from a non-supported country so it would be … well, I wouldn't buy this device for that ;)

    • Like most things it depends on your needs, i.e. the Shield TV can run Plex Media Server which if important to you rules out pretty much every other option. Leaving that aside though, and having played with a Shield TV as well as the Apple TV 4 and several of the cheaper options at friends and clients places, i have ordered the Shield TV on this deal today because it is faster/more responsive than the others, and because i'll be able to play Fifa gamestreamed from Steam on a PC in the other room flawlessly at 60fps.

      • Plex Media Server

        I have no idea why you would run Plex Media Server on an Android TV. I mean to start with AFAIK there isn't an Android version of Plex Media Server because … why would you do that.

        If you mean Plex the app that runs on a $30 Android box.

        And Gamestreaming is the same story: cheaper using Moonlight, a Raspberry Pi (or any number of other dirt cheap android/linux boxes) and an Xbox controller. Granted the setup for Shield Gamestreaming is (presumably) a lot easier - I've never setup Moonlight and a controller before but there are countless guides oh how to do this.

        • I think they were referring to it being an all-in-one Plex box as of the end of June.

        • PMS runs on the Shield TV as of the 3.2 update at the end of June, and it has hardware transcoding support so can handle transcoding several streams at once: https://www.plex.tv/apps/tvs-consoles/nvidia-shield/ It still has bugs right now so i'll continue running PMS on my old Macmini, but when they get sorted i'll likely move to the Shield to save power, and because it is more powerful than my Macmini (which chokes on 1080p HEVC files).

          Re gamestreaming, i didn't say there wasn't a cheaper option for most things it can do, but i've yet to use a device as responsive as the Shield TV, which appeals to me.

      • Once you try it - you will understand why people love this machine over other android boxes. The thing works and behaves, just how you would expect. Everything is just so fluent and fast. The build quality is of high standard. At this price it is truly worth it. The support for this machine is amazing from Nvidia.

    • hi10p playback. Much harder to find something that can do this than you might think.

      • Thanks.

    • Unless something has changed, when this was released, only Android TV devices offered Netflix in HD, that alone stopped me from considering any Android box. After that, no, generic Android boxes can't do all this can as a media player, sure as hell don't get the support that it gets from SPMC (Kodi). It is far cheaper than a Nuc.

    • I'm a Kodi user and I'm sure there are others out there also. I currently run an Intel i7 8gb ram HTPC that cannot output 4k. My options to view 4k content using Kodi would be to buy a new graphics card for the HTPC at around $200 or more. Till now I had not even thought of the Nvidia shield but at ~$200 for 4k capable playback on Kodi and all the extras of gaming, chromecasting and android tv apps this seems like a heck of a good deal. https://shield.nvidia.com/blog/kodi-xbmc-and-shield

      I agree that the cheaper media players are suitable for many, however there's definitely those out there that will see the bargain that this device represents. If anything this is device is more future proof than others on the market for its ability to support 4k alone. Once NBN is prevalent anyone with a UHD TV will wish their device supported 4k content. That future is already on many people's doorstep.

      • If you get one, install SPMC, the Android offshoot of Kodi, and copy your Kodi settings across to it. You can run Kodi and SPMC on it at once, but there really is no reason for Kodi anymore as it has fallen well behind SPMC now the Kodi Android maintainer has left (he created SPMC)

    • 4K netflix (only Android Box that does this) and as far as I know, DTS-MA, Dolby Digital TrueHD or ATMOS, nothing else will output 7.1 of these devices, your cheapest option compact option is a NUC and that's several hundred dollars more.

      So as said above depending on your needs this machine is well worth it, if you're just looking to use a few kodi add-ons to stream some shows then yeah there's cheaper options out there, but to playback high quality media backups 30+GB with high end sound, with bonus features like gamestream etc this box is great value, only thing I think it should have as standard is an airmouse.

  • Can this stream PC games?

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      It can if ur PC has a compatible nvidia graphics card.

  • Question. I know next to nothing about media players but would like to get one for my theatre. On a super tight budget is it possible to get a 4K player with Netflix and Plex support without paying this much for the Shield?

    I want the Shield without paying more than $90AUD

    • +2
    • +1

      For that budget, you're going to struggle - particularly if you want HD Netflix.

      Most cheap Android boxes (i.e. those powered by the Amlogic S905) will do a decent job with Kodi, 4K playback and Plex though Netflix will be limited to 480p. Wetek's devices to HD Netflix though.

      Otherwise, you can pick up some cheap Windows PCs for around $120. I've reviewed heaps on my site.

      • Can i get a link to your website or a recommendation for a purely youtube/twitch/netflix pc. Preferably if it can handle up to 4k but if it is significantly cheaper 1080p or 2k. With and without monitor or tv.

        • My site is Home Theatre Life.

          For what you're after, I'd recommend a Windows mini PC with the Intel X5-Z8300 as a minimum as this will decode 1080p HEVC video plus 4K H.264.

          You'll need to increase your budget though - probably to around $130. At that price, you'll be limited to some of the cheaper Windows PCs such as those by Nexbox and Vensmile.

          Fork out a bit more and I'd recommend looking at Windows PCs by MeLE and Tronsmart.

          Otherwise, I'd check out devices by WeTek as I believe their new box supports HD Netflix - I will hopefully have one coming soon.

  • I had it in my basket but at checkout… deal of the day has sold out.

    That'll learn me for shopping for other deals.

    • $100 more for the 500GB?

  • Is this still available? Any model. Damn work, I missed it again. Anyone selling an extra that they don't want? Cheers.

    • Same here, missed it again. :(

      Due to power outage in my area for well over 15 hours.

      • 500GB still available. They are going for much more on eBay so grab them while you can

        • I actually want the 500gb but it's just at the normal price anyway, not a deal price, isn't it?

        • @ozieboy: sorry you are right, they were £169 before now back to £220, my browser was not refreshed.

          next discount for this box will be black friday/cyber monday I think

        • @Viderzo: thanks man, will probably wait for that. All that signing up with prime and audible for nothing, and I will forget to cancel it before 30 days, Ahhhhhh. Damn it if only I checked last night before bed, damn been waiting for it for a long time and checking OZ and Amazon just for that, Damn, kicking myself.

        • @ozieboy: you can cancel your prime now and it will take effect on the day it expires. remember to cancel both UK Prime and US Prime as they are separate charges

        • @Viderzo: Will do, thanks for the advise.

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