expired Gears of War Ultimate Edition (Xbox One) Digital Code for $17.58 AU ($16.70 w/ Facebook Like) from CD Keys


Not a bad price for the remastered edition.

To obtain a 5% off code, enter a random/non-existent email address on their Facebook page. There is no need to access the email account to verify it.

Also, here are another two Xbox One games selling for cheap:

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    did someone from whirlpool post this after my comment ? ahaha


    I have two codes available for $15 on gumtree but people just haven't been interested for some reason.


      I'm guessing it's because it's not an entirely new game, where a lot of people would have already played it on the Xbox 360 some 10 years ago.


      I don't think this game had much interest. Big fan of the GoW series but don't want to shell out again for it. Doubt it would have much interest in MP these days any way. Still can't believe it has been ten years since Gears came out, I remember watching the Mad World trailer in the cinema and countless late nights playing MP.


    its highly likely this will be free games withgold pretty soon as gow4 is coming out.
    its also an old bundle game like ass creed blackflag which went free.
    save your $$$


    Is this one of those crossbuy games? Buy on xbox and can play on windows 10?

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