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Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Cleanser US $62.58 (~AU $84) Shipped @ Skinstore.com


This probably won't interest the pro gamers as it doesn't have a graphics card.

Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleansing System US$62.58 (~AU$84), free shipping.

AU$199 at Clarisonic AU:

Historical low at Amazon US was US$104 plus shipping.

AU$180-190 at local stores.

Edit: 8% cashback at Givingassistant and Topcashback.

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  • OP do you know when the code expires? Need to transfer some moolah across to my Citibank to avoid the 2.5% fee of ING Direct.. grr !

  • Maybe it can be soft-modded of whatever to accept a graphics card.

  • Bro maintaining clear healthy skin is the most challenging game there is!

  • Superb deal. Was reading about these the other day.

  • I changed it to AUD$, and it was $80.xx. Wonder if they will charge in AUD or is that just an estimate? Either way, the CC fees in this deal is negligible. Thanks OP!

    • My thoughts exactly - in the end I went for USD! Let me know what it charges you please :)

      • Had a look at my Netbank, and so far they've charged me the price the website showed in AUD - $80.86! Not sure if there would be any extra bank charges though, it's still pending!

  • Just fyi - been hearing about Foreo Luna, many ppl including my friends said it's better than Clarisonic :)
    I'm waiting on a deal for Foreo atm.

    • Got a Luna 2 for men a couple weeks ago for $166 AUD (after ebates.com cashback) from the official website. Sometimes they have 20 to 25% off deals.

    • I've seen it and also wondered that. I like how you don't have to change brushes which is a huge cost saving.

  • Thanks OP, perfect timing for me. Order came to $80.86AUD using PayPal, it turn out cheaper if you select to pay in AUD.

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      Have you received yours?

      • Still waiting for mine to come, shipping said 10-14 business day. Was expecting for it earlier this week, but nothing…lets see what happen next week, otherwise I'm worry.

      • It go delivered yesterday.

  • thanks great deal !

  • I already have one but this is an awesome deal/price!

  • Are those on ebay legit? I see some for $69.99

    eg http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Clarisonic-Mia-2-Sonic-Skin-C...

    • No they're not, my mum bought one from there last year and after it arrived there were numerous small differences indicating it was fake. As soon as she pointed these out to the seller she was refunded her money without any quibbles, the seller didn't even try to claim it was genuine.


    Gf has wanted one of these for ages. Finally bought her one as i knew these weren't worth the $199.

    Only trouble is now the replacement heads are worth more than the machine.

    Not sure about that ebay seller, thre are a ton of fakes going around of the mia 2 and aria. The only way of knowing is to buy one and look at the fonts and check the serial / batch code with the box. Then again, china is very very good at cloning!

  • Had a look and there are quite a few to choose from. Which one are you all buying?

  • Thanks OP!! Have been wanting one for ages :)

  • Can guys use this?

    • No, they have a drm chip that does a skin swab DNA test to check for the y chromosome. If present, the machine will shut down. There is a class action lawsuit being made by the transgender community, as many people born male but identifying as female can't use it. Blatant discrimination.
      The good news is, if you were born female but identify as male, the machine has no way to know, and will operate even though you are, for the most part, male.

    • To be honest the brush it comes with is more suited to rougher skin. I was gifted one and it did wonders for my skin, especially since i dont exfoliate much as a guy if at all. My mum and sister preferred a softer brush than default though.

  • It's all about the graphics card when it comes to taking care of your skin.

  • Thanks for sharing. I'm $80 poorer and I hope my face appreciates it!

  • Hmm so do these live up to the hype?

    I've considered before but not sure if just gimmicky. I'm just currently cleaning using a microfibre cloth and an oil based cleanser in the shower, and I feel my face is totally clean.

    Even Michelle Phan from memory reviewed it and didn't give it much interest (albeit an older model several years ago).

    Am interested in buying though is there is any particular benefit?

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    What did I just buy?

  • Comparing a couple of the Mia 2's - the crushed velvet one doesn't specifically say it is cordless. Not sure if it is different than the other pastel colors that most stores sell

    • They are all cordless, all Mia 2's are the same, they just have colours that are limited edition/exclusives at different stores.

  • Out of stock..


    Is this compatible with my Beard GTX 1080?

  • Are they all gone now? The ones I see are much higher in price.

  • Keep getting the error "Unfortunately the discount code you have used is not applicable to the contents of your basket." when applying SAVE40 and I had the pink Mia 2 in the cart.

    This was the one I had in my cart at the time

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    Anyone get a tracking number once despatched? I got an email with no tracking number. It says "click here" to track which leads to nothing

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      Same here. Expected delivery date according to their email was on or before the 28th.I still haven't received it.

    • yea same
      the "click here" thing isn't actually a link, just normal text
      Maybe they don't give tracking no. for international orders? Dunno

      my face is getting awfully dirty waiting for this thing to arrive


    I've called them. I was told that we had to pay extra for tracking (which I didn't) and that it might take up to 30 days to receive it.

  • yep no tracking here, no item yet..

    however, on thurs 4 aug, i ordered a foreo luna, and received the item today… hmmm…


    Yep.. No item yet. I was expecting it last week.. Must be on some slow boat from the UK.

    Skinstore is owned by TheHut group. Thehut owns ozgameshop and zavvi.. Both UK based.

  • Has anyone else's order been shipped to the wrong address? I haven't received mine yet, but on my order confirmation it had the correct shipping address but on the despatch email it had my billing address as the shipping address. I emailed them to confirm the address they shipped it to and they have shipped it to my billing address (although they tried to tell me it was the shipping address I had entered).


      Both of my details were correct. Nothing arrived yet. Slow boat from china i guess. Might take up to another 2 weeks.

      • They had been responding to my emails quite quickly, last one I out a screenshot of the email to show they shipped to the wrong address but haven't heard anything from them yet

  • Morning I just received mine today. delivered via Jersey post

  • I'm located in NSW

  • got mine today, brisbane


    Got mine yesterday. Girlfriend is charging it. Seems weird to have to charge it for 24 hours and the battery only lasts 24 minutes. That would be like a 300mAh battery.

    Also the gel clenser is tiny as.. Talk about pay and pay and pay again device. So lucky i didnt pay $199 for this crap.

  • Received mine on Tuesday. Did anyone have to buy an adaptor? I'm not able to charge mine :(. Please help.