The Most Despicable Thing That You Have Ever Done to Save Money

EDIT: Has someone change his/her name to Burger yet?

I recycle my stamps, I am not proud of it, but I do that. I also squeeze every last drop out of my toiletries. I even cut the bottle and spoon with my fingers the remaining.

There was this guy that posted self made McSpider, because he refused to pay 50c extra.

I know a friend who did as many trips as possible on Monday to save opal fees.

So what is the most embarrassing, despicable thing you have ever done to save money?
Maybe you reuse your underwear? Front to back, inside out…


  • Pirate bay. Back in the day.

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    The opal thing will soon be gone. No more 8 trips then all free after.

    Replaced with 50% off after 8 trips.

    I used up every last bit of toiletries. Not to save money but to use up what i paid for. Like food. I try finish up and only get what i can finish. Its just how im raised. Not to be wasteful.

    • Why is it despicable to finish all the shampoo in the bottle or toothpaste in the tube???

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        it only saves very small amount of money.

        Think about it, a bottle of 500ml shampoo is say $5, whatever remains perhaps no more than 5ml. So it's 5 cents.

        • despicable
          deserving hatred and contempt.

          Maybe you should relax a little?

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          @inherentchoice: I must say it is a strong word…
          Stronger than my intent… I guess my intention is just shameful or embarrassing.

          deserving hatred and contempt.
          "a despicable crime"
          synonyms: contemptible, loathsome, hateful, detestable, reprehensible, abhorrent, abominable, awful, heinous, beyond the pale; odious, execrable, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, disgusting, horrible, horrid, horrifying, obnoxious, nauseating, offensive, distasteful, beneath/below contempt; vile, base, low, mean, abject, shameful, degrading, ignominious, cheap, shabby, miserable, wretched, sorry, scurvy; infamous, villainous, ignoble, disreputable, discreditable, unworthy, unscrupulous, unprincipled, unsavoury; informaldirty, filthy, dirty rotten, rotten, low-down, no-good, beastly, lousy; archaiccaitiff
          "these were particularly despicable crimes"

        • Think about it, a bottle of 500ml shampoo is say $5, whatever remains perhaps no more than 5ml. So it's 5 cents.

          Yes but its simple enough to fill some water in it, Quick shake and you easily have one or 2 showers worth of shampoo left in it..

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      Crazy, it's already more expensive than paper ticket.

      Why do they implement something far more expensive?
      Those idiots…

      • Because price isn't the only factor in life?
        Convenience plays are large role too and being able to recharge on the go is huge!

        • I'm pretty sure convenience was not a a part of their initial business case as a "financial benefit".
          The ROI was most likely based on headcount reduction and savings on paper tickets (consumables).
          Somewhere, NSW transport screwed up.

        • @supaderp:

          Convenient (for the government)

      • The OPAL free after 8 trips removal will double ur cost, and the more u travel, the more u pay.

        Paper tickets back in the day allow you to buy monthly, quarterly and yearly, which gives you unlimited travel for the duration you purchase.

        • It may not double the cost as they are giving a 50% discount after 8 journeys instead of free. For me, it will probably mean a 50% increase instead of a 100% increase, which is still significant. Although they are keeping the Sunday cap of $2.50, so that keeps Sunday reasonably low, even if it's not free.

      • Under the new system, should I catch a few buses on Monday/Tuesday I will save $13.83.

        Under the previous system I would save $36.44.

        Seriously considering a move to Melbourne or Brisbane. It's not like the other costs of living in Sydney aren't also ridiculous.

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    Underwear? Let me Google that …

  • I'm with you on cutting toiletries tubes because there's always a surprisingly large amount left in them but how do you reuse stamps? I thought once they have any markings on them you can't use them? Or do you just trust that AP won't care and will send it on for you still?

    • I borrowed a stack of 'POSTAGE PAID' envelopes from a previous employer. There were no barcodes or identifiers on the envelopes, just the POSTAGE PAID square printed on the corner of the envelope. Impossible to bill anyone the postage cost.

      Used them for about 18 months and my mail was always delivered.

      Makes me wonder if AusPost just send anything they find in the postbox.

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        They'll send anything with postage paid on it. It's fraud though.

        • I thought they charge it to the company listed on the envelope.

        • I don't think it's fraud against Australian Post. Shouldn't the postage for those envelops have been paid for, when the envelops were purchased?

          If there is no barcode or identifier on the envelope, Australian Post has no way to charge someone for them… so why would they have given your previous employer them?

          I suspect your previous employer bought them (with postage included in the price), to save the hassle of buying envelops and buying stamps. So I guess technically you stole from your previous employer, if you were not given the envelopes.

          Fraud would be more like… if someone used a photocopier to produce their own postage paid envelops

        • @saintmagician0: I work with Australia post, and it is considered fraud. We run mostly on the honour system when it comes to postage paid envelopes.

        • @cold hotman: What do you mean by 'honour system'? Are you saying Australia Post gives away postage paid envelops with no markings / barcodes / identifiers, and then bills people for them after the fact? How do you know who to charge for a particular envelop?

          edit: I've never been a business customer with Australia post, but taking a quick look at the website, it seems the postage paid options are: prepaid envelopes and satches, which according to the website, the price of buying these envelopes and satches includes the price of the postage. Or a 'postage paid australia' imprint, but articles with this must be lodged at a post office. Or there's the reply paid service, but that requires writing a barcode on an envelop. I'm geuinely curious, is there yet another system that railspider could have been referring to?

        • @saintmagician0: Sort of another system. You can of course purchase postage envelopes paid direct from Australia post but many businesses do receive them in bulk from us (pro grata or tax reduced) for the express purpose of post between them and Auspost/the government/whoever sponsors the envelopes. Using these envelopes for anything else is considered fraud and if successfully traced back to your business could result anything as insignificant fine or as severe as your mail being punitively returned to sender.

          We don't really police it actively, hence the 'honour system', it is unlikely that a fraud will be discovered unless somebody dobs it in.

        • @saintmagician0: I don't want to say too much, but the employer was a big Government Department - and we had boxes of Postage Paid envelopes in all sizes.

          I saw the mail-run one day, and all of the outgoing mail was just dumped into the mailbox - no verification or billing done by an AusPost employee. That's what inspired me to use those same envelopes for my personal mail.

      • You are lucky the posties at your local area don't care. Postage paid envelopes should only be lodged at a post office or at get picked up at an AP business customer with a manifest. Postage paid envelopes lodged at the red boxes are considered unpaid, and will go through revenue streams. Of which they will bill the sender. If no sender details, then they will attempt to bill the receivers. The receivers should then raise the issue with the sender.

        Postage paid mark at the top corner of an envelope have no power because anyone can print it, or you can buy a ink stamp that does it for you.

        Btw, what do you mean you 'borrowed' the envelopes from your prev employer? Lol

        • Years ago I got a few invoices from AP for apparently unpaid post. It wasn't me who sent the things. I just ignored them; what were they going to do, cut off my postage?

        • @macrocephalic: or they could sell the debt to a debt collection agency affecting your credit rating and impacting your ability to take out a loan for something like a house. Think bigger picture.

        • @Slo20: They were addressed to the house, a rental, not any past or preset occupants of the house.

        • @macrocephalic: if it wasnt you, why didnt you find out who it was, or just let them know. I honestly dont know what happens when the invoices are ignore. Of course if it is large amount, it will go to a debt collector.

      • Yep; you're right, stealing envelopes is despicable.

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      not all stamp got marking, but yes, i think if the markings not easy to see, I would reuse them still.

      The hard part is peeling it off… Soak it too long, you'll destroy the stamp.

      I'm not that bad actually. A friend of mine went more than that, she somehow has a technique to remove the markings using steam or something.
      Too much effort for $1

      • The hard part is peeling it off… Soak it too long, you'll destroy the stamp.

        Yup. Soaking it just until the glue at the back is weak is the key.

        not all stamp got marking

        I only reuse unmarked stamps

      • I remember from the old C64 days when not quite legitimate software was traded on floppies via the mail, you used to be able to spray certain hairsprays over your stamps and any marks would wipe off very easily. Not that I ever did such a thing when I was a kid of course.

        • I just cut around the unused stamp with scissors and stick it on a fresh envelope with sticky tape.

        • Or you hit record and play at the same time on a dual cassette deck and 'copy' the game that way (and pray it worked!) Maybe 30% of the time it did lol

        • Haha… I was about to write something similar… I remember those days. People I knew used to cover the stamps in water soluble glue when sending to their mates, then at the other end the receiver would soak it off and the postmark would come off with the glue.

      • Boiling water in cup and cut the corner off envenlope with stamp in the middle… Wait a few hours … Ta da

  • I also squeeze every last drop out of my toiletries

    Have you tried standing it upside down the lid after each use? I do that for all my shampoo and conditioners etc. It seems to get 99% of it out. The only thing it doesn't work well on is the toothpaste.

    I wouldn't exactly call that "despicable" - it's quite smart, actually.

  • Came up with a recipe for Eneloop casseroles.

  • Shop a docket.

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      That's not so bad…
      I am quite ashamed with Entertainment Book though…

      I went out this one time with a girl, and when it comes time to pay, I said I got it, then I pull out a Gold card…

      • Yep, never had the balls to pull one out on dates back in the day unfortunately…Always was a shame job using them.

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          You shouldn't the girl will see you as a smart guy who knows how to handle his money.

        • @fm: Most girls I have known expected to be lavished with expensive treats, and dining was no exception — them seeing you having a discount will reflect directly on you as a person, they will probably see you as a 'penny-pinching, cheapskate' not a 'sensible, thrifty' guy, and that you don't fully 'value' them.
          In contrast however, this doesn't apply to girls with a financial background (bankers, loan brokers, accountants, etc) all seem to value money-wise guys — they will recognise someone who may be able to offer them financial stability/security.

        • Or you want to get laid. The choice is yours :p

        • Just excuse yourself and say you're going to the bathroom, go the front of house and pay while shes sitting at the table.

          When you come back and the whole "who is paying" conversation comes up, you can be a smooth mofo and say "Don't worry, it's all sorted". You've killed that moment of potential unease before it gets a chance to happen.

          She will be impressed ….or that you are a wizard….to which she will still be impressed.

        • @Jules_d1:
          And ask for half prediscount

        • @kryzstoff: They're the sort of girls you want to steer clear of! Usually chicks who have no control or self discipline with their own finances, with the illusion they don't need to take care of their own destiny, because eventually some guy is going to come along and 'save' them!

        • @kryzstoff:

          this doesn't apply to girls with a financial background smart enough to seriously date

        • Why? Bigger discounts impress me more! It is the size of the bargain that counts! ;)

      • I don't get why it's an embarrassment - the business has to volunteer to put the deal up in the book in the first place. You are merely taking them up on their offer. You also have to buy-in to get the book in the first place.

        If it wasn't for the entertainment book there would be many restaurants I would never have gone to or even heard about. The only reason I stumbled upon them was because of the entertainment book and if they were good then we've gone back again, which is the main reason why they put the deal in the book in the first place.

        I find Shop-a-docket deals embarrassing as you don't buy in and rocking up with a crumbled, torn up bit of paper, that you got for free on the back of a receipt, just feels cheap. Not sure why though as by the same logic the business has offered up the deal to begin with.

        At least with the Entertainment Book you have a card and now the app on the phone.

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          I'm not embarassed with Shop-a-docket, they are cheap places anyway like KFC.

          But Entertainment Book is often at fine dining places, and sometimes I even have to argue that they calculate 25% wrong…

          I'm not embarrassed arguing at KFC…

        • @fm:

          But Entertainment Book is often at fine dining places, and sometimes I even have to argue that they calculate 25% wrong…

          Find a partner who understands saving a little bit more = more food!
          If they don't.. time to start looking.

        • @cwongtech: I'd be disappointed if a date didn't use the book! In fact, I'd probably offer my own…

      • I would argue there is nothing embarrasing about this. It shows you are financially-savvy! Might even increased her opinion of you. The trick is not to hide it, but casually mention it on the way out, about how you have this card, and how good it is … :-)

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        It's all in how you emphasise the word gold. Just like a platinum or even black credit card…..

        • Exactly. Slap it down with confidence and sit back in your chair like everything is exactly as it should be, and only the girls you really want to stay away from will have a problem with it. (don't make a thing of it, and it won't be) Being embarrassed is a product of your self esteem and I think you will find more often than not, the only person who even thinks twice about it is you.

      • I used to offer to grab colleagues some subway etc, and eat for free.

        My family's sometimes sit at diff tables and present to be strangers n use multiple vouchers

      • If date girl don't blink am eye when you whip that gold card out, she's a keeper.

      • As a bargain hunter I'd be impressed :P

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    During my Uni days, I found a certain computer room in my Uni that allowed access to local drives and was not monitored by the download limits. Suffice to say I did all my downloads/torrents there so my 10gb home limit was always good.

    Although having said that, from my perspective I don't think it was 'despicable' considering how much fees Uni was robbing from me. I feel sorry for the kids these days that have compulsory student union fees.

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      Ahhh the uni days…

    • At UNSW, the wifi is monitored for torrenting and they handed out a few fines to students. I had a uni group assignment and we used a private room which had computers. A couple of us unplugged the ethernet cables and plugged them into their laptops. 100mb/s upload and download "untraceable" torrents.

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        Why don't they just block the port for torrents…

      • be careful… in some of the buildings they have alarms if you move/touch any of the cables

  • Back in the last century there used to be up to 10 public pay phones at Post Offices'…rows of them…there always seemed to be one that made free calls to 'STD' numbers (long distance)… Sydney used to be 'long distance' from the Central Coast! Locals seemed to know which one it was and sometimes you had to stand in line to use it. I always felt guilty using it….still used it though.

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      About payphone, I used to drill a hole in a coin, then put a fishing line into it.
      Works on some payphone, not always.
      Need to pull out before it takes it away.
      That was a very long time ago.

      Now it's all about looking for the cheapest unlimited calls.