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Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 3 PCs 2 Years $19 (Email Key) @ SaveOnIT


Ozbargain approved and favourite antivirus deal is back on again Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 3 PCs 2 Years for $19 from SaveOnIT!! For use in Australia/NZ only. Download version. Product key is emailed during business hours during Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Beats current deal from TGG by a massive $10!

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  • dont forget this one "ykwon10" as well

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      that deal has expired hence the post.

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        so was my other deal!….but you posted a reference for that one as well

  • I think this is their ongoing price - have bought this very deal in the past
    as bonky said, normal price

  • Is this much better than avast? Sounds like a good deal if so.

    • Also how does it compare to others e.g. Norton, McAfee?

        • Cheers.

        • Not sure why they didnt test Norton.

        • @Gaggy: McAffee Norton more or less same I think

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          Norton pulled out after first test I think.

        • @kampua: That is bad. Were they scared ? Are there better options than this?

        • @Gaggy: In terms of Overall protection, Kaspersky sits at top along with Avira, BitDefender & AVG(Premium) it's just personal preference out of those choices. Me personally I just use Kaspersky on all my devices and PC's, because it's easy for to make changes to permissions and KSNetwork for 0-day

        • @Kamui: Thanks

      • McAfee & Norton are probably the two worst paid security suits. Kaspersky is pretty well regarded, as is BitDefender and Avira.

        • Looking for multi device. Kaspersky here seems to be only for PCs

  • 2% surcharge for paypal/card, only direct deposit is free which takes a couple days to clear.

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      Yep, that 38c could be a deal breaker. :)

  • Does this work natively with windows 10?

    • Works ok for me.

    • Not sure what you mean by "natively" but it works fine with W10 on my new laptop.

      As someone above (and below) said this has been the price regularly for quite a while.

      • I think there was a period of time where KIS wasn't 100% compatible with W10. It is now for sure though.

  • normal price for them - not a bargain

  • +1

    Much cheaper than Norton and Trend Micro.

  • Its the 2015/2016 version so how is it "new"

  • can anyone enlighten us who "don't know" - why pay when there is free AVG or Windows 10 built in anti virus?

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      well here's one reason:


      Annoying popups from other free AV software is another good reason for me to just pay $20 and be done with it. If privacy and ads don't bother you then go for it. :)

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      AVG and one or two other free applications are very good, but if you want top of the pile protection you have to pay for it - and should be prepared to pay for it for that matter. A lot of money is spent (and earned I must say) by these companies keeping on top of malware etc. All websites can be hacked (even trusted ones) and unless your system is right up to date (including all your software) there is always a slim chance of someone getting into your system. On the other hand if you don't download and never open any mail/link from someone you don't know then basic W10 is probably adequate. Once you've had a nasty you won't ever rely on any of the lower performing AVs.

      Two very good rating websites which chart the performance of many of the better AV software suites/companies - well worth a look.


      <$20 for three devices for 2 years for one of the best AVs is an absolute bargain

      • AVG has been bought out by Avast so only time will tell

  • Paid for it with my credit card earlier this evening, haven't received the product key yet. Do I have to wait till tomorrow morning after they have resumed business before I receive the key?

    • It usually takes them a couple of hours to send it through, during business hours of course.

  • any other products? e.g. the one you can use on all the devices?

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    Similar price on Ebay

  • Installed and removed this in a matter of days. Liked the firewall system but broke too many things and was a massive headache for me overall.

    Uninstalled it and went back to Bitfefender.

    • I'm sorry but what do you mean by "broke too many things"?

      • +1

        Oddly removed his steam_api.dll files without asking.

    • Did the opposite a short time back. Both excellent products but you may have to tinker with settings.

    • i removed Bitdefender as it was blocking my AMD driver omega. used to use Kaspersky
      but i was able to break it when i installed Comodo dragon.

      So now using Dr Web.

      Kaspersky is a good AV but im holding out to see what 2017 will bring

  • Great my one just expired!

  • Thanks buddy, purchased for the future when my previous keys expire.

  • I havent got my code yet.

  • Any good and worth the price?

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