expired Convoy L6 XHP70 3800LM Long Range LED Flashlight [$64.67 AUD] [$47.50 USD] @ Banggood


This is the ultimate budget wall of light with nothing I am aware of able to compete in terms of light output, quality of material and price.

$65 AUD is a really good price for this light. It is approx $90 on the Convoy Aliexpress store (official Convoy online store) and $75 from GeatBest.

These need specific 26650 batteries that can handle high current and are of the right length. The Keeppower ICR26650 5200mAh have been recommended for this light

There was stock last night but it seems they have just gone into restock 1 September.

http://budgetlightforum.com/node/43503 > Info
http://budgetlightforum.com/node/47352 > Review
http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?419516-Review-Convoy-L6-(XHP-70-2x26650) > Review
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9Qcp54u868 > Review

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    Damn, these look bright! No good for spying on neighbours, I'll light the whole street up!


    I have one of these and they do put out between 3600lm (neutral white and 3800lm (cool white.
    These arent the cheap chinese ones with over rated lumen output. It does use the XHP-70 cree LED and a current controlled chip, not resistors!
    This will outshine most car headlights. Its really a bargain for the price.

    It has a good balance of flood and throw. Its not the flodiest flashlight and neither the one with most throw.

    Here is a link on the people who designed it:

    and here is a quick review:


      What batts are you using in it?

      Keeppower ones I know are great but I am after maxing out the output of the torch. I am down to two choices,VAPPOWER 26650 5200mAh vs Basen BS26003 4500mAh. Again I am after max longest brightness and not duration :)


    I've multiple torches.
    I own Nitecore, Fenix, Maglite and Convoy to name a few.
    The Convoys are great value and are comparable to the above brands, superior when it comes to Maglite LED's.
    This is worth every dollar and iirc, includes an adapter to run the more common 18650's cell size.


      Are you sure it has an adapter.. can't see one listed… I would only be keen if it does take 18650 as I have a few of those and a charger… don't want to fork out for another type of charger and more batteries.

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    The flashlight is definitely worth the money, problem is who hasn't got any of this gear will need batteries and charger which will set him back around $150 all together


      Exactly this.
      One of the reasons I love my little Cree single AA flashlights with zoom, is that they're still brighter than 99% of "off the shelf" flashlights, and AA's are easy to source.


      I was in the same boat, until the desire for more lumens won.
      AA and AAA's simply can't peovide the power required to push beyond several hundred lumens and that tends to require several of them!
      Lithium batteries are pushing the limits of several thousand lumens.
      Also to note, most Lithium chargers also charge multiple other cell chemistries and are better quality to boot, which extends battery life.
      In the long run, the investment is worth it.


        I fully agree with you, just don't want someone to go for it and then figure out that he needs to spend as much to have it up and running

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    Thanks OP, bit the bullet. Looking forward to getting my next Lumen fix :-)


    These need specific 26650 batteries that can handle high current

    18650s made for power tools (e.g. ripped from a powertool battery) with cardboard or plastic sleeves, should do the job just fine.

    It needs 6 amps.

    I'm a former torch addict. So proud of myself for resisting this awesome device that I do not need :-)

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      But won't last anywhere near as long most power tools cells are only 1500mah (unless very new model) due to their high drain capability they sacrifice capacity. A decent 26650 is over 5000mah.

      Just a note to others - do not even consider using old laptop cells (with padding to fit) at the high current draw this sucker pulls they could easily explode.


        I am down to two choices,VAPPOWER 26650 5200mAh vs Basen BS26003 4500mAh. I am after max longest brightness and not duration.

        I agree about not using old laptop cells. Not worth the risk.


          If you still haven't decided, BG claims the Keeppower 5200mAh will be back in stock in 2 days.


          @OzBragain: yeah i bit the bullet last night and decided on 4 vappower and 4 keeppower ( purchased two torches). Based on reviews, vappower seems to be good for max brightness but the downside is its unprotected. Im not to worried as i have experience with monitoring powersources like this. For a more safer option i also purchased the keeppower protected version so if i decide to lend the thing to a family member, they dont need to worry about taking the batts out as soon as the light starts to dim.


    Couldn't resist…..


    Ordered last week and got an email today saying there won't be any stock until the end of the month.


    Just wondering if anyone has had their order marked as sent yet?

    I pulled the trigger a bit late and ordered a couple of days ago and it is showing as on back order. Just wondering if it keeps getting pushed back or if the last shipment sold out.


      Received mine 2 weeks ago. Seriously bright.


        Good to hear. Any feedback on the colour temperature, which one did you choose?


          Chose N4-1C, 6000k, very white, washes out colour but bright. Using Keeppower 5200mAh. To be honest to the naked eye is not much brighter than my Nitecore EC4C running an XHP50. Still worth every penny and an absolute bargain……


          @Ferkin Tight: It's a shame that they do not include the CRI for these lights (unless I just don't know how to read the datasheet right). I ordered the N2-3A as I did read somewhere it had slightly better CRI but also has the appearance of a yellowish dot as part of the neutral white colour temp.

          I guess the LED could always be swapped over if I don't find it to my liking. I have seen photos with the handle removed but none with the lens removed. Is it removable?

          By the way I appreciate you helping out other ozbargainers!


          @wattstar: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/47352 shows the lens removed, is that what you were after? I'm sure you'll be happy with the N2-3A.


          @Ferkin Tight: Thanks, that's what I was after, from the photo it looks like the led star would be easy to swap. I just realised that the LED I already have is probably going to be not as bright (1290lm vs 1590lm, however these are measured) but it has 96CRI vs the typical 68 these are likely to be rated at.

          I also found the forums regarding these torches but has it over 2400 post! http://budgetlightforum.com/node/43503


    expired! oh well … saved some money =p


    Bugger, I just got a message that it is still on backorder and stock is now expected on 2/10/16.


    Just received email saying restock 17th Oct so by the time it gets here, soon to be Xmas month!

    Is it even worth the wait for this price? I can't remember how many days PayPal dispute ranges … Shit I gotten the batteries too! Any opinions?


      Really easy to cancel order with Banggood. Just login to view orders and click apply refund. I cancelled my order yesterday.

      Gearbest have stock, I ordered yesterday and just received notification it's been sent. A little bit more expensive but in stock. Use discount code L6GB

      $68.59 for the 1C version including Australian express shipping (select as shipping option for no extra fee).


      FastTech have a 2 day special on this too which looks cheaper than the original deal! For some reason it appears that they are not shipping batteries to Australia at the moment.


        saw the discounted USD$50+ on fasttech banner, but its still showing $60+ on cart!?

        yea i also cancelled the banggood order, another order of the batteries from them is due on the way but i got a snarking feeling customs gonna stop batteries from coming in (happened to me previously)


          They shouldn't stop batteries, certain carriers do allow them and they are not a banned item. In my experience eBay sellers use the wrong carriers which is why they don't make it, I have never had a problem with gearbest or Banggood.

          I'm not quite sure why the price is not showing right.


          @wattstar: hopefully it arrives, damm batteries two of em cost over $30 bucks, most expensive batteries (non vehicle) i ever bought!

          dunno … i tried firefox, chrome and incognito, all showing $60+ … oh well perhaps its a sign to stop spending money on torches =p


          @LurvinOZB: turned out they did not update the price on their site. you can also stack BLF to bring it down to $48.74 USD


          @LurvinOZB: that's a good price for a store that has it in stock!

          I asked FastTech about batteries as they have Soshine 26650 for real cheap which were recommended by WeAllJuggleKnives on YouTube. It still says in their FAQ that they ship batteries to Australia but apparently they have not updated website yet.

          This was their response
          "Sorry that due to recent air freight restriction. There is no shipping method for battery to Australia. We are working on it and hope to resume it soon." I blame Samsung for their exploding phones! Lol

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