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2-for-1 Original Fillet Burger or Zinger Burger Via Xpress @ KFC (TAS Only)


Just got this email from KFC. Perfect to pair up with the nuggets promo and free chips/drink. I signed up to Colonels' Table last night here and got the email this morning.

Download KFC Xpress and get 2 KFC Original Fillet Burgers for the price of 1. With 100% breast chicken fillet coated in our 11 secret herbs and spices, freshly prepared with crisp lettuce and mayo on a seeded roll - it's worth sharing!

Thanks to railspider you can add up to 9 sauces and extra lettuce for free and up to quantity of 10 each. Sauces include mayo balsamic, mayo pepper, mayo sweet chilli, aioli, BBQ, Caesar sauce, chilli relish, supercharged sauce and mayo.

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    Guessing this is valid only with KFC express orders or those stores that recognise the app?

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    Might want edit out your email address from the image

  • Whats the free chips/drink promo

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      Pretty sure is take survey with a receipt and present it next time for free chips & drink

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    good one savas

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    Are the 11 secret herbs & spices listed as per the food labelling laws ?

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    I don't see this offer in the app.

    Is this for new sign ups only?

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    *Colonel's Table

  • Lunch sorted, but chip+drink combo would be nice. $5.95 for zinger combo.

    p.s. you might want to delete your email or sensor it with screenshot editor on chrome plugin. Mod: Resolved

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    Cheers op!

  • I don't see this offer. I registered and still nothing in the app

  • Express app is not available in almost all Melbourne CDB stores….uhh what?!?!

    • To my knowledge, it should be available at the KFC closest to RMIT.

  • not coming up at Marion, SA

    but 24 nuggets for $10 is!

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    The chicken fillet is half the size of usual ones.

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      That's why I don't bother…open burger, all I see is a quail breast in batter.

      • Just don't buy any special deals at KFC, otherwise you'll get tiny pieces of chicken in box (size 12).

        • Depends on your store though and who is serving you. I've bought 10 piece box and had 6 wings. Other times I will get no wings.

  • So how do you do this with the free chips and drink? Just ask when you pick up?

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      Yep, you also need to wink and mention that you're part of the secret herb and spices club. They might look at you strange (it's part of their policy) - once they've done that, just nod and wink again.


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      You get your recipt from your last vist goto: kfcfeedback.com.au complete a 30s survey get a code, write it on the recipt. Done.

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    After all the posts on the Free chips and drink from doing the survey, I am surprised so many people are still asking about it. This is ozbargain, you should know :).

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    I'm thinking 4 x $1 chips, 2 for the price of 1 zinger burgers, and 24 nuggets for $10. Plus free chips and drink. Family fed for $20 :D

    • split into 2 $10 transactions I hope

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          I know. Better to go for $20 and get large chips/drink

        • @Savas:
          2 chips and 2 different flavoured drinks if split…..

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      So pretty much get 3 Large Chips, 24 nuggets, 2 zinger burgers, 1.25L drink for $20. Smart.

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        Will probably do this tonight, will be interesting to see store managers face when I ask for the free chips and drink after getting that other stuff cheap :)

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          What happened?

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          @oscinator1988: got a bloody good deal is what happened! manager was cool and food was awesome as per usual. Love my local kfc

        • @tassieeagle: Good on you, pleased to hear that!

        • @tassieeagle: Can I ask how do you order the free chips/drink from survey in the Xpress app?

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          @Savas: you can't order it on the app but when you turn up just mention it to them at the counter or drive thru and they will add it to your order

        • @tassieeagle: Awesome thanks!

  • Not showing in the app for me either. And I don't believe the Colonials Table and KFC Xpress accounts are linked either, so the 2 accounts can't talk to each other and activate the offer on a per account basis?

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    This 2-4-1 offer is only valid in TAS

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      Just tested in the app and picked a Tassie restaurant to order from, and presto, there is the offer. Could the OP please put "Tas Only" in the title.

    • Anyone know if this $1 Chips Xpress offer therefore excludes TAS?

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        When I checked the app, I could still order $1 chips when selecting a Tassie outlet.

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        $1 Chips is available to all Xpress restaurants in OZ :)

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      Wow we actually get something decent, wow, speechless

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    This deal is really good.

    The app even lets you add up to 10 sauces/relishes on a burger for FREE.

    Deca-sauce Zinger for $3, what a bargain.

    • Thanks, updated post. Looks like 9 sauces and extra lettuce. Plus you can order a quantity of 10 each for one hell of a burger.

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        I haven't had the courage to go beyond 3 extra sauces & lettuce so far, but I'm pretty curious to see what a 9 sauce burger would taste like.

        The chilli relish & supercharge sauce is really good!

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          Yes they are!

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    I thought that 2 regular meals for 11.95 with all the sauce and lettuce was amazing. Now I can get 4 burgers for the same price. Never really drink the drinks anyway. I'm gonna be huge

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