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Leadtek WinFast GTX 1060 6GB $369 + ~ $16 Shipping or Pickup WA/VIC @ PLE


Hi Everyone,

We have a shipment of GTX1060 available for preorder for an awesome $369, use coupon code GTX1060 at the checkout.


Stock due to arrive at Melbourne for all Eastern States customers tomorrow and in Perth next week for WA customers.

AusPost Shipping to Perth and Melbourne Metro areas FREE, Shipping calculator on the link for other couriers and areas.

No Paypal or Credit Card surcharge, All Shipping Fully Insured.

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  • It says $429 when I click on the link? Has it gone up?

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      Use the discount code

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    I just bought the RX 480 (4gb) for the same price, what'dya guys think?

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      I think you cn try to update the bios to double the Vram(if your card is one of them)

      • interesting, thanks for the tip

    • Where'd you buy from?

  • Ref design?

  • Is this better value than the RX 480? Wanted to buy rx 480 but prices too inflated atm.

    • You will be waiting for over a year then to see prices go down.

      Currently, demand is out numbering supply on the RX 480, just pay the extra and remind yourself you will be future secured in the world of gaming for a minimum of 2 years

      • So RX 480 is better than 1060?

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          From reading reviews, it's not as black & white to say yes/no.

          But RX 480 excel in DX12 games
          GTX 1060 excel in other DX games, plus uses less power.

          Also depends on the manufacturer Gigabyte, Leadtek, Sapphire,

          basically, they're both good and are good competitors

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          They are about the same in performance overall.. 4gb, 6gb and 8gb .. doesn't make much difference at the moment.

          With GTX1060 having an advantage in DX11 games and RX480 having an advantage in DX12/Vulkan games :)

          They are both midrange cards that max out everything on 1080P monitors 60FPS :)

          Look to be fine with 1440p as well but neither can do 4k with currant games.

          RX480 is a little more future proof and this lead will grow once more DX12/vulkan API games are released over time while GTX 1060 uses 20% less power

        • @vid_ghost:

          Yep agree. They are predominantly 1080p cards. You'll have to make a fair few compromises by dialing back image quality at 1440p.

    • Not for Vulkan and DX12 gaming. If you are planning to keep the card then RX 480 is a better value for money but if you have money to burn to keep upgrading every hardware cycle then Nvidia is the way to go.

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    Whoops you need to enter the coupon to get the price.

  • Leadtek! :) I haven't had a gaming PC for quite a number of years, but I use to love my Leadtek PX8800 GTX

  • Would anyone recommend this for Video Editing?
    Mainly in 1080P, but frame rates could be up to 120fps.
    Want to be able playback 120fps video smoothly sped up or slowed down.

    Currently lagging when i try to do so, using i7-3770 with 16GB RAM and a GeForce GTX-550.

    • i think it has more to do with your hard drive.. have you tried using an SSD? .. 120gb Sandisk SSD Plus is cheap ($55) and works well. GPU shouldn't effect video editing.

      Keep all working files on the SSD and watch it fly :)

      • Thanks for the reply. I am using a Samsung 750 SSD Drive and still finding it hard to playback sped up video or slowed down video.
        I guess the only thing I can point to now is the software im using…Cyberlink PowerDirector

        • Samsung 750 SSD isnt very good :) maybe look into a MSATA SSD if you have the slot for triple the speed.

          I like to use FILMORA VIDEO EDITOR it can work with 4k content

          This is a good link also
          How to Build the Best PC for Video Editing
          "Graphics Card
          This might sound counterintuitive, but the graphics card (a.k.a. video card) is a less important component when it comes to video editing and other creative work with most software. Compared to the CPU, it’s usually OK to go a little cheaper with your graphics card"

          I'm going to be buying an 8/16 Core Zen CPU with 32GB of DDR4 5000Mhz ram and an AMD 14nm Fury2 with 6000+ Cores 15TFLOPS and 16gb HBM2 1TB Per second memory bandwidth for my next PC Upgrade .. along with PCI-E or mSata SSD :)

          This will stomp all over any PC out there for any task hand down and run all games at 4k silky smooth.. I just need to wait until early 2017 :)

  • Any update on arrival in Melbourne as website has gone to out of stock/sold out with new eta 17/8 - if we placed an order has stock arrived?

  • Your Sales Order (******) has been backordered. Call 08 6316 3884 for more information.

    Wtf I ordered in the first hour of the deal. Whole reason I nought this for stock before amazon.

    • i think all stock is back ordered.. as the OP stated

      "We have a shipment of GTX1060 available for preorder"

      The order will be in today tomorrow or next week.. All in all its a very short wait for stock on pre-order.. :) best to wait for the rep to confirm.

    • Are you in WA? It says the stock is due today for their Vic branch but for WA the eta is next week. So they might do the orders from eastern states first.

      • Yeh from WA,I'm guessing it a seperate shipment to WA stores.

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    I was notified that mine is on it's way around 2pm today, I ordered around 10:30pm last night. I'm in Melbourne so hopefully it arrives tomorrow.

  • Hi OP. What about doing a good deal on a GTX 1070, my money ready and waiting!

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    FYI for anyone who may have missed out on this deal, it looks like Mwave have the same card for same price $369 (in stock at time of posting)

  • Just got mine

  • Hmmm…. So mine is arriving 11 days after the date posted in the deal according to an email just received:


    Your Sales Order (SO-xxxxxx) has been backordered.

    Due to unprecedented demand, the Leadtek GTX1060 Winfast GPU sold out in record time.

    Unfortunately your order did not make it into the first shipment of GPUs.

    Our next shipment is expected to arrive in Perth on the 17th of August, 2016, and a final shipment in Melbourne by the 22nd.

    If you would prefer to have your Leadtek GTX1060 Winfast from the Perth stock, please reply to [email protected] so that we can change your order and advise of the additional shipping cost incurred.

    Otherwise, we will ship out your Leadtek GTX1060 Winfast as soon as it arrives.

    Thank you for your understanding,"

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