This was posted 4 years 11 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired [Hoyts] Super Saver (Adult) - Book of 10 for $107.50 Delivered


It's back.

Not sure about the conditions on these tickets. There's been numerous postings about them here, so there's a wealth of information that's just a search away. Yes, laziness has kicked in. Shouldn't I be working instead of posting here? :)

For a limited time only, Adult Book of 10 Super Saver vouchers for only $100.

Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

  • A minimum delivery and handling cost of $7.50 is payable per transaction.

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    can we buy this at the cinema?


      I've never heard of it at the cinema, but it could be worth asking. It would save me the hassle of giving away all of my details to get it shipped.


    i dont think this is a bargain to be honest. i paid 50 something for a ten pack from mastercard i got 20 for 105 to hoyts cinemas. your still looking at 10.75 a ticket which isnt a bargain imo


      u got a link to this mastercard deal?

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      I think that was a one-off special so not comparable. $11 each for a 10 pack of movie tickets is pretty standard (and you can also get that with GU tickets in the Entertainment Book), but compared to normal ticket prices of $17 it's obviously very good.

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      That MasterCard deal came up once. I've never seen it before that, and it has not come back since.
      I agree that it was a phenomenal deal, but it just doesn't happen. If it did, I wouldn't have posted this one.

      $10.75/ticket is a great deal imho, especially for cinemaniacs. $17.50 normally. $10.75 now. I think it's great.


    is it really $17 a ticket now? another option that works out under $10 is the bueno offer i used twice so far..


    anything for greater union ?


    entertainment book as greater union for 11 bucks
    i'm pretty sure Medibank, MBF and HCF have similar deals for discount tickets!

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    DO these one's work on Saturdays after 5 ?

    If not,
    Get The Unrestricted Hoyts 10 for $100 from here

    similar shipping rates though


      shipping is 6.95, so works out to be $106.95 total. Even cheaper.

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    theage or smh box office offers seems better than this deal, since these come out to $106.95 total and unrestricted. These also expire in March 2011 (so 9 months to use them up), whereas this deal expire 6 months from purchase (hence will expire in November/December), and slightly more expensive.

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