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AmEx Statement Credits: Wine Star (Spend $150 Get $50), Mwave (Spend $100 Get $40)



Spend $150 or more, get $50 back

Valid until 23/09/2016

Save the offer to your Card and spend $150 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at winestar.com.au by 23/9/16 to receive one $50 credit. Limited to the first 5,000 Cards to save the offer.

Manual Link: https://offerenroll.americanexpress.com/enroll/EnrollmentSit...


Spend $100 or more, get $40 back

Valid until 14/10/2016

Save the offer to your Card and spend $100 or more, in one or more transactions, in-store or online at Mwave by 14/10/16 to receive one $40 credit. Limited to the first 6,000 Cards to save the offer.

Manual Link: https://offerenroll.americanexpress.com/enroll/EnrollmentSit...

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AmEx Statement Offers
AmEx Statement Offers

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  • +5

    Now Tonester just needs to tell us what to buy..

  • I have a Westpac American express card, can I use these deals with that card?

    • click the links, enter your details and you'll get your answer pretty quickly…

    • Got the deal from my ANZ issued card

  • +1

    wow that mwave deal is great.. I registered my plat edge and westpac black.

    Does anyone know if mwave will let me split payment 2x $100?

    • I suspect that will need to be done in their office on a terminal rather than online. Maybe they won't allow that to happen in store either…

      Anyone wanna be the OzB guinea pig?

      • From my exp, if they accept amex, they will always allow one transaction but split to multi payment. what if I have not enough money in efpos but i have some cash to fill the gap. That is why they normally let you do that. It is still one transaction most of the time.

        • That doesn't surprise me at all so keep all purchases around the $100 mark to maximise your benefit.

  • +1

    Thanks for the mwave deal, now to find something to buy!

    • gtx card.. i wish i had more amex's.. like 8 lol 40% off, damn!!~

      • I can help :) PM me!

    • Just grabbed some EoP gear Id had on my list for awhile. Score!

    • I just picked up a Logitech X300 bluetooth speaker for $58 (RRP $99.95) to get my order over $100.

  • +8

    FYI mwave are running a free shipping deal on Logitech.

    E.g. Logitech MX Master mouse $75 shipped.

    • Thanks. + $2.30 bank transaction fee. good deal still.

    • any luck getting it price matched with someone like msy?

    • Great. Thanks. Got one.

  • Doesn't get mwave offer is this targeted?

    • No mwave for me either.

      • +4

        Try the manual link. Once registered, it will appear on your Amex 'my offers' page.

        • Yep went through fine with the manual link, thanks!

  • use manual link for pwave
    my payday has come..I knew there was a reason for 9 amex cards

  • Off topic, sorry:

    Hey Amex folks, any tips on me going on a holiday? Will my Amex help in any way? I am off to Japan in about 9 weeks. Wondering if anyone has found good ways to save money using the card?

  • +2

    Mwave link worked for CBA Amex, thanks OP!

    • Manual link work fine with mwave. Thanks OP!!!

  • any cheap NUC at mwave?

  • Was stoked as I need ram for my mac, but sadly Mwave is double the price of other shops around. Way more $$$ even with the cash back. http://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=KVR1333D3S9...
    Still, for others there's no doubt value to be had.. Thanks OP

  • Thanks.. due to postage cost at mwave. saving works out to be about $30 for me.. great offer regardless :)

  • Thanks OP!
    Needed to get new modem and MWave has nice looking ASUS modem at $185 (less $40 and add $10 shipping comes to $155)

    And $185 is the cheapest price according to SI.

  • Thanks op.
    Registered for the leave deal.

  • registered 6 cards. Now to buy a laptop @ 40% off when they have a decent special

    • $600 laptop isnt any good IMO.

      ALso you have 2% credit card fee which made 40% off impossible

      • +1

        $600 laptop isnt any good IMO.

        40% 38% off when they have a decent special

    • Mwave may not allow to have 6 split payments per order.

      • +3

        For a $600 sale, i'm sure they will

        • +1

          I like how you think, haha

    • I have 2 cards, goes do i get more of? By getting site credit?

  • mwave 2% surcharge for AMEX, so it's a maximum of 38% off. Also pretty steep shipping charges. $9.95 for a $14 pair of Sony earphones?

  • Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-PRO 802.11ac Dual-Radio Access Point —-

    Sub-Total $218.99
    Shipping Cost $13.95
    Bank Transaction Fee $4.66
    Mwave Dollars -$0.00
    Total of Invoice Inc GST $237.60

    statement credit -40
    Final Cost = 197.6


    • So that's 10%ish off

      • +2

        better than nothing

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Am I able to get into the store and buy from the store in Lidcombe? will the price the same instore and online?

    • -2

      call the store and you will know

    • +7

      Yes, but I just went there and they don't accept amex over the counter. Will report to Amex.

      • That is stupid…

  • Perfect deal.

    D-Link DCS-933L $99
    Bank Transaction Fee $1.98

    Total of Invoice Inc GST $100.98


  • So has anyone had success in calling MWave to order an item and use multiple AmEx cards? I'll be happy to pay the delivery fee, just want to get the AmEx deal and I'll probably get about $700 worth of stuff across multiple cards.

    FYI. Got 7 cards between my wife and I.

    • howd you do that - just tried applying for an amex and they said - i am only allowed 2 amex cards

      • Supplementary cards can also be registered individually. Although I can't confirm if you'll recieve the credits as it may only provide 1 credit per account. I may try tonight unless someone else can confirm 😁

        • Nah I thought it was the account not cards

        • +1

          @havok44: No, you can get the offers across supplementary cards as well.

        • +1


          Thanks. I got so excited I went ahead and ordered something else from winestar and didn't check and hadn't registerd one of my supp. cards!! fail!

        • @winnieblues:
          so say - if i have one amex account + 2 supplementary cards on that same account. I register each card and buy 3 HDD for $100 each - I can get 3 x $40 credits on the same account?

        • @havok44:

          Yes sir you're indeed correct. Just an update, i contacted Amex about my stuff up(forgotten to register one of the cards) they came to the party and provided me with a $50 credit, always been happy with their service.

        • @winnieblues: nice :)

        • @winnieblues: wow!. Time to hand out more supplementary cards. If only I had more family members

  • +1

    So is there anything that's actually a decent bargain on Mwave with this deal? Never bought from them before and they seem to be pretty average with their prices? Have a bit of FOMO if I don't use the credit, though!

  • So if I buy a graphics card for $250, will MWave allow me to split the payment across 2 amex cards?

  • FYI just went instore MWave do not accept Amex over the counter.

    • this means u cant split!! ?

      • Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • EDIT: nevermind. Mwave site seems to be glitchy because I originally created my account through Paypal. Therefore it wasn't giving me the other payment options. Seems to be OK now.

  • Can someone explain to me how this work, I got commbank issued AMEX. So once I register and purchase the product using the registered credit card, I get a $40 (mwave) back to my card?

  • Im in needs of a 2nd monitor, what do you guys think about this Samsung https://www.mwave.com.au/product/samsung-s22e390h-22-4ms-hdm...
    Or this Dell UltraSharp U2410 24"
    Acer B243H 24"

    • Dell is good, but refurb is only 30day warranty

  • has anyone been able to confirm whether or not mwave will allow split payments? via email or customer service over the phone?

    • Excludes phone orders

    • Their website doesn't allow it, and you can't use Amex in person (see my comments earlier), so I would consider that confirmed.

  • thx OP :)

    only winestar showed up in my account, however, manual rego for mwave worked

    now, what should i upgrade in my pc?

  • thanks for sharing

  • Can anyone recommend a decent 23-25 inch monitor from mwave? I don't do a tonne of gaming, so I was thinking around the $200 mark.

  • I can't think of anything to get at MWave but this looks like a great deal. Does MWave have gift cards?

  • Haha damn cant do split payments at mwave….

  • Bought 2x 32GB Extreme CF Cards from Mwave for $76.21 after Amex rebate.
    Turns out to be cheaper than buying the value pack from B&H Photo after conversion + postage.

    $38 is not bad for a 120mbps CF card imho.

  • Manual rego for Mwave worked for Amex Platinum Velocity card. Thanks!

  • Thanks. Ordered a new mouse, and a mouse pad to bump up to $100:
    https://www.mwave.com.au/product/mionix-naos-7000-optical-ga... (cheapest by far on static ice)

    Very happy with the comfort of my old naos 5000 - I get RSI, and this is the best mouse I've found for bigger hands.

  • decent NAS on Mwave ? Qnas ? synology ? whats ICY box like ?


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