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20% off CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) from MIR-AUS


With MIR-AUS™ Robust Ink Supply system, Save up to 95% on your printing cost.
Professional System for photographers ,Home users, students and heavy printing users!

• Next day delivery (Free delivery for order(s) over $95.00)
• Easy to install and use (Phone and full online support)
• Supports all major printers (EPSON,CANON, HP & BROTHER)

For more information about MIR-AUS™ Robust (CISS™), please click here!

Visit our website: https://continuousinksupplysystem.com.au

Continuous ink supply system (CISS™) for Epson printers:(With last updated chip-set!)

Continuous ink supply system (CISS™) for Canon printers: (With last updated chip-set!

Continuous ink supply system (CISS™) for Hp printers: (With last updated chip-set!)

Continuous ink supply system (CISS™) for Brother printers: (With last updated chip-set!)

The price ranges from $90.00 - $160.00 depending on your printer.

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MIR-AUS Continuous Ink Supply System
MIR-AUS Continuous Ink Supply System

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  • +6 votes

    Proceed with caution.

    This is just my personal opinion based on my single experience. I, personally, could not recommend MIR-AUS CISSs to anyone at all.

    I bought one of the CISSs and it worked initially but the instructions required inadequate modifications to the printer, including running the ink tubes under the scanner lid which prevented it from closing which in turn prevented the ADF scanner from working properly. Eventually I was able to overcome this by finding another tube path by trial and error (with countless error messages from the printer along the way).

    Furthermore, a short period of time after installation the ink left some of the tubes. I had to send several emails before I could get a response. Eventually I was able to rectify this issue but it involved having to go out to the chemist to buy a syringe so that I could 'reprime' the cartridges. This was a messy and generally unpleasant job.

    Despite getting the ink back in the tubes and being able to use the printer at that time, the problem has never been rectified. The ink always leaves the tubes again. The last solution was to 'raise the tanks by 3cm' which is not only an inadequate solution in itself, but also did not work.

    I have asked for a refund on many occasions, but have not been able to receive one. Always I have been offered inadequate solutions.

    I have had to reprime the cartridges with a syringe (which is a messy job!) so many times that the low quality tube 'lock' (roller) has broken and now it is not possible to stop the flow of ink from the tanks when the cartridges are removed.

    Other people may have better experiences with their printers, but at least with the Canon MX726 it is not suitable. Half the time I turned my printer on I would get an error message regarding the cartridges. This prevents any use of the printer until it can be overcome. While the after sales support try to be helpful (eventually!) the problems did not get resolved and they will not refund.

    So now I have a hardly used CISS system (it's honestly printed about 50 pages! - with probably as many head cleans from each time it dries up) that I can't use. I sincerely regret ever purchasing a CISS from MIR-AUS for the cost and trouble it has caused me.

    Hopefully others have a better experience but I simply cannot recommend MIR-AUS as a result.

    TLDR: I had a really bad experience with inadequate solutions and no refund despite asking on several occasions. The hardly used CISS is unusuable and unfit for purpose with my printer. Cannot recommend MIR-AUS and suggest proceeding with caution.

    • +6 votes

      Spend a few $ more and buy one of the Epson continuous ink systems…


      I think there are only a couple of models for sale in Australia at the moment…

    • -1 vote

      After posting the above I unexpectedly received a phone call from MIR-AUS. He appeared to be genuinely concerned about my problems and wanted to help.

      He offered me refillable cartridges which I can refill with the ink from my CISS. I reiterated my request for a refund but was denied because the purchase was over a year ago (last OZB deal). I mentioned that I first requested a refund within a few months of purchasing, but he wouldn't accept this proposition and instead wants to 'fix' the issues.

      Since I couldn't get a refund I accepted his offer of refillable cartridges. I am hopeful they will work as expected!

      In light of the above, I'll withdraw my negative vote as I believe this seller stands by his product (perhaps to a fault!) and genuinely wants to help. I did not expect him to offer any meaningful solutions after the difficulty I've had, but the fact that it is not possible to get a refund when things go wrong means my cautionary tale still applies.


        After posting the above I unexpectedly received a phone call from MIR-AUS

        unexpectedly ?


          Honestly, I didn't expect a phone call. I thought he might reply to my message, but I certainly didn't think he would care as much as he appears to.

        • +1 vote

          @Evil-Elmo: Ah ha. As it happens I have been having my own struggle with the same printer and one of these kits and very similar problems. Very poor instructions for installation - in fact RIHAC.com.au have an excellent video for them. Unfortunately the MIR kit is a bit different to the RIHAC one so can't be installed the same way. MIR could learn from how they do things. MIR actually mixed you up with me at one stage. He asked me to create a 'How To' for the printer. The first kit I bought 6 months ago was not correctly designed for the printer. Broken parts which I had to pay to replace despite it being their mistake!

          Although MIR are helpful and good natured (except their call quality is terrible), I find the quality of the components lacking and generally too many faults and badly designed components to be able to recommend bothering with it (for this printer). I also have a kit for the nearly identical MX926. God I hope that works better but given that it's virtually identical I do not have high hopes. VERY annoying given the $358 investment in both kits.

          It's worth checking eBay for MIR stuff or cheaper Chinese versions (which I think is all MIR is anyway). Frankly I think you'd be better off buying the new Epson printers with built in CISS (though you have to wonder what happens with waste ink).

          I also bought 2 of the waste ink kits (basically a bottle and hose) for the Canon printers, but they are NOT compatible with them. Something MIR did not point out. They think they are and direct me to a site that discusses them - which says they aren't worth bothering installing on Canon!

          I bought one of the CISS's for a client and I'm very nervous that it is going to be a continuous PITA for them (and therefore for me). I really think they are not suitable for the Canon MX726/926 printers. I believe both of us (Evil-Elmo) are warranted a full refund as they are not suitable for purpose.

  • +2 votes

    Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with
    I just want your extra time and your CISS


    How are these more superior to the cheap ones I bough on eBay ? (Around $20.if I believe. ) I been using one from eBay since last year and it is still going great.

  • +3 votes

    Had the CISS for years, and have to agree with Elmo. It's a massive PITA on my old(er) Canon, but from an ink saving/cost perspective it's excellent. The tubes are a pain and my lid is always open as a result. If you're doing a lot of printing and have a decent quality printer, it's probably worth it, but if you have a printer that's <$120 not worth it.
    Also, don't do what I once did -> Left the CISS elevated ABOVE the printer. It basically fed the whole system into the printer head as I left it in this position in storage. It took me about 2 hours of washing out the head and cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol to get it into a useable state. It still needs priming often.


    Thought I'd give my 2c.

    I can heartily recommend this seller.

    I've bought a few CISSs from them for Canon, Epson and HP.

    I've rung up a few times and always received great support and genuine help.

    Yes CISSs require a bit of maintenance, and can be a bit fiddly. But i would never do it any other way.

    Also, I have more than once rung up MIR-AUS and asked for THEIR recommendation on which printers are best for CISS modification.

    I'm not a sock puppeteer, just a happy customer, and I will definitely be buying from them again in the future

  • +1 vote

    Brought on of these around a year back, leaked after a few weeks. Brought my next one of Aliexpress for around $30 + $10 for ink, seem to be identical. The one from aliexpress ended up last for around 9 months, much better in my personal opinion just buying ones with fair ratings on ali or ebay. get more use out of them

    • -1 vote

      Thanks for your feedback. Did you buy it from our company? Also may i please have your order number please so we can sort out your problem as soon as possible.

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