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Asus E200HA 11.6" Laptop $218, Lenovo IdeaPad 110 15.6" Laptop $301, HP AC606TU 14" Laptop $478 @ Harvey Norman


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Tablet grade processor in a laptop body. Ugh. Why do they even bother making these things. The hinge is not even convertible.

    Steer clear of these Atom SOC's guys, you do not want these. They lag even just web browsing.

    The 14" HP deal would be the one I would be highlighting

    • I got the E200HA and sold it immediately. I cant stand the lag even just for web browsing but i like the build quality of the laptop.

    • the problem isnt the processor, it is the bloated PoS that is Windows. Chromebooks run super fast on these cheap celeron processors. ChromeOS is the future IMO, with android app support coming in the next couple of months. Windows is a dinosaur. People judge chromebooks without having used em, but once you actually own one, you realise that you've been missing out

      • That is not what he was talking about. He is talking about atom processors and I dont think there is a chrome book with low end atom processor like z3735F or z8300.

        However they are made for competing chromebooks and if you want decent web browsing experience on atom processors, use MS edge.


    +1 for the HP even though I'm dubious of HP reliability, i3 under $500 is noteworthy.

  • The Lenovo is actually a pretty fair deal IMHO.


      $300 for a Celeron, not even if it were $30.

  • The E200HA, I purchased it last week for $254 at JB, only because I had vouchers to spare. It's a neat little laptop, screen is reasonable, keyboard is very good and the battery life is on par with tablets.

    You get 1 year office personal with it too and if you have an existing subscription it just adds on.

    Downsides are the storage 32gb and the bloatware installed takes a while to remove, windows update almost took a full day, then again that's relatively "par for the course" for these types of units.

    $218's a steal, given this unit has the cherry trail graphics, so all 1080p (via hdmi) or 720p (internal lcd) videos including the newer h265 standard play without fault.


      that HP unit sounds like a good basher to take to work for some light work…..

      im currently taking my dell venue pro 8 with the dell keyboard and OTG mouse….. screen is small doing some things but yeh the 11 incher would be great upgrade.

    • I have a Z8300 based tablet (HP x2 2-in-1), and it also does 4K @ (24/30?). Wouldn't rely on it for video playback at 4K, but alright for using MS Office and the like.


        Yeah people should understand that these low end devices are somply just for thw basics when out and about.
        I still have an asus eee pc 1000h running linux for some simple tasks when away from home… works but i dont exepect it to be my gaming rig.

  • I was looking for some cheap, small, decent computer. Is this any better than this? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/261518. Although this is expired, was keen to find out.

    • No. It's 2 generations behind (4000 series, 5000 series, we are now on 6000 series processor) and there's 'only' 4GB of RAM.

      If you want a unit with 8gigs of RAM and the latest power efficient Skylake i5 6200u, here it is on eBay for $639 dollars delivered Use the [CHOICE20] coupon code and also be sure to use Cashrewards for another 1.25 percent off.

  • http://www.harveynorman.com.au/asus-f555ua-xo193t-15-6-lapto...

    What do you guys think about this asus i7 for $637

    • looks good deal- value for money, positive reviews. Rest experts can advice.

  • Is it the last day for the 20% off offer today?