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Fridge Samsung 600l Side by Side SRS599HNW $997 at Retravision


Retravision is selling side by side samsung fridge 600l for price under $1000. (RRP $1899)
On the same time, samsung is giving away Jamie Oliver Tefal 26 cm frying pan and Jamie oliver book (RRP $254.95)
This was advertised in TV, and i think it's in herald sun too. website won't show it, though

If you need a fridge, this is good bargain. Most side by side fridge is around $1500 mark and above.

mind you, though it sounds expensive (almost $1000), but for the price, you won't get any 600l fridge for even close price. (not even mention, you will get Jamie oliver frying pan…. which is not a bad extra bargain)

More info about the product

Colour is white (only)

Energy rating is 2 (4 under old government rating)
the government recently has introduced new rating requirement, to force all manufacture to implement appliances with better energy rating.
subsequently, most appliances energy rating has been slashed by 50%, ie: if you have at home, AC, fridge, or whatever that has rating 4, it has become 2.
This is just to point out, that though it's rating 2, it's rating 4 before rating has been changed.
So i don't believe the price has something to do with the rating.
to find more about energy rating, you can visit

Please also check your space for the fridge. The fridge width is 912mm. Therefore, probably you need around 1m width space to open the fridge properly.

Some stores might have not in stock, but they happy to place order for you.

in order to get Jamie Oliver frying pan, you need to purchase by 31 May 2010 and register before 14/06/2010 or 14 days from purchase. For more info, please visit:

Note: i have no affiliation with above companies.

Though, i must say French door fridge also look appealing (but not from its price)

Expire date 31/05/2010 is referring to Jamie Oliver. Not sure how long Retravision want to ads this fridge on this price

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    Energy rating is 2

    WOW! Don't think this is a bargain in the long run.

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    i think it needs to be clarified.
    energy rating of this was 4.

    the government recently has introduced new rating requirement, to force all manufacture to implement appliances with better energy rating.
    subsequently, most appliances energy rating has been slashed by 50%, ie: if you have at home, AC, fridge, or whatever that has rating 4, it has become 2.

    However, i must agree with you, if now, there's a fridge with 5 star rating under new gov rating, this must be truly a very efficient appliance ! because literally it's 10 star rating under old gov rating

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      Actually the new rating was meant to subtract two (not halve). So 5 star new rating would be 7 star old rating.

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      This page on the energy rating site shows energy consumption of 672 kWh per year for the SRS599HNW model.

      This is about $120 per year at 18c per kWh.
      Daily consumption is 1.8 kWh or 32c per day.

      After comparing to the other fridges of this size on the same website, the consumption seems pretty reasonable for the size of the fridge.

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    Wow, at this price i might stock up and get a few…

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      load one of them up with some Pure Blondes, Coopers and maybe some Beez Neez and we'll all come over to see how energy efficient they are!

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      hate to tell ya, but it's limited one customer one fridge… so you might need to find other way to grab more than 1. lol

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    the link that u post only generic, can you post the exact link of the item under this promotion?

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      go to samsung link that i provide above, it should direct you to the item details
      for the promotion, it's not in anywhere, as it's in TV and Herald sun, therefore it's not in retravision website.

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        how can we verify your post is valid? we can't find in retravision website, you don't upload any ads from newspaper or what ever.

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          It's valid; I've checked Friday's edition of the Herald Sun using PressDisplay (however, can't share an image or PDF of the page in question because of the watermarks with my username and "redistribution strictly prohibited"). Maybe is the OP could post a scan?

          Ad says:

          Public Notice
          * Limited stocks available
          * No trade purchases

          Stocks will run out at this price!

          Huge 600L side by side fridge
          Save $500 limit one per customer
          Bonus Jamie Oliver by Tefal 26cm frypan & Jamie's America Cookbook valued at RRP $254.95* *Via redemption

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            @DisabledUser12674: thats what he should do in the first place. not everyone read sun herald. and we need some proof in case the store rejected. and we might use this for price beat with other company. such as dj if they have in stock.

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            @DisabledUser12674: thanks for the info, jump22.
            i have just learned about pressdisplay

            problem is, i didn't have friday herald sun, i only saw in the TV ads on friday night, so that's why i went to retravision today, and the staff told me, it was in herald sun as well.

            However, if you really keen to see the ads

            1. goto
            2. type herald sun
            3. change date to 28 may 2010
            4. on right hand side, if you scroll down till page 18, you will see public notice $997
              (though, it will be too small to see the detail)
              if you click it, then it ask you to purchase, but that thumbnail should be big enough to see that public notice is the same as what jump22 mentioned.

            look guys, without making it complicated, if you re questioning the ads, i am suggesting you ring retravision asap, they do know what the ads is, 600l side by side samsung fridge.
            at least victoria state retravision know, i don't know about other state though.


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            @DisabledUser12674: you can copy (ctrl C) and paste (ctrl v) the screen to paint. then edit the file, save as jpeg then ask mod to upload on behalf of op. that will do.

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              @dragonrabit: hotcold has given a good effort and written pretty comprehensive details for how to find the ad - basically, page 18 of Herald Sun on 28 May 2010. Have you actually tried to find the ad yourself or just too lazy to do it?

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    This is possibly only available in Victoria; just did a Australia-wide newspaper search for the past week and the only mention of the offer is a full-page ad in the Friday 28 May edition of the Herald Sun. Worth checking with your local Retravision if you're in other states, though. :)

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    Good price, RRP is $1899, but they are normally on sale for around $1395.

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    In W.A. but I'll ring around tomorrow morning and see what The go is . Worth a try .

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    I'll give you a + for your hard effort

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    Confirmed that deal is available in sydney.

    Auburn no stock, was sold out yesterday
    Thornleigh I didn't call
    Kingsford no stock
    Eastwood I bought the last unit, though may have a display model, I didn't ask
    Croydon and rozelle I didn't call either

    That's all the Sydney stores.

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    Perfect time to find this! My current fridge only broke yesterday.

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    A frying pan and a book cost $250? What's the world coming to?!

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    Thanks very much for sharing, especially your comments… Cheers, mate.

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    great post hotcold…a real bargain, particularly with the bonuses…not sure but gauging the comments from earlier posts they would have wanted you to buy it for them as well before recognising bargain status!


    I have a Samsung fridge and got to say they work well for 2 -3 years, then the shelves fall apart, the cost of the replacement shelves is way to high. The thermostat also failed quickly turning the fridge into a freezer, they are cheap for a reason.


    Is this with Stainless Steel finish or plastic cover? The spec just say it's white.


    Anyone has it delivered? Could you give a short review please? Thanks

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