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Apple Macbook Air 13" Officeworks $1,393.00


Noticed JB had this model (2016 with 8GB Ram) for a healthy $1,393.20
So Office works in Typical form to stop a price match, shave 20 cents off.

I have been looking at one of these for a while, but for close to $1,400 I could only get a 2015 Model which had only 4GB Ram (maybe some other subtle differences) so a 2016 model at this Price I thought was a deal.

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    Still stoked I got a 13" MBA for $700 through the eBay/Kogan deal. What a time to be alive.


      Link? I'd hit that instantly.


        Many years ago my friend

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          Ahh okay. I also bought a Note 2 in 2012 for $500 so I guess I'm pretty stoked as well.


      The 11 inch ones were $500 from memory

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    This is just the regular 10% off deal you see every alternative week.