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Acorns $5 Referral Bonus for September (Was $2.50)


Acorns is a micro-investing platform on iOS or Android devices which allows anyone to invest.

We know that you don't need much incentive to invite your friends to Acorns… but we thought we would give you a little extra anyway!

So for the whole of September we're giving you and your mates $5 for every referral.

EDIT: I genuinely work at Acorns Au and just wanted to let everyone know that it's now $5 ea., not $2.50 ea (for September only).

Use the referral randomiser below:

Referral Links

Referral: random (388)

$5 for the referrer & referee (after minimum $5 investment).

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    I've done the calculations and unless you put in a lump sum initially (say $500), you'll start losing money because of the fees.

    This is a great way for people to save a bit of loose change without having it heavily affect your monthly budget. Great for those people that have no savings but want to get started and/or can't control their spending.

    Anyone who's financially smart and inclined to make their money work for them, Acorns is not the best solution, however, it is one of the most easily approachable solutions.

    Please also note there are risks associated with giving another company your login details to your financial institution.

  • I have been using Acorns since launch and would happily recommend to anyone! I have saved more money then I thought I could - think of it as a digital piggy bank that then invests money for you. I recommend using the aggressive strategy too btw!

  • Started on July 19th and as of this very moment, i've invested $76.78 and currently up with a profit of 7cents. Sigh… WHile i didn't go in it to come out with thousands, i was still hoping for a fairly decent upwards trend. Ah well.

    • Hi there, we do have 5 different portfolios ranging from conservative to aggressive, maybe you could try different portfolios. Regardless, it's also a great savings tool along with the gains in the market.

      • Yeah i know about the profiles, i've tried a few and currently on the 2nd highest one, can't remember the name. It's a profit none the less, beats the 40c down i was at one point at least!

    • Rough calculations but if you'd put $76 in a savings account you'd earn about 19 cents a month. And the low risk is a bonus. But I guess you didn't start with $76 so you do the math.

      • Yeah little bit here and there added. It can vary quite a bit, today is definitely a loss day, just how it goes. Just going to hold out still and see what happens, maybe i need to change the portfolio again.

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