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Jeenee Mobile: $12/Mth for 6mths - 1.8GB, 200mins, Unltd SMS, When Bundled with Any Pennywise Unlimited Plan


Jeenee Mobile has just launched a bundled SIM offer with FREE Setup (Save $10 per service ordered)

Get our $18 Pennywise Essentials Plan for $12/mth (for the first 6-months) when bundled with any of our Unlimited Pennywise Plans

$12 Promo Pennywise Essentials Plan includes:
* 1.8GB Data (Optus 4G Plus)
* 200mins Voice Calls
* Unlimited SMS
* Unlimited Jeenee2Jeenee Calls
* Month-to-month / No Contract
* Free Setup (Save $10)

Buy any of our month to month Unlimited Pennywise Plans to qualify for the bundled price.

  • $25/mth - 2.5GB, Unlimited Calls & SMS
  • $30/mth - 4GB, Unlimited Calls & SMS, $50 Included International Calls
  • $35/mth - 8GB, Unlimited Calls & SMS, $300 Included International Calls
  • $45/mth - 10GB, Unlimited Calls & SMS, $300 Included International Calls
  • $60/mth - 15GB, Unlimited Calls & SMS, $500 Included International Calls

All with FREE Setup

To Get this offer you must either
(a) Purchase an Unlimited Pennywise Plan, or
(b) Have an existing active Jeenee Plan connected with us on the same account

Promotional price of $12 per month applies for the first 6 months, after which the cost will change back to $18 per month.
You cannot transfer an existing service to the $12 Promotional offer
Minimum total cost is $12 plus the min monthly charge for the bundled Unlimited Pennywise Plan

We also have a range of Data SIMs on offer with bundled savings - save $5/mth when bundled with any other Jeenee Mobile service

Data SIM's:
* 1.5GB - $10/mth when bundled with another Jeenee service (normally $15/Mth)
* 5GB - $20/mth when bundled with another Jeenee service (normally $25/Mth)
* 10GB - $30/mth when bundled with another Jeenee service (normally $35/Mth)
* 15GB - $40/mth when bundled with another Jeenee service (normally $45/Mth)
* 20GB - $50/mth when bundled with another Jeenee service (normally $55/Mth)

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  • +7 votes

    It is not really $12 if we need to buy another plan.

    • +1 vote

      Their plans are some of the best value plans out there. Good if u need a 2nd plan for your partner or kids etc.

    • +5 votes

      Agree. I don't know about others but I found the title misleading


    I joined Jeenee recently. I was disappointed to find Jeenee start your month from the date of purchase rather than date of porting. I received my sim but waited for a few weeks whilst my optus credit ran out. Sadly, Jeenee were sticking it to me the whole time!


      it should be billing mistake.


      I had that issue and rang them, they were quick to apply a credit to my account as it'd taken ages to send my sim.


        They started my one the day they posted Rather than the day I purchased, so lost 2 days from memory.


          Neither are acceptable really. It should be from the day the port is initiated.

          Coming from another carrier, and recognising many people are on plans, it's fair that this could be a long period. Much longer than a couple of days.

          The only reason I signed up when I did was for the bonus 200mb and $200 of calls. Neither of which I need, they were just 'nice to haves'. Yet I've paid $18 for the privilege. I checked their website for this information prior to purchase too, and it said nothing about activating immediately.


    joined Jeenee few months ago , signed up the plan that required to pay 3 months in advance and I did, one month later, Jeenee already start charging me the monthly fee, had to emailed them to get the refund. So, just keep an eye on your bill, they seem not very organise at charging