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[Expired] Logitech M950 Wireless Performance Mouse $85 delivered at Logitechshop.


Deal available for 24 hours or until sold out. Maximum 2 per person. Allow up to 10 working days for delivery.

For those who missed out on this deal a month ago.

Deal expires 1500 AEST 4/6/10.

Product page: http://www.logitech.com/en-au/mice_pointers/mice/devices/584...

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  • I bought this mouse. Darkfield laser tracking is great but the ergonomics of the mouse are not good. Look for reviews but your hand can get tired in the position it wants you in.
    LOok at the picture. When you put your hand on it your fingers want to go a little more to the right but the mouse design brings them un-naturtally left. Result is a little soreness.

    But great price.

    • i haven't got this but i have mx revolution (which i got from logitechshop on sale) and i personally love the feel of that in my hand…

    • I get this same issue with the mouse. The surface is fat to big for small-medium hands and doesn't let the ring finger fall to the right of the mouse comfortably.

  • hahaha someone put this up yesterday livert and i 'politely' told them to adjust it cause the description and everything was terrible and deal wasnt even active yet. and then it disappeared…

    • Really? Didn't notice that one. I didn't want to post it until it went live.

      • yeah description was terrible. didn't say anything about max 2 per person and they said something along the lines of 'like and you get for $85 delivered'… no mention of it needing 100 likes before it went active or anything… but yeah mods prob deleted cause it wasn't active yet

      • I'm glad you did that! (Only posted after it went live) I for one am already sick of the "like" game, lols.

  • no great deal $89 at msy
    not even 5% discount and after long postage dealys last time no great deal here

  • hmmm i dunno
    they usually have to call to see if there is stock
    and msy never picks up phones! (well the one at alburn that is)

  • If you are thinking about the M950, this may be useful

    U have had an M950 and MX revolution, I prefer the MX revolution

    I changed from the MX to M950 and was disappointed in the scroll wheel and feel of the mouse. (I actually went back to the MX)

    The MX changes from click-to-click to free spin electronically; the M950 requires you to press a button to make the change.

    I also found that the MX feels nicer in the hand than the M950

    The only plus of the M950 is it can recharge from a USB cord so you can use the mouse while it is charging, if that isnt important to you i would go for the MX.

  • I have been using an MX Rev for a couple of years and now the charger is failing, so I decided to buy the M950. It works everywhere, windows, carpet, coach, etc. I agree w/the wheel scroll, and I used the mouse for gaming for a couple of hours and my hand felt uncomfortable.
    Anyway, I think it's a good deal. Last week, I paid $89+freight. Still waiting for z-5500 for ~$300.

    • The MX revolution has a 3 year warranty so if you get in contact with logitech they will likely give you an M950 as a replacement (as i discovered) because they do not make the MX revolution any more.

      • Yes, I realised about that after I bought the M950 and checked the warranty :-(.

        • I think you did the same as me.
          I purchased the M950, saw it has a 3 year warranty and then decided to check my MX warranty.

  • I was just reading the auspost catalogue… $169 pickup from store …:o)