Found an iPad in a bush while on a morning stroll....

Was out for a wander today and on one of the nature strips was an iPad in a bush. No idea why but there it was just sitting there. No one in sight. The item is brand new, never even been used.

I'm guessing it's stolen as who would put an iPad in a bush…

Checked Gumtree and no ads. I'll stop by the police station on my way home and see if anyone is missing it. Then I guess check for signs or something.

Weird. Anyone have any other thoughts of what I could do?


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    If it is stolen, you are in possession of stolen goods - too risky to go nothing. you could try Apple support line as they will be able to tell where it went snd whether IIt was stolen or sold. They have complete histories, even if not bought from them.

  • It's a magical ipad bush.

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    It must belong to the Tromp family

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    Be a man
    Do de rye fing

  • It was probably a council workers iPad, left it there after being disturbed pleasuring themselves behind the bush. They have a lot of time on their hands. nyuk nyuk.

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    Ok. Here's a few logical things you can do.

    Turn it on. Does it have a passcode? If yes, you're basically screwed. Even if you wanted to keep it, it's very difficult to factory reset an IoS device without knowing the passcode (or the iCloud account details).

    If not, unlock it and see if there is any emails or imessages from potential family members.
    If you can see the iCloud account associated with the iPad, try to email it. Chances are, the person that lost it, still has access.

    You could also try to plug it into itunes and see if it's named "John Smith's iPad" or similar. It's a slim chance, but it may just work.

    Depending on how game you are, leave it turned on and charging. If the owner has "find my iPad" enabled, they can then trace it to your location. (Just a warning, it's probably better to do this at your workplace, rather than your home so you have more witnesses if the owner accuses you of stealing it)

    Good luck.

    • It literally brand new. I haven't had a chance to turn it on to be honest. However it has all the plastic on it. I'll fool around more with it tonight.

      I have gone back to the area a few times thinking maybe someone put signs, but no such luck as of yet.

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        Looks like you just got yourself and early Christmas present!

  • If the iPad is activated then take it to Apple if they can find out with IMEI.

  • Cops don't even have time (too busy raising revenue from traffic… No, not just highway police) to even catch car thieves, burglars, armed home invasions…

    You could have broken into a home in a nice suburb, stole that ipad and beat someone up with it and set up camp outside the city train station. You'll be fine. (Victorian)

  • You could try putting up a cryptic message on your local buy/sell/community facebook groups. I wouldn't mention or even hint as to what it is as you'll get people trying it on, but just put something like "Have you lost something of value very recently? I have found something. PM me with description and receipts." or something along those lines. If someone has had their ipad stolen and ditched then they'll hopefully get in contact. I'd hazard a guess that it's a father's day present that's been stolen and ditched for some reason.

    • Yea, thats not a bad idea! I am going to do that now. It wasn't just an iPad I found but I didn't want to be too descriptive on here in case I started getting messages from ozbargainers saying it was theirs.

      The thing was I found it actually near the sketchiest houses on the block. When I went back this morning I noticed its not in the best state (the house). If it was them who stole it I don't even know if it was from my area. Had it been in front of any other house I would have knocked on the door and asked if it was theirs.

      To be clear: It wasn't directly in front of any house. It was in a bush on a nature strip near a park. The closest house was across the street.

      Worth a shot! I've been looking for lost and found stuff on gumtree but haven't had any luck so far.

    • I also thought about posting an Ad. When I've been robbed I usually would check the classifieds to see if my item was being sold. Like an Ad for some stupid amount. As I feel if it was stolen people are more likely to check for the item being sold rather then the lost and found section.

      It just looks sketchy as hell. You know? Anyone have thoughts on this?

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        Dude, STRONGLY advise against this - you will be inundated with messages from all unethical sorts. If it has been stolen or lost, the vic will go to the Police, not look for messages on social media or in classifieds. 14 years in the Police and I've never seen anyone try that when losing a tech good.

        Your legal options are to report it to VicPol PAL to cover yourself from 'Steal by Finding'charge or "Goods in Custody"; and contact Apple with the serial number re registration.

        Good luck :)

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          Yea. Fair enough. I'll do all these suggestions tonight.

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    Nurse it back to health and re-release back into the wild

  • You've done all you can without any leads…It sounds like you are a decent person,…just keep it. You've no doubt done some unrewarded good in your life.

  • Sounds like a Pokemon Go story that can go in the news.

    One miss found a dead body, this fella found an iPad.

  • Are you 100% sure its new never used?
    My nephew had his one stolen from the shops in NSW… Was such an ordeal as he is autistic…

    • Not 100% as I haven't had a chance to turn it on. However, it has the plastic screen covering over it still and everything was wrapped up perfectly. I suppose there is a chance maybe apple would have set it up for whomever bought it. Everything else I found with it was brand new in the box still 100% sealed though.

      I'll try and turn it on tonight. Personal/work life has been crazy so I haven't had a chance to even to do anything but put it on my kitchen table.

      • Just make sure, if it is a cellular version, to check the sim slot is empty (just to be safe) before turning it on.

        • Maybe I'm being paranoid, but only suggesting it in the rare case that it's a setup.

  • This is a no brainer take it to the police

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    You are lucky it's not note7. If it is you should stay away, call 000 bomb squad.

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    Probably got dropped by a poor kid that is now trying to survive in the upside down world…Stranger Things season 2

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    I find it astounding that some people think you need to go out of your way to find the rightful owner when all you did was pick something up out in public, not as if the op stole it.

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      Refer to previous cooments re theft by finding…Your legal obligation is to surrender lost property to the police. They have the responsibility to return the property to the rightful owner. If after 3 months that can't be done, the found property can then be lawfully claimed by the finder.

      • And by responsibility you mean they keep it in a drawer for 3 months? Good odds for the OP unless they hand it to the next person that walks in and says lost ipad.

      • And if the police wont take it?

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      Thieves often say "I found it " .

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    From memory apple staff should be able to find out who purchased the iPad or who was registered if it's been used.

    • I agree I think so, but I think this is only if it was purchased from Apple, or only if they have iTunes it.
      It may have been iTunes-ed before, but it was factory reseted.

      How do you know it is totally new? Is it wrapped in the box, sealed?

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    Ok, what time did you find it, and where exactly did you find it?
    I will start jogging over there from tomorrow.

    In fact I'll setup one of those wifi camera….

    On serious note, why don't you leave a conspicuous note nearby? Like 'For whomever missing something, please contact this police station'

  • If they can't trace it, I'd just give it away to a family member or friend as a gift.

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    "darren870 on 04/09/2016 - 14:46 new
    I just went to the police and he kinda just was like…. What do you want me to do? He didn't even check if there was a report for a stolen iPad before his shift."

    I call BS on that one…

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    A YouTube tech reviewer was probably halfway through filming an iPad review. Those guys are always filming gadgets in trees and bushes for some unknown reason.

  • Might belong to a geocacher. Geocaches get hidden in quite odd areas.

    • That's a wild guess but may be true.

      It's very easy to lose a GPSr in the bush (trust me done it before).

      Only reason maybe not is that OP said it was brand new - if it was NIB then it wouldn't be a geocacher's.

      • Wasn't in the bush it was in a bush. This isn't geocaching, otherwise it would be the worst hiding spot I've ever seen.

        • No, what they were saying was it may be a geocacher's GPS which they dropped.

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    It's a wild Apple bush. How else do you think they make iPads and iPhones?

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    When it's all done and dusted please come on here and fill in all the blanks. Like what version Ipad was it.. What else you found.. Did you get to keep it. Etc etc.

    I hate ozbargain for drawing me into these little stories and then never giving me resolution!!!! :)

    My prediction is its stolen from an Apple Store.

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    Which police station?

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      the one next to the bush :P

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    Didn't read all of the comments so forgive me if this had been stated.
    On the back of the iPad there is some text. The bottom if this includes the serial number. If you contact Apple with this, they should be able to see if it's linked to someone. Don't even need to turn it on!

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      Yea, I wrote it down. I tried checking if it had an active warranty and it doesn't. I am going to the apple store today during lunch and ask what they can do or look up.

      I also powered it on last night. It has never been turned on as it went through the first boot process.

      After I talk to Apple I will call VIC PAL.

      I'll try and do this all today.

    • Apple can't disclose who owns the device though.

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    A.) WTF are you doing in the bush?
    B.) WTF is an iPAD doing there?

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    This is why, on valuable electronic devices, I place a laminated label with:

    Reward for Return Thanks
    Mobile number
    Email address

    Because many of these unlabelled devices end up at auctions - particularly if found on public transport.

    The advantage of the label is:

    1. It gives the finder an easy path to return the item and an incentive to do so.

    2. By not stating the reward amount that motivation is even stronger … people can think: "I might get $20 for this, or even $50, or $100, or $200 etc etc… "

    I have lost several items on trains - each with this label - and all have been returned in a few hours with a reward paid.

    Much better idea than just a black iphone that looks like every other iPhone.

    Of course this won't work with dishonest people … but it gives you half a chance.

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      so how much is the reward?

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      on an unrelated matter - does anyone on here now how to remove labels?

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    Hand in to the cop shop with your details. You may be the legal owner in a couple of months time.

  • @OP. Appreciate your honesty and working towards finding the actual owner even thought the process is not easy.

    Hope you find the rightful owner. Good luck.

    @hello007 .. Your advise is valuable. I will put a sticker to my phone.

  • Darn it Superman! Stop putting the iPad on your jocks while flying!

  • Hey Darren, I replied to your pm.

  • You can chase up the serial number with Apple and find out the store that sold it then ask the store to get the credit card number against the serial number.

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      So with the help of an ozbarginer I actually did this yesterday. I found out which chain it came from and went in to ask my options.

      They said they don't record serial numbers in transactions and if they did they had no possible way of looking it up.

      So that lead is dead. Which is annoying as I thought I had a break in the case! I rather try to find the owner then it sit in a lost and found. Especially since that chain of store is not really near me (30 mins+). I'm doubting it was even stolen in my local area.

      I'll have to chase up the police again. I'll call VIC PAL today. That's really the only option at this point.

      • Damn it ! I thought we solved the case! I am surprised they don't record SN#.
        Good luck!

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    Is it Jeb or W? I always thought they were a bit robotic

  • Blacked out, then when I came to I found an IPAD next to a bloodied un-moving body in the bushes.

  • I'll 'hedge' my bets that someone lost it.

  • Was this anywhere between Upper Ferntree Gully and Knox at all? Someone on a local noticeboard reported their son lost their ipad after being discharged from the Angliss.

    • Not even close

      • If it's in Australia, then it's mine

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    This is the biggest load of bushIT I've ever heard.

    • Tough crowd!

      • Yeah, I've been racking my brain trying to work it out. Is it people with a lack of reading skills or without humour… skills, or is it something else?

  • I would just keep it! See it as a gift from the Universe!

  • I admire your tenacity. You will be Karma-Blessed.

  • Hi, thank you sir for finding our valuable Ipad. We were recording a tv series to see what happens when people find a brand new item in the forest. You were caught on camera. Well done. I can tell that you are an honest citizen. Can you now please return it to Mr Apple Forest Gump, 3454H High Street in Melbourne. Much appreciated. Thanks in advance. May the force be with you.

  • Can I just say that the police probably have more important things to do in general scope of crime than return ipads to people

  • Darren, wtf happened??

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      Yeah OP don't leave us hanging!

  • Dazza in the lock up now on theft charges?

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      Haha, I just posted bail!

      Nah. I found out it was purchased from a chain store from the help with someone here. I went there but they don't record serial numbers on transactions so there wasn't anything else I could do in terms of that. I was hoping that would have worked out as the police obviously aren't going to actively look.

      Anyways, I went back to my police station a few days later but at a different time and the police woman was very helpful and it is now in their hands. If it doesn't get claimed then its mine after 90 days.

      Oh and I contacted Apple and with it never being turned on or registered there is nothing they could do. Had no applecare warranty which isn't surprising since it wasn't purchased at an apple store.

      Anyways, out of my hands now! Sorry for the delay in follow up. Real life went crazy.

      • Nice. Good to hear (the police finally did their job.)

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        So, 90 days on, is the iPad now yours?