Found an iPad in a bush while on a morning stroll....

Was out for a wander today and on one of the nature strips was an iPad in a bush. No idea why but there it was just sitting there. No one in sight. The item is brand new, never even been used.

I'm guessing it's stolen as who would put an iPad in a bush…

Checked Gumtree and no ads. I'll stop by the police station on my way home and see if anyone is missing it. Then I guess check for signs or something.

Weird. Anyone have any other thoughts of what I could do?


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    that's mine. I thought i dropped it near a bush. the bush was green, yeah? with leaves? iPad has a large screen? apple symbol on the back? cheers

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      Must be yours!! I'll meet you at the bush!

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        Get a bush you two

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        I think it was buyer's remorse, clearly they made a mistake and went back for Android ;)

        • To the bush? 🤔

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    Pokemon trainer got caught by a pokemon.

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      "The jungle came alive and took him"

    • so, wait at the bush until the pokemon spawns again and spits the user out!! lol

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    NOOOOOOOOOOO I put it there because I thought no one would find it

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    as someone who has had an iPad stolen, I would ask you to take it to the police. It may very well have been someone's intended gift that was stolen and can be returned.

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      I just went to the police and he kinda just was like…. What do you want me to do? He didn't even check if there was a report for a stolen iPad before his shift.

      Can Apple identify whose it is? It's never been connected i don't think. I'll try turning it on later.

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        If it has never been turned on, call Apple and check the warranty status of it. I think they can do that from the serial number.
        If there's no warranty, it's probably stolen or a black market item.

        If I was you, I would keep it.

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          Theft by finding is also a criminal offence. You cant keep it just because you found it.
          Perhaps it hasn't been reported stolen yet, but one of the things you have to put in the form is the serial or IMEI number of the item. Regardless of what the police do with it, hand it in.

        • @loulou1: huh? Finders keepers. Gold rush wasn't like this

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          Theft by finding is also a criminal offence

          No one will be able to find it or prosecute the OP. THe police don't care enough.

          You cant keep it just because you found it.

          Yes, you can. You're exaggerating and being a fear-monger.

          Regardless of what the police do with it, hand it in.

          Dumb advice. Finders Keepers on an item that can't be tracked.

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          Yes, theft by finding is real - I had a $7000 bike stolen in a burglary which was then dumped. The guy who found it and rode it for 6 months was charged and convicted.

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          @niner: "an item that can't be tracked" - yeah, it's not like they have a globally unique IMEI, MAC address, serial number, or anything like that…

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          So what? Good luck tracking it.

          Do you even know what those numbers mean?

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          I'm not sure if negging is enough for this guy

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          There's what we can do and what we should do. Most people have a moral compass that helps them determine the difference.

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          I'm not sure you realise that you're all wasting your time.

          Either keep it or hand it over to the police. The OP has tried that, so stuff the police.
          There is a whole market for stolen Apple products if you know where to look.

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          @niner: I actually agree. Why the negs? OP already went to the police and they didn't give a ****. Just keep it. It's not like this is a car or a briefcase full of money. An iPad is relatively small. I mean sure, you could post a note somewhere saying "missing iPad found" but you know youre going to get a bunch of liars trying to claim it.

          1. The police weren't the ones who lost it.
          2. What's small for you may not be to whoever lost it.

          Actually I'd probably keep the briefcase full of money…

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        At least in NSW if you take a found item into the police they'll give you the option to leave your details, and if the item isn't claimed after a set period, I think it's three months, then they call you to come pick it up. At that point it's yours to keep. I found an iPod on a busy street one day, handed it in and had totally forgotten about it months later when I got a call to come get it.

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          This 100%. At the end of the day it's a valuable and not yours. I'm not suggesting police need to hunt down the owner, but they're a place someone looking for a lost valuable might check.

        • @sillycattle:

          I wonder what the process is for the police to confirm that someone who claims the item is their's, that its really theirs.
          I mean what if someone who lost an iPad walks in to the Police Station, but the iPad they receive is not their's.

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          That's a possibility I'll grant you, but there's only so much one can do. I'd hope that at least some form of verification on the police officer's part (receipt with details?) might pick this up!

        • @Kangal:

          Back to serial numbers and what not, if it's ever been synced to a computer, prof is right there.

          Obviously different for things without serials, but in your example of an iPad.

          Otherwise, lock codes, photos, signed in accounts etc.

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          Yes, the owner can trace it.
          But I doubt the police will go that far in confirming it.
          Their process might be as simple as:

          "You lost an iPad?"
          "Yeah, I lost an iPad"
          "Can you tell me anything about it?"
          "It's a mini/standard/large size and silver"
          "I have a receipt from when I bought it"
          Police checks receipt says iPad
          Police doesn't check/confirm serial numbers
          "Yeah alright, here you go"

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        I just went to the police and he kinda just was like…. What do you want me to do?

        Haha. Wonderful quality policing there: a member of the public tries to do the right thing and return someone's property and the police couldn't care less.

        Did the cop literally say 'what do you want me to do?' or did you get the impression he was just uninterested in helping you?

        • after stuff stolen in a breakin the cops said "its an insurance matter"… the only reason cops document things like breakins is for the statistics mostly in an effort to claim more funding. they are quite literally there for nothing more than raise revenue, if its not going to make the department/government money they generally do not care.

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        Wow really surprised by the cop's reaction. I would get it in writing that you reported finding it, don't want the serial number tracked and yourself on the hook for theft by finding or being in possession of stolen goods.

        My sister found a backpack full of valuables, police held it for a few months and then released it in clear title when no one came forward, but that was over 20 years ago

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          He pretty much told me to do 1000+ things before actually giving it to him. Basically contact Apple and stores. Which I am going to do.

          I had asked if he had any reports of a theft or stolen goods. He told me "I don't know I just started my shift" "What about before your shift?" "I'm not sure, I just started my shift" This went on like 2-3 more times and I just said should I just contact Apple maybe? "Yea! You haven't done that yet?"

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          What rank was the officer?

          I would've been asking to speak to someone else.

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          @Scrooge McDuck: No idea mate. I'm going to boot it up tonight get the info and call Apple and see if there is anything they can do. After that I'll stop by Wed or Thur morning at the police station to see if there is someone else working.

        • @Scrooge McDuck: Reminds me of RoboCop

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          Police don't care because it does not earn them any revenue. They are more likely to fine you by parking in the wrong spot at the police station, instead of helping you with waste of time queries like handing in lost ipads.

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          @darren870: this Cop is a moron who should be reported

        • Really? Cops aren't employed to re-unite lost items with their owners.

          If there was evidence it was stolen, they might get involved (eg you saw someone wearing a balaclava throw it into the bushes).

          But now we expect the police force to put on hold solving actual crime to write up a report of an iPad that's been handed it, then take action to try to find the owner etc etc etc.

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          @nickster9999: his attitude stinks, very unprofessional, doesn't matter what the case is.

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          I got the same level of service when I reported that I'd had a power sander and jigsaw stolen from my garage.

          "Nah, we don't do that. Phone this number."

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          "Nah, we don't do that. Phone this number."


        • @nickster9999: true… But I don't think that officer was "solving actual crime"…

        • @darren870: the cops just doesn't pay enough in Australia I guess

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          Yep, "boot up" the device get some details if you can, then go back and put the "boot up" that officer - I hope you have his name and badge as he does not belong in the force. Speak to the Sergeant on Duty!!!

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          @nickster9999: No, we expect the police to at least follow the law, maybe uphold the law when they get round to it every now and then.

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        You need to make a reasonable effort to find the owner, can either be by leaving at with the police or you can put up some signage near where you found it and let the local cops lnow you have it if anyone comes looking….covers your ass

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          Yea…not going to put up signage. I can only imagine the amount of crack heads I'll get calling me saying its their Ipad. I am making an effort though.

          I'll stop by the police station again and see if someone new is there.

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          @darren870: Isn't discussing it on most popular Australian forum considered a 'reasonable' effort?

          How about shouting in the area where you found it "Did anyone drop an iPad this morning? Going once, going twice… OK, it's mine…"
          I think it's reasonable enough.
          Make sure you do this at dawn

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          @fm: I did post here with the hopes it might be an ozbarginers.

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          most popular Australian forum

          Since when? I thought whirlpool was bigger.

        • @darren870: "someone new" you meant a police officer cares more about doing the right thing?

        • @niner: you really know how to make friends, don't you?

        • @spaij:

          Friends? I don't make friends on the interwebz. It's every man for themselves.

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        Ok go back get his ID number and name because that isn't on.

        This is why the police are portrayed as lazy and not willing to do anything (unless of course you are doing 62 in a 60 zone).

        Also get it in writing that they CAN'T do anything and have given it back to you which would stop you from getting a possession of stolen objects fine/conviction.

        In the meantime if you have a iPad charger at your house take it there , plug it in and if someone has reported it as stolen via iCloud it'll come up with a notification telling you who it belongs to and a contact name

      • I had a similar experience with an iphone. If it was sold directly from an Apple store they will have a record of who bought it. If it came from anywhere else then Apple won't have a clue.

        • Thanks! Going to the apple store today to ask. There is no active warranty on the ipad though, I checked the applecare site last night.

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        That's weird. In the country I come from, there's a lost and found office. You bring things there. They check if it's stolen.
        If someone comes and claims it, he has to leave 10% of the value of the item, which goes to the finder.
        If no-one claims it within 6 month ( or 1 year ) it goes to the finder.
        If the finder is not trackable ( tourist who has lost something ) it goes to Auction, or dedicated Lost and Found shop.

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          That sounds totally too sensible for it to work in Australia.

        • @Daabido: I'm going to order a T-Shirt with your statement. You should copy-right it !

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    Someone's left it out hoping fairys will swap it for an android tab.

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      Now, that made my day !

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      I did not realise that effeminate homosexuals offered a tablet swapping service. Cool!

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        I didn't realise we were so progressive until now

    • Possibly left it out to claim on insurance (if it's faulty and they have insurance for theft/loss only)

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    Someone confused watching bush on a tablet with watching a tablet in a bush?

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        bush was a must have in 80s pr0n

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          George W senior or junior?

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          @syousef: EWWWWWWWW

        • @tonka: Kate?

    • I wonder how many tablets have been found in Brazil.

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    Take it back to the police station and insist they take it. If it is not claimed after 60 days it's yours.
    You may be charged with "theft by finding" if you don't make reasonable efforts to return it to its owner.

    Most police think their job is not to protect and serve, but to avoid paperwork at all costs.

    Get a receipt from the desk cop as well or it won't make it to the property room…

    • And if they do give it back to you then sell it, do not keep it, do not turn to the dark side. Always stay with android or windows!!!

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      You may be charged with "theft by finding" if you don't make reasonable efforts to return it to its owner.

      Cannot stress this enough. If they don't want it have them sign off that they don't want it. Tell them you want it all in writing and the details of the Sgnt you spoke to. You said below they are sketchy so if someone comes looking for it they'll just "forget" that you brought it by and they refused to help or charge you with theft.

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    I'm guessing it's stolen as who would put an iPad in a bush…

    the Easter iBunny?

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    Fathers Day sorted.

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    Nature strips and a bush. What kind of bush are we talking about?

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    I have found plenty of bush on my iPad but never found an iPad in the bush.

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    One morning about 17 years ago our friend discovered a canvas bag just outside his house containing a chainsaw. His neighbours knew nothing about it, so he brought it to his local Police Station. Months later (I forget how many) they called him to say it was now legally his. Upon deciding he would never again pay for firewood, he decided to get it serviced anyway and learnt it was a $2,000 Stihl 85cc chainsaw in excellent condition.

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      I was hoping the story was heading towards it was a chainsaw massacre

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        Not yet, but the Zombie Apocalypse is inevitable.

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    OP - What state are you in? If NSW, call PAL, ask to record an event - provide the date / time, serial number, description and location over the phone, as well as your contact details.

    You will be given an Event Number for reference. Police will call if there is a matching hit on the serial number in the future, e.g. if the victim reports the item stolen. This will also protect you from 'Steal by Finding' charge if a vic is found and you return the item.

    PAL (Police Assistance Line) is: 131 444.

    Also consider ringing Apple and providing the serial number - if registered, they may be able to ID and contact the vic and facilitate it's return.

    Good karma for you for looking for it's rightful owner - hopefully someone will do the same for you in the future :)

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      Cheers. I am in VIC but I will do this today/tonight. My local police station is sketchy as hell and they have a reputation of doing nothing… Literally. Every time I talk to them its just the same BS from them (in past events).

      Of course everyone I speak to says I should just keep it but I do feel bad. It is pretty nice though. :-p

      I'll contact apple tonight though.

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        You may well get to keep it guilt-free if no-one claims it within 90 days. The system should be similar in Victoria, have a look for their Police Assistance Line phone number.

        Sometimes you might need to ask to speak to a Sgt or Team Leader - it's often the case that the front desk officers are recently new (probationary or 1st year Cst) as more experienced officers respond in the field - if you're experiencing frustrations, you have the right to ask for a senior officer and receive a property receipt.

        Good luck mate, impressed with your integrity :) Not a lot of honest people around these days x

      • If apple can't track the owner, I reckon it's as good as yours, after the PAL call.

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    I'm guessing someone stole it in the dark, then later discovered it was an Apple product so quite understandably ditched it out the window of their (probably stolen) car. Who says there is no honor among thieves? After all Apple steals the taxes they should be paying in Oz.

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      Yeah unlike Google who just collects our personal info directly.

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      As I said in my post I was out and I would stop by the police station on my way home. Which is what I did and then posted about it 45 mins later.

      Your detective skills are lacking….or maybe just reading skills

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        The detective skills are fine, I just can't read.😉

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          I would argue that reading is a detective skill. Or at least I hope it is.

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        Maybe he works at said police station ;)

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          4892? Is that you sarge?