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Optus $10 Sim $2, Huawei Y3II $79 PP + Bonus $30 Starter, Telstra 4GX Wi-Fi Portable Modem $39, SanDisk Cruzer 16GB $7 @ Auspost


Optus Huawei Y3II $79 + Bonus $30 Starter Kit
Optus $10 Mobile Sim $2
Telstra MF910v 4GX Wi-Fi Portable Modem (2GB/30DAY) $39 (Save $20)
Boost Indy Smartphone $29 (Save $20)
Sandisk 16GB Cruzer Glide USB $6.99 (Save $9)

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  • Any links to a current catalogue please? Can not find any yet myself.

  • 30% off skype cards

  • Telstra MF910v 4GX Wi-Fi Portable Modem (2GB/30DAY) $39 (Save $20) - is this unlocked?

    • Telstra MF910v 4GX Wi-Fi Portable Modem (2GB/30DAY) $39 (Save $20) - is this unlocked?

      No but you can unlock on eBay for a few dollars.

  • Does anyone know if the Telstra MF910v is locked?

    • Unlock for $2.37

      • Not too bad. Would this or the Huawei E5573 for $24.50 (O/W) give better performance on Ovo?

        • Would go for the Huawei for its full band compatibility of Optus' 3G + 4G network, Ovo being a MVNO on Optus.

        • @awoff1:

          Have we really confirmed !00% that both the 3G 900MHz as well as the Telstra/Vodafone used 3G 850MHz band are both activated and working. People on previous posts thought so, but still not 100% confirmed. Maybe chipset capable, but could be blocked by Optus/software?

        • @ozhunter68: Only text based 'confirmation' so far, WP comments + specs on box. Might be able to do a network scan in a 850 3G only area and upload a screenshot later today otherwise next week perhaps.

        • @awoff1:

          Thanks for your reply and sharing the in depth research you did into this modem. You know how elusive and evasive telcos have become with their models and band support.

          I read most of the comments and blogs you and others have linked to this model, but was still abit in doubt. I have bought a few of these this year to firstly use on Optus, and at these prices just for the included 4GB data ( that's before all the $10 starter sims have been discounted so cheaply :-)

        • @ozhunter68: Did my testing today at Koah. The only Telstra tower in the area only does B28 4G + B5 3G according to records.

          Scanning with the Huawei showed Telstra 4G as well as 3G
          (and NBN FW from Clohesy Mt)

          To confirm it wasn't 2100MHz 3G I did a scan using a LG P500 which has no B5 3G which showed nothing.

          So in summary, yes the Huawei E5573 has B5 850MHz 3G. :)

        • @awoff1:

          Wow, kudos to you there up in Cairns, job very well done :-) Suppose that is one way to test out without complex equipment like radio band scanners etc. A lot of my gear is not accessible at the moment due to moving, otherwise I would not have been so lazy to ask.

          Thanks for your work, great unlocked modem for cheap when on under $30 sale. I have a couple, now even better haha

  • Wow Optus really pushes the $10 starter pack. And judging from the expiry date (July 2018) they are not old stocks.

    Really need $1 Telstra or Vodafone SIM to port out out and in.

  • That Samsung Galaxy S7 looks like a fish out of water on that page pickured together next to all those inexpensive phones :-)

  • can the Optus Huawei Y3II play Pokemon

    • A bit of googling suggests yes:


      See the comments

      • thanks , when i went to that review i saw the guy did another review specifically for gaming including pokemon go


        he seemed to have a few issues but not entirely sure if it was app or phone …..

        might give it a miss and wait until it goes half price again like it did at Target a few weeks back

        • I don't blame you for wanting it at half price just like the recent Target Sale. I would not be holding your breath for that to return unfortunately, probably won't come along again for a while.

          You might need to wait till they discontinue that model with a new model, which is usually less than six months on these $70-$120 competitive priced smartphones.

          Save a few more $ and go for a 5" prepaid when on sale.